Thursday, 18 October 2012

2 Ways To Boost Your Online Sales And Profits

If you want to ignite your online business’s sales and profits, you will want to put to use some common internet marketing strategies that will make you be able to profit big time in your business. I would know… I use these techniques all the time and they work very effectively for me.

Even in your online business, you can do the same. You must be persistent with your marketing efforts, and continue to press on even things seem like they’re not going your way. Starting an online business is tough, but if you can stick in there and reap the benefits of your marketing efforts… the faster you’ll start to see your income increase over and over again.

The internet marketing techniques that I want to share with you today are old time techniques that you can use to create a profit surge in your business overnight. Now when I say “overnight”, I literally mean overnight - assuming that you have the resources to make this kind of success happen quickly. Here’s the first thing that you can do to boost your sales and profits.

1) Stay in touch with your customers

When you stay in touch with your customers, you start to build a relationship with them. This relationship can be the cause of massive profits coming your way. People want to hear from someone that they can relate to. And in addition to that, you will want to provide them with great content that they can go and use in their businesses today.

80% of your total business profits will come from sales from your recurring customer. Imagine having multiple backend marketing lists via an autoresponder, that people can opt-in to and immediately be pitched to about another product. If you have 4 of these backend marketing campaigns set up, and at the right price… it won’t take long until you’re amassing alot of profits in your business.

Remember, customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you have no business - especially if you’re not following up on them. You need to start focusing more on backend selling to your customers, and coming up with ways to get them to buy more from you.

Here’s another tip for boosting your sales and profits:

2) Have a money back guarantee

A money back guarantee shifts all of the risk to you, instead of having your prospects take on the weight of this burden. You should know that the longer the guarantee, the less likely someone is to ask for a refund. So if you’re currently offering a 30-day money back guarantee, offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re offering a 90-day money back guarantee, offer a 12-month money back guarantee.

This is just classic direct marketing implemented on the internet. Money back guarantees will increase your sales, without having to do much in the process. If you can find a way to work it out in your business, you’ll have much more success than you would without one.

Good luck with using these 2 tips to boost your online business today.

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