Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SEO Tips To Get High Quality Traffic

When marketing their sites, most people use search engine optimization (SEO). There are millions of sites on the Internet and the search engines do a great job in indexing all those sites and giving users relevant information. Optimizing your site for the search engines increases the likelihood of your targeted niche finding your site. The intent of this article is to give you important SEO tips.

When you do SEO, your keyword research will have far-reaching effects on your success. You want to find the right keywords to rank for in this phase. The one thing many people read is to choose those with high volume (search) and low competition. The theory sounds pretty straightforward, and it's really not hard, but there are so many people who fail on this part. Using a good research tool for keywords really goes a long way to solving this problem. GoogleĆ­s Keyword tool is one such tool that can give you vast insight on profitable keywords. At first blush it may look intimidating, but don't be fooled because it's easy to use. Another veteran online marketing keyword tool is Word Tracker, and a lot of successful marketers swear by it. So it really just depends on your budget and what you're comfortable using. 

In some of your pages, don't overdo it, but you can bold or italicize your keywords/tags in your content. That is just something that will help you, everything contributes something, and it's not used on a lot of websites, either. Naturally it will help, how much no one knows, but still if it will help then it's a good idea to do it. Never do too much with SEO, like overdoing it, because that is always viewed as something that is not good. Just implement them two or three times and that's all that matters. Also include primary and secondary keywords/phrases in your H1/H2 tags. Words that are wrapped in such tags are given more value by the search engines. what you'll also be doing is optimzing each page for its own primary keyword/phrase plus some additional secondary keywords.

Probably millions of marketers have made the mistake of putting the cart before the horse, so don't build your site until you have this research done. When it comes to construction of your site, make sure you do not choose a lot of flash coding, or an over-abundance of graphics and images. The problem with Flash is that search engine bots cannot read it, only text can be read, so the bots cannot do their job properly with your site. It's just that if you use Flash, then you will be defeating the purpose of doing SEO in the first place. Achieving good search engine rankings takes real effort, dedication, knowledge, and patience. It's important that you keep these points in mind as you embark on your SEO journey, and never forget to keep learning as much as you can. Make sure your site is prepared for the search engine traffic, build links and get high quality content that is liked by both your visitors and the search engines.

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