Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips for Getting More Backlinks to Your Site

Gaining quality backlinks for any website is nothing more difficult than knowing where to look and put your overall efforts into. Internet marketers are well versed in the importance of consistency where backlinking is concerned. You won't be significantly contributing to your SEO efforts until you carry out the entire backlink gaining procedure on a regular basis. It's important for you to stay on your toes to beat out your competition when it comes to finding new resources for relevant backlinks. So now you need to know how to go about building links without losing any of the quality in your backlinks.

Give Out Testimonials: You can find websites in your niche selling products and services that are looking for testimonials.

Provided that the sites are trusted and reputable, you can have your link go along with the testimonial, giving you the advantage of getting a targeted backlink to your site. You just need to research which sites in your niche need testimonials. In case you give feedback for a product, make sure you mention it clearly that they can use it as a testimonial, given that they link to your site. 

Blog Commenting: This is probably the most popular way to gain targeted backlinks, as you find many bloggers and webmasters trying to take advantage of it. All you need to do is find active blogs in your niche and then comment on their latest posts. Even if the comment is short and simple, you get a backlink because you link to your website. You also get direct traffic when other readers find your comment informative and then check out your website. Be sure that your comments on other blogs are superior.

Comment On Social Sites: While this is still an underutilized method, it works really well. Most of the social sites have a commenting option and many of them allow you to link to your site from them. Since these are high traffic sites with high page rank, you can benefit a great deal by getting links from them. You don't only have to comment on new pages, but you can also browse through the older ones, many of which will have attained a high page rank, and you'll be getting a high quality backlink. As this article shows, generating quality backlinks to your site regularly is not too difficult. It will take time to start seeing results and before your site reaches the top spot in major search engines. But until you take consistent action, you won't see real results.

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