Sunday, 21 October 2012

Online Network Marketing Numbers That Don't Lie

If you are in an online MLM company right now and are wondering why so many people are doing so well while you are still struggling, there is help. What do they know that you don't. Great question and I am going to help you as much as I can in this article.

OK, so right now I am in this program which I don't promote anymore because I am focusing on something else right now but still am earning money from the team members that I brought in a few months ago and they are duplicating and doing well.

I started with that company in December of 2011. My main focus was to get as many targeted traffic to my own affiliate link as possible. Instead of focusing on building a list, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to send traffic DIRECTLY to that affiliate link that the company gives each person.

In about 4-6 months I was able to recruit 40 people into that company. I never picked up the phone or contacted them myself and I never will. The online presentation and closing was done for me on auto-pilot by that company. 

In terms of advertising, all I did was: 

Pay per click
Forum posting
Article marketing
Advertise on HIGH traffic work at home sites.

That's it pretty much.

Now, you must know that out of the 40 people that I personally brought in:

1 person has gone out and is recruiting one new person almost every day into his organization. Some of them are also duplicating which is good.

20 people are still paying their monthly fee without doing much which I don't know why but this is the way it works in MLM.

19 of them have quit.

So as you can see, 1 person has become a "leader" in my team.

The people who do really well in online network marketing are the ones that understand these numbers. Not everyone will do the work necessary. A lot will quit. But the very few who do believe and take action are the ones that will grow your income and as well as theirs.

You need to understand that. That is the SECRET of success in online network marketing. It is a NUMBERS game at the end of the day.

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