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4 Stages for decision making

I'll try to get straight to the point.
All the guide is based on case studies in Universities and Mathematics.

There are 4 stages in the decision making that our subconscious mind goes through.
Most of the time we are not aware of them, many of us are stuck at a stage in the middle without realizing it.

The 4 stages of every human decision making:

Step 1:

When taking a decision, first we need to decide whether we have to take it now or wait for later.
The good thing about taking the time is more time to collect information and not being impulsive.
Sometimes it's a problem, people are depending on our decision, like family and friends, we do not want to keep them waiting.

Step 2:

Incase a decision is required right now, we will make a table of pro's and con's even a quick one in our head.
Pay attention to that small detail: Not a regular table, We have to prioritize from 1-3 every category in our decision. For example, incase we are buying a car, we have color, safety and price.
So 1 being least important, 3 being very important:
Color - 1
Safety - 3
Price - 3
Then we can rank the benefits so knowing safety is the most important for us, it doesn't matter so much if the other car has a better color.
Bottom line: Prioritize your categories by importance.

Step 3:

I used the table, the difference between 2 decisions wasn't that big and still hard to determine.
In that case, we will consider something I call "The loss price/Mistake price".
How big is the price of making the wrong decision ?
For example, Let's stick with the car. If I take an unsafe car with a beautiful color, the coast of mistake is Dying painful death incase of a car crash. It's a big "Mistake price" to pay.
Bottom line- incase there's no obvious preference calculate the Mistake price.

Step 4:

Focus only on the benefits.
Incase the pros and cons are quite the same, the risk value is equal, focus only on the benefits you will get from one decision.
For example, My friend is a CEO of a successful company, taking crucial decisions on a daily basis, and most of the time he is right.
But, it takes him forever to pick a soup or a sandwich in a restaurant.
Why? Because when picking food he is focusing on the loss and not the benefits.
It's a state of mind you need to be in.
Simple Tip: If you see yourself thinking too much about a decision realize you are in the wrong state of mind, do a switch, focus on what you gain.
Go bling to risks, the law's of physics are just a recommendation for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I would love to get feedback.

Need traffic? Laziness is your friend

A lot of people have a very negative view of laziness...

They think it is some sort of moral flaw

For the most part, they are correct...

If you are lazy and you are always looking for shortcuts, it's very easy to cross the line from legit ways of doing things to THE DARK SIDE of doing things.

It's very easy to focus on building tons of low quality pages and play the CHURN AND BURN game.

I get all that.

However, there is a BRIGHT side to laziness too many people miss...

They don't want to see it or they are BLIND to it

What's the bright side?

Being lazy can force you to be a better manager of your RETURN ON EFFORT

You look to maximize $$$ while putting in as little TIME and EFFORT as possible.

In short, your laziness forces to be more EFFICIENT.

You can INVEST funds in EFFICIENCY

You can INVEST in more innovative ways to boost RETURN on EFFORT.

Laziness isn't always bad.

Remember, just as LABOR is INTERCHANGEABLE with CAPITAL, money is interchangeable with ANALYSIS and BRAIN POWER.

Take Massive Action + Conquer Fears + Perserverance = Success

My favorite super hero of all time is the Dark Knight aka Batman. I like the whole idea of conquering your fears and insecurities, and then using it as power to achieve greatness.

Bruce Wayne was a fearful kid that felt lost in a world without his mother and father who were shot and killed by a criminal. He could’ve easily became a miserable man and lived a depressing life despite inheriting an endless supply of money, but he decided to take matters into his own hands and do something about the uncontrollable criminal activity going on in his city.

Bruce Wayne trained himself to reach his peak mentally and physically so that he would be prepared to fight the criminals within Gotham. The last thing he had to do was conquer his fear of bats and use it to his advantage(which led to the creation of Batman).

I like to think of myself as batman(if I had the resources and technology I'd probably be crazy enough to design the suit and attempt to fight crime). I strive to reach my potential mentally and physically and conquer any fear that attempts to block my path to success. In this case I do it mostly because I want to reach financial freedom.

I understand that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom to live the life I want to live. That is why I make sure I do something every day to build my business, increase my knowledge, develop self-discipline, and increase my physical abilities. The minute I wake-up I do 100 pushups and I go into a 45 minute bodyweight workout. I then get right into my daily tasks that I wrote down on the previous day.

Bruce Wayne mastered all the skills necessary to successfully become Batman and he was able to do that because of his motivation to prevent future crimes after experiencing the murder of his parents and his commitment to ridding Gotham of criminal activity(which his father asked of Bruce in his will).

That is what you need to do as an entrepreneur.

  • figure out what you want to do and why you want to do it
  • take daily action that will help you reach your goals.
  • respect the process of mastering necessary skills while developing self-discipline, fearlessness, and relentless will power
  • Persevere through the dullness of repetition and the disappointments along the journey

There are only 10 ways to Get Rich legally

I recently enjoyed re-reading the book "THE TEN ROADS TO RICHES- by Ken Fisher".

It might be interesting info for some of you, people who are thinking of career change or looking for a concrete way to go about getting rich.

Book excerpt:

"When you get right down to brass tacks, there are only ten methodical and legal ways you can get rich.

If you genuinely aspire to be rich, figure out which of these roads makes the most sense for you and then focus all your efforts into getting as far down your chosen road as possible.

“Why ten roads? Why not five? Or 100? It’s just the observation of this roads scholar from studying wealthy people all my 36 year investment career. I’ve got over 25,000 wealthy clients I’ve studied carefully – some for decades. As a 24-year Forbes columnist I’ve studied and written about the annual Forbes 400 list of richest Americans for decades – and been on it and the Forbes global billionaire list myself since 2005 – and know people on both lists in and out of America, and interacted with many more very wealthy people. From all my observation, I can tell you they all fit into ten basic categories.

Follow one of these ten roads. Or a combination. For example, become CEO of a firm you didn’t start, build it up, sell it off, use the proceeds to start your own firm, which ends up even more successful. If you can do two at once it’s faster. Harder, but faster. But most wealthy folks travel one road their whole lives. That works. It’s more than enough.”

– Ken Fisher

HERE ARE THE 10 ROADS to Riches;

1. Found your own firm and create wealth
Starting your own firm and building it to be a successful enterprise can create some awe-inspiring wealth. This road is tough and requires courage, discipline and a thick skin as well as more than a smattering of luck but the rewards can be highly impressive.

2. Become CEO of an existing company
Getting to the top of the corporate ladder in a large firm can be highly lucrative. This is hard to do because you need bulletproof leadership and executive qualities but if you have what it takes, this can be a great path.

3. Ride on a superstar’s coattails
This is a matter of finding the right person and hitching your wagon to their rising star. You do all the background things which help the superstar perform even better.

4. Use talents to become rich and famous
If you have the right stuff, you can parlay what you’re personally good at to fame. Once you do that, you can find ways to monetize that fame and become wealthy.

5. Marry into serious money
Perhaps this will be an option for you, maybe it won’t. The point is people have been trying to marry up all through history. If this is a possibility, go for it.

6. Become a plaintiff’s lawyer
The lawyers who get in the middle of class action lawsuits can make very good money. Whether you’re a crusader or a pirate is irrelevant. This is a way to make money.

7. Manage other people’s money for them
Providing a great service to the wealthy and charging them a fee can make you rich at the same time as you help them get richer. Learn to sell and the rest will follow.

8. Invent/Modify something and learn how to sell it
If you can figure out how to sell whatever you invent or create, you can unleash a continuing revenue stream. You have to be good at marketing to make this happen.

9. Buy and sell real estate
There has always been money in real estate development. The key here is leverage – being prepared to take on debt on the basis of your gut instincts.

10. Save your money and invest wisely
This is the least sensational but the most reliable road to wealth. Work hard, save your money and generate phenomenal investment returns. Harness compound interest.

Broadly I agree but there are more ways to get rich..

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How to Find More Clients

Do you want to find more clients?

Here's just one very simple little idea for you...

Go pick a niche. There's hundreds of business sectors you can choose from. Laywers, hairdressers, landscape designers, dentists, cleaning operatives, domestic services, garages, office suppliers, interior designers, fitness consultants, therapists; ad infinitum...

Just pick up any old copy of the Yellow Pages if you get stuck for ideas.

Now go to Google and type in either a generic term such as...

"Lawyers", "Hairdressers", Landscape Designers" etc...

...or make your search more specific to your locality, for example...

"Lawyers Chicago", "Hairdressers London", "Landscape Designers Seattle"

Now look at the results which come up on page 1 of Google.

These are businesses who are serious about promoting themselves otherwise, why else would they be on page 1 of Google in these major cities when faced with such stiff competition?

In other words, these are people, business owners who already recognize the value of excellent marketing and positioning.

So look at their homepages, their personal pitches, how they're positioning their businesses and companies to their target market.

Do you think you could beat their current control?

Do you believe you could write a better homepage for them? If so, tell them why they should use you. Tell them why by tapping into your expertise this makes financial sense for their business.

Every business wants to make more profit. They all want more business. They all enjoy making a profit. They all want to do things better so they can enjoy life to the max.

Offer to rewrite their homepage if necessary free of charge at first if you have to. You can always add this experience to your portfolio.

Or, if in the copywriting / marketing game for a while, tell them your fee's and why they need to use you now.

As Steve previously pointed out in another thread here, there's more than enough work for everybody on this forum IF ONLY you'll get off your ass and go out there and find it.

It's not going to automatically come to you unless you put some effort in to find it in the first place.

You're job is to build a bridge of mutual trust between you the service provider, and the needs of your target market.

Do this effectively for your chosen niche and you'll have more copywriting work than you can possibly handle.

The same advice applies to many other service industries too.

Warmest regards,

The Lazy Man's Way To Riches

Hi Fellow Warriors,

Many of you have probably already seen Joe Karbo's legendary ad, "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches":

I've been studying this ad for about a week now and I think that this has to be one of the (if not, the) best-written pieces of copy I've ever seen.

Look at how everything ties in together and follows logically. Look at how he turns what I suspect was a "negative" (doesn't deliver via C.O.D. or bill them) into a positive, and does so seamlessly. The last 2 lines (and especially the last one) are perhaps two of the most powerful I've ever read.

If I was around 35 years ago, I can pretty much guarantee I would have bought this. And I'm sure if this was "recycled" today in some form it would still work great...

Anyway, just my 2 cents for the day.


Why You Should NEVER Hire a Cheap Copywriter

Lately, I've been seeing a disturbing trend... people are raving about the "cheap" copywriter they have who does "awesome work"... then crying a few days later because the letter turned out crap.

To these people, I have one question... are you really that surprised?

As copywriters, our job is to make sure that whatever product we're selling has a huge perceived value. It increases sales.

If your copywriter is writing letters for $100, it's for one reason... they are unable to sell themselves. And if they can't sell themselves... what makes you think they'll do any better with your product?

Now, I'll admit, there is OCCASIONALLY a decent cheap copywriter. But I'd be surprised if they did more than, say, five letters until they hit the 4-figure mark (at least).

For those of you not "in the know"... here's why we copywriters charge so much...

For a start, it takes years of practise to hone your skills to a point where you can write good copy. And that's years of consistent, hard work... studying textbooks, analyzing other people's letters, writing your own letters... again and again and again... until you can consistently write letters that make sales.

Plus, a letter isn't a one-day job. Writing a letter involves researching a market, analyzing the competition, constructing a USP, learning the product/service inside out, and "laying out" the letter... and all this happens before you even start writing the damn thing.

Let me tell you, writing copy is intense. It's a slow, sometimes painful process that really exhausts you mentally... and it takes a LOT of time. Hell, even just writing a headline can take me hours. Sure, it'll end up being a killer headline... but it takes a long time.

Then after you write the letter you have to keep going back over it, fine-tuning and polishing it until you have cut out every unnecessary word... conveyed the perfect balance of reason and emotion... and basically crafted a finely-honed sales machine.

Plus, there are way more business owners than there are GOOD copywriters. There's a reason guys like Vin Montello or Ray Edwards charge five figures a letter... because they make their clients that many, many times over with their killer letters.

No one ever complains that their doctor charges too much. After all, he's been to medical school for years and you NEED a good doc... not just any old hack.

Copywriting is the same.

Time and time again I see people put up cheap copy that looks (to the untrained eye) as though it's well written... but upon close inspection the holes start to appear. The headline's too long and wordy. The copywriter hasn't hit the key emotions of the target market. There are crucial components of the sales copy left out... etc etc.

And it's no surprise, really. If you write a letter for $100, you can spend a maximum of five, maybe six hours on that letter... and that number includes the time you spend doing the quote and soliciting the client.

The average letter takes the average good copywriter about 40 hours. Some letters are more, some are less, and it always "depends", but 40 hours is a realistic figure.

If you worked for 40 hours for $100... you'd be looking at $2.50 an hour.

You would quit and go to Macca's where you'd earn three times that at minimum wage.

This is why hiring a "cheap" copywriter is a bad idea... because they don't have the skills to do your product justice... and even if they did, they don't have the time to spend on a letter because they have to do a crazy amount of letters just to pay the bills.

Is it possible you find a great writer for cheap, who is writing his first letter? Maybe, but it's about as probable as winning the lottery. If you like to gamble, go for it... but I don't screw around when it comes to my business.

And to those of you who think I'm doing this as some kind of "copywriting conspiracy" so we can keep our prices "high"... think again.

I charge $3 000 for a letter right now. Most people don't have that kind of cash, and 99.99% of the time people who hire $100 writers don't have $3 000 (and I'm on the low side for a good copywriter).

I'm simply making this post so a few less people get burned.

Most of you will read it and never listen to it... but I hope this helps at least a few people understand WHY good copy is so expensive... and why it kind of has to be.

Kind regards,


21 Stunning Copywriting Quotes You Need to Know

Both veteran and newbie copywriters can immensely benefit from these quotes...


1. “On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.”
David Ogilvy

2. “It follows that unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money…”
David Ogilvy

3. I’ve learned that any fool can write a bad ad, but that it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.
- Leo Burnett

4. “A copywriter should have ‘an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.”
George Gribbin

5. An ad is finished only when you no longer can find a single element to remove.
-Robert Fleege

6. Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.
-Steuart Henderson Britt

7. I have always believed that writing advertisements is the second most profitable form of writing. The first, of course, is ransom notes.
-Philip Dusenberry

8 . The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.
-Thomas Jefferson

9. "Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it's an ad."
- Howard Gossage

10. “The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.”
Leo Burnett

11. An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission.
Fred Allen

12. Advertising is like learning – a little is a dangerous thing. If a man has not the pluck to keep on advertising, all the money he has already spent is lost.
P.T. Barnum

13. The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.
William Bernbach

14. If you can’t turn yourself into a consumer, you probably shouldn’t be in the advertising business at all.
Leo Burnett

15. We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt.
Robert Collier

16. Advertising is salesmanship mass produced. No one would bother to use advertising if he could talk to all his prospects face-to-face. But he can’t.
Morris Hite

17. Advertising is Salesmanship in Print.
John E. Kennedy

18.The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything.
David Ogilvy

19. Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer.
Shirley Polykoff

20. You must make the product interesting, not just make the ad different. And that’s what too many of the copywriters in the U.S. today don’t yet understand.
Rosser Reeves

21. Poor copy cannot overcome faults or gaps in dealer distribution; it cannot even cash in on the finest dealer setups. But good copy can, and does, surmount many dealer difficulties, making them secondary, and selling in spite of them.
Victor Schwab

How I Became a Million Dollar Copywriter in One Year (From Total Newbie

Allow me to introduce myself because I'm a newbie in these parts.

My name is Kenneth Yu. I'm a full-time online marketer who accidentally became a guru when I released Twitter Salvation System to fund my wedding (successfully, I may add). Now I make a solid income from affiliate marketing and running an SEO agency serving the online big boys in the South East Asian region.

Anyway, prior to that, my biggest crowning achievement was officially writing a seven figure sales letter and making 6 figures from one email. And all that from starting from scratch the year before.

As a way of saying hi and providing value, here's my 5 secrets for becoming a 7 figure copywriter in under a year, and how you can do the same.

1) Read a classic sales letter a day

Notice I said "classic". Far too many online sales letters are knock-offs of knock-offs of knock-offs. Invest in Caples, in Carlton, in Halbert, in Makepeace, in all the classic Boardroom swipes... And take one of them out by random and study it for the day. Keep your sales letter swipe files confined to the offline controls used by Agora, Rodale, Boardroom, etc.

Also notice I say one sales letter a day. Yes, it's hard work. But great sales letter do follow a formula for success that's sometimes not readily apparent. Keep acquainted with greatness and you can start to see the difference, which you now can translate to your writing.

2) Copy these sales letters by hand

This is insane, but who says this was easy?

I remembered copying John Carlton's infamous sex sales letter word-by-painful-word. The result? My sales letter were crushing it in terms of conversion -- even from the start. It's the exact same advice I took to heart from Sir Gary Halbert on how to be become a world-class copywriters.

This has played a big part in getting me where I am today.

3) Be a Persuasion Nerd

Read Robert Cialdini's influence. Read Joe Sugarman's Triggers. Read Mark Joyner's Mind Control Marketing. Read Dan Areily's Predictably Irrational. Read them all? Reread them again. And again. And again.

Internalize these principles and suddenly... You'll start writing copy that's irresistible in its charms.

4) Master the Form

There's a certain form to long form copywriting. It's the same fundamental structure that undergird all forms of persuasive writing, be it the long form to your PPV ads.

The ultimate sales letter template I'd seen is the one here from Perry Belcher. Google Perry Belcher salesletter and you'll find it. It's called the 21 point salesletter.

Just plug in the right details and you'll start seeing better sales letter from the start. Clever shortcuts are really part of the copy game.

5) Have a Laser Beam Focus on Market Research

The SINGLE MOST important part of copywriting is your research. Most so-called copywriters skip it, thinking they know the market. Listen to this insider secret real quick.

The difference between a 4 figure promotion and a 7 figure promotion is a Big Idea. The one thing that resonates so well with your target market that you'll get a breakthrough response. But how do you get it?

It doesn't materialize out of thin air, that's for sure. Big ideas sprout from the soil of intimate knowledge of the marketplace. So research, research and research away before writing even a single word.

Well, those are my 5 secrets. As you can see. the common thread connecting all 5 points is extreme input and extreme output. I hope you take these 5 steps to heart and reach new copywriting heights.

Hope to get to know each one of you much better from this time forward.

Comments? Criticism? What are your thoughts

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How To Promote And Make Your Youtube Videos Popular

If you want to get traffic to your Youtube videos, there are some things that you will want to do to get the word out about them. Getting traffic to your videos can either be a simple process, or a hard thing to do. In this article, I will show you how to get traffic to your Youtube videos and make them popular.

The first thing that you will want to do is submit your videos to Youtube. This sounds obvious but it’s an absolute key to your success. By uploading your videos to Youtube, you’ll be able to get search engine traffic for when users type in a particular query related to your video. The more hits your videos get, the more it will rise in the rankings.

You want to improve your Youtube search engine rankings for a number of reasons. These reasons may seem obvious but I will repeat them here for the sake of conversation. The first reason you want to improve your search engine rankings is so that your video can grow in popularity. The more users who view your video, the more traffic you will get, and the more popular your video will become. People will begin to share your information with others and soon it will become something viral on the web.

The next thing that you will want to do is include your URL in the description of your video and also in the video itself. In the past on Youtube, people had to type in your web address in their web browser’s search bar. But now they can just click on the direct link in your description to view your website.

This is a great way to get direct traffic from Youtube. Even though people can click on your link in your description, you never know when you will want to pull your Youtube video and use it for promotional purposes. When you pull it off of Youtube, your website information will still be intact in the article, thereby allowing you to get promotion for your website.

The last thing that you will want to do is that you want to encourage people to subscribe to your Youtube channel. This will notify people about when you upload new videos onto Youtube. The more people who subscribes to your channels, the more views you will get and the more traffic you will get back to your website.

You can consider your Youtube channel being something like a favorite TV show. Users will wait until you post something new and will come and watch your videos. By building a loyal fan base such as this, it’s similar to opting in a lead into your autoresponder sequence. You can get people to view your videos on a recurring basis thereby increasing your views, and the amount of traffic that you can potentially get.

Using Youtube to get traffic is an excellent way to get the word out about your website. I still use it till this day and it’s helping my website to become a force in the marketplace. Your website can achieve the same potential with a little help and direction, so keep this in mind as you’re creating your videos.

Use these tips to get traffic to your website from Youtube.

Good luck with using Youtube to get traffic to your website.

Those 5 Steps Will Help You To Maximum Productivity (which means also more money)

Do you know that you get 80% of your results from just 20% of your time and effort and consequently 80% of your time is virtually wasted on non productive activities?. Once you realize this it is easy to take advantage and either reduce the hours you work or significantly improve your productivity.

The 80-20 rule was first discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto a hundred years ago. Using this knowledge is incredibly powerful in combating the "not enough hours in the day" mentality of today's society.

The 80-20 rule means that in any area of our lives, literally 80 percent of our fruits are derived from only 20 percent of doing "what matters". In other words, there is only a very small portion of all that we do each day, regardless of the situation, that brings us the "higher return".

How can you benefit from being aware of this principle? Implementing a strategy based on the 80-20 rule can result in greater wealth and greater leisure time? Just imagine how productive you will be if 80% of your time could be spent on productive activities. You have to realise that the things that matters most should never be at the mercy of activities that matter least.

Here are 5 Steps to maximumise your productivity:

1) Keep a work log for at least a week

Write down all of your activities and the time spent doing them. I appreciate this is time consuming initially but it is essential you get a true picture of your working week.

2) Analyse your activities

Separate your activities into high priority - those that produce a return or where only you have the skills to do the work - and low priority - activities others can do where the activity can be delegated to support staff. You will almost certainly find that you are spending most of your time on low-priority activities rather than activities directly providing a return. In almost all businesses these non productive activities tend to absorb time at a far greater rate than they should.

3) Delegate non productive activities

Once you can identify the low priority activities delegate as many as possible to outsourcer providing training where required. If necessary employ an additional outsourcer to take responsibilities - the cost will be more than offset by your improved productivity. There may be a number of low priority activities you are tempted to keep. Unless it is absolutely unavoidable don't be tempted and don't get involved in non productive activities or your productivity will fall.

4) Calculate the time required for any remaining low priority activities

Once you have delegated all that you can, your next step is to calculate how much time you should be spending on the remaining low priority activities to make maximum use of your productive time. Do not work disproportionately hard at these low priority activities and set aside specific time each day or week to complete them.

5) Prioritise your remaining activities

Once you have cleared out the activities that do not bring you any return, it is time to turn your attention to the activities in your life that are bringing the most reward. Prioritise your activities and concentrate most of your time just on a few high-priority activities.

The objective throughout is to maximize your results from the areas of high return and to delegate those activities that have a low return. Having to spend a disproportionate amount of time on non productive activities is a major source of stress for many marketer. Delegating these activities will therefore have the added benefit of reducing the stress you are under. It is all about doing less work for greater return.

For more success in life, whether that is more money, more time with your family or just making time for kite surfing you should start implementing the 80-20 rule immediately. It will help your career as well as your personal life and, as a bonus, following the 80-20 rule day in and day out can make you very wealthy over the long term.

Do you follow the 80-20 rule and did it bring you better results?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

25 Easy and Effective Ideas to Make Tons of Money Online Using PLR Content

Anyone who has a website or blog knows how crucial it is to provide their visitors, returning customers and potential customers with top notch, informational and compelling articles, guides and reports. Quality content will keep your customers and potential clients coming back again and again . It will also generate more traffic for your website since your existing customers will ultimately spread the word about the your exceptional content all over the internet. And PLR can be used for many more traffic and money generating marketing strategies.
I have listed 20 of the most effective and simple strategies for using PLR - but keep in mind the list is huge. There are over 100 strategies in which PLR can be used as an amazing traffic and profit boosting tool.

1. Create viral quizzes with the content to assess your audience’s knowledge.

2. Create new “feeder”websites and blogs specifically for distinct niches and
affiliate products that link back to your “money” pages.

3. Use the PLR Content to create Adsense sites.

4. Use PLR articles to market your eBay store.

5. Repurpose amd rewite PLR content in order to create Squidoo Lenses.

6. Create a HubPages using PLR content

7. Rewrite your content and post on a or blog (both provide free blogs).

8. Combine several articles as a report or ebook with your affiliate links included
in the PDF then submit to Scribd.

9. Convert generic niche articles into a different niche by switching the critical keywords and modifying the article.

10. Create a an internet base e-course. Learn more about creating e-courses with the
List Profit System.

11. Use snippets of PLR content and post the short announcements on Twitter.

12. Rewrite your PLR content as a press release.

13. Write a a publicdeclaration and share your ideas and name all over the ‘net – use social media, blogs and forums to do this.

14. Create a Wiki to encourage your visitors to collaborate and contribute to your projects. Use a free service like WetPaint.

15. Send out a printed newsletter to your customers using PLR Content

16. Build a social networking site discussing subjects related to your niche.
You can use software like BuddyPress or Ning

17. Use PLR content to create a Facebook page, independent from your profile. You will be able to associate with your customers on a totally different level.

18. Give away a “free report” to boost the size of your mailing list. Learn more about starting a Small Reports Business with Small Reports Fortune.

19. Create a “what to look for...” buyer’s guide to help people make smart buying decisions.

20. Re-write the articles and submit it to newspapers or magazines and strategically place affiliate links or your website's url throughout the article.

21. Produce short screencasts or PowerPoint videos and publish the video throughout the web using TubeMogul or TrafficGeyser

22. Use the content for an internet radio show.

23. Create step by step video tutorials using Jing or Camtasia.

24. Pre-load an iPod with audio, video, and eBook content, then sell it

25. Develop an iPhone app.

PLR content offers website owners endless opportunities to create products such as ebooks, audio books, special reports and guides that can boost your website’s sales and traffic dramatically. But remember to USE ONLY QUALITY PLR articles that provide informational and compelling articles for your readers. Also, rewrite your PLR content prior to using.

Online Business Tips - Exact Steps To Begin Right Now

What if you discovered online business tips which helps you build a successful career online? Do you want to know some simple step by step online business tips which you can get started off with right now?

The purpose of this article is to build your mindset for having a right approach for running an online business.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 – Mindset of an entrepreneur

Online business tips will help your go step by step to build up a successful business. The first thing that you must keep in mind is to develop your mindset of an entrepreneur. You will find much information online which will distract you in many ways. Your strong mindset will allow you to move towards achieving your end goal.

You need to determine one system in which you have maximum interest and put all your effort in the same. Your end goal will help you achieve the required results from your business. Be sure your results are realistic. Your focus is the only requirement which will help you run your online business on a long term.

Step 2 – Step to get started

After you have made your mindset powerful for online business, here is the list of 3 things which will help you succeed online.

A) You need to know everything about your product. You need to have your own product development skill in order to compete in the market. You can be affiliate and earn but to know everything about your product is equally important.

B) Traffic on your website will determine the growth of your business. You need to check all the manners in which you can generate traffic on your website.

C) You need to develop trust in your subscribers mind. For this you need to build a list of your subscribers and send them emails on regular basis to communicate with them. In this way they will remember you and your products for a long time.

Step 3 –Steps you need to follow daily

You need to put 60% time on thinking about how you can drive traffic to your website. Rest 20% time should be spend on thinking about creating an email and shooting it to your subscribers. The remaining 20% of your time should be spend on creating different products to your list of subscribers. This is the main source from which you can earn revenue constantly. 

Multipurposing Content Online For More Traffic

One of the things that I am big on is content creation and getting it out - and noticed - on the web.

I have discovered that it doesn't seem to take that many inbound links when you are creating a sufficient amount of content, linking between the content, varying the content places where you are putting the content, and creating original content.

For example, you can write an article and put it on ezinearticles, write another and put it on your site.

Call the ezinearticles article cut A and call the one on your site cut B.

Then create the following from the 2 articles:

2 slideshares

2 youtubes

2 flowcharts and put one in the article on your site and the other on pinterest

2 excerpts, put one in facebook, one in another social site you are active in

make a notification in g+

Then for each of the above instances, link back to either your site article (cut B) or the ezinearticles article (cut A)

So it might look like this:

slideshare 1: link to cut A and youtube

slideshare 2: link to cut B and 1 flowchart

flowchart 1: link to facebook excerpt

flowchart 2 (pinterest) : link to youtube

make a notification in g+ for at least one of the above instances, where your groups can handle it, make multiple notifications, or make multiple groups so that you can post once each day in each group, and still post multiple instances per day.

facebook excerpt: cut A and pinterest

facebook excerpt 2: cut B and youtube

Can you see how this can go on and on?

And the key here is that none of this is spurious linking, it's all good solid, old fashioned linking that gets you points in the search engines, and most importantly, is creating a powerful content network that will drive you traffic over time.

-- Hope this helps,

Sean Mize

3 Mindset Tips For Newbies To Making Good Regular Income Online!

 Am writing the following with the internet marketing newbie in mind (and quite honestly, those who have been around for a bit but are still struggling should find it useful).

As those who are making REGULAR good income will say, a good proper mindset is in order and required even before we actually come to the methods / ways / mechanisms, etc.

So here goes ...

1) Grow Yourself As The #1 Asset

While you're getting all excited about the experts and the gurus say build your list, build your list, build your list and I don't discount what they say because that's going to be one of your top assets if you're planning to be around AND thriving for the long haul.

The most important asset I feel is ... YOU.

Even if a big time guru gifted you with a 5000 strong list but you don't know how to communicate or provide value, it would mean little to you.

However, if you're always soaking up info and applying it, it won't be long before you pull away from the crowds. And quite frankly, that's where you want to be for the long run.

2) Take PERSONAL responsibility

No one, I REPEAT, no one is EVER going to be more responsible for your success than yourself.

Not even if you hired a $500, $5000 or $50,000 internet marketing coach. Sure they can play a huge part in "shortcutting" your journey to success but it's ultimately you who would need to till your ground and build your business.

It's not someone else's problem to figure out what niche you should go into or to drive traffic for you.

10 years from now, this will ring true. Even 50 years from now.

So ... if you're not prepared to take PERSONAL responsibility yet want to change to an I.M. career from your 9 to 5 (because you hate it), I highly suggest you don't.

3) Always Be Marketing!

Now if you're planning to be an internet marketer, then you are going to have to be MARKETING. And if you want a harvest all year round, you need to always be sowing seeds.

Just like a good farmer who understands the seasons and times, you need to put in the hard yard and work your business.

Forget the pipe dreams of becoming an instant millionaire. That's utter bullshit and rubbish. Might work in another dream universe but not on this planet.

Technology these days provides us with a great opportunity of not just connecting with people but delivering immense value by meeting their wants and needs.

With all said and done, if you're spiritually, mentally and physically prepared to be all 3 that I've mentioned, congrats ... you're way ahead of the curve.

Now keep it going and be your best NOW! =)

Your Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is a plan that you can follow which will enable you to expand your influence online. Its goal is to attract prospects to your web site so that they will get on your list.
Here are the steps that will enable you to do that.
1. Determine which media you will use
There is a surfeit of media on the Internet that you could use to spread your content around the Web. But not all of it will give you the greatest return on the effort required to make it work, and much of it will have a substantial learning curve. So it’s imperative that you make wise choices about which ones to use.
2. Begin with the first medium that will make the next one the easiest
Although impact is important, so is speed. Remember your goal is to get your content into the marketplace as quickly as possible. That means that it’s better to put content on five sites that are easy to use, than one site that has the greatest influence, but is the hardest to get into. Guest blogging is a perfect example. It has enormous benefits, but can be hard to break into.
3. Coordinate all media so that they point to your site eventually
Your goal is to get people onto your list, and so that means that all of your marketing efforts must point to the same place. This is what is known as a marketing funnel. All of your efforts go into the top, but at the bottom they focus on just one place.
4. Rinse and repeat
Repeat this process over and over again. Don’t skip any of these steps.
5. Determine how often you will create the content
Consistency is essential to a successful content marketing strategy. It’s better to put four pieces of content on the web every day, than 20 on Monday.
6. Then schedule it
Decide when you will publish your content. Put it on your calendar, and then make sure that you do it.
Like all plans, you have to implement them in order to get the results you want.
By the way, do you want to learn more about building your web presence and growing your information business?

How to Use Personal Development PLR Articles

It's vital that online marketers maintain an steady stream of high quality content to use for their website. Unfortunately, many people, buy plr, but don't know what to do with it. Regrettably, you get so much misleading and false information pertaining to the use PLR, that many marketers are weary about using PLR for content.

With outstanding self-help private label rights articles, the content is already optimized to bring visitors to your website and provide them with valuable information. You can use them as they are or you can tweak them to provide your unique aspect. You can also combine them to create totally new products. The choice is yours.

Different Options You Can Use Your Personal Development PLR Articles

You’ll be able to achieve a ton of goals with self-help articles. Some of the things that you are encouraged to do include:

Assemble several articles to create a unique eBook.

Provide Freebie articles to give to your customers as a bonus for their loyalty.

Combine them with other info products to add value.

Offer the articles, affirmations, reports, ebooks, and worksheets as a bonus.

Use them to entice new subscribers to your newsletter or email list.

Use them to post them as content on your website.

Rewrite and rename the articles to make them distinct and unique.

Provide them as a priceless addition to your membership site.

Within these ideas you’ll be able to do even more with your PLR personal development articles, such as:

Use as a starting point in an e-book.

Offer print-on-demand books quickly and easily.

Use PLR informaton to record a podcast or audio CD.

Create a video and post it on your website or YouTube.

Create a teleseminar with the PLR information.

As you can see, you have an endless amount of options available for Personal Development PLR content. You can be as creative as you want. In fact, the open ended nature of the content is what makes PLR self-help articles so appealing! You can do what you want with the content to make it yours and to attract to your target audience to the very best of your ability.

The great thing about having quality PLR content is that you can take the PLR articles and content packs and tweak, shape them, and modify them to your needs. You can buy one products or sign up for a monthly PLR content option. This will make it a breeze to keep your blog or website with fresh and quality content. And allow you to continue to make new and interesting offers to your readers and to increase your traffic significantly.

Are There Limits?

While you can use your PLR articles to promote your website in new and interesting ways every month, there are some limitations to your private label content.

The few limitations include:

You cannot syndicate the articles in the article directories.
You cannot sell the resale rights.
You cannot sell the master resale rights.
You cannot sell the private label rights.
You cannot sell the content in an auction.

Take the initiative today to create a constant stream of traffic to your website that will bring in targeted and profitable sales.

Part 1 - Make $1000 with 2 hours work - Each Day

In order to be a successful business owner, you shouldn't be the one

doing the “grunt work.” It's your job as a business owner to close

deals, build relationships with clients and make sure everything is

running smoothly.


Typically, the “owners” and CEO's of companies are not the ones

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In this method, we're not going to have to worry about “finding people

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and neither do I.


I'm gonna show you a “supplier” where you can get most of the

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