Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ebay Wealth Tips - 5 Simple Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your Ebay BusinessEbay Wealth Tips - 5 Simple Ways to Increase the Profitability of Your Ebay Business

Profits do matter at the end of the day even when volumes are there on eBay. The way to achieve higher profitability is as follows.

Method # 1:

Always keep an eye on the insertion fees charged by eBay. They charge depending on the tier the product is placed. It is better to price the product nearer to the lower tier to reduce the insertion fees which may turn out to be substantial if the volume is high.

Method # 2:

eBay store is better than auction style listings as it reduces the overall cost and provides extra profit. Reduction of cost is a good way of generating profits.

Method # 3:

Adequate care must be taken before deciding on upgrading your listings. Upgrading any listing attracts hefty fees from eBay and unless it is fully worth, it should not be considered. To start with, try one item and see the results of the upgrade. If they are consistent and provide greater volume of business it can be extended to other items.

Method # 4:

The packaging of the products must be minimal to reduce shipping charges. They should be designed for good delivery at the destination without getting damaged in transit. Unnecessary packing adds weight and attracts additional shipping costs.

Method # 5:

You can file mutual withdrawals along with the customer for getting back final value fees from eBay. This saves money on sales not effected. Similarly, you can relist unsold items for another try at selling them. Also unpaid items' disputes can be filed to get back the final value fees from eBay.

All these mechanisms help to save money on trivial issues beyond your control.

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