Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to make thousands of little $2/month money making machines (list list list and LIST DANGIT!)

Just a thread for the newbies out there, and for the oldbies (is that a word?) who are still struggling to make consistent money online.

So, in the title of the thread I promised to show you how to make thousands of $2/month money making machines that last for years to come without making more than a $1 initial investment.

Well here's a hint: its called list building. Each subscriber is worth $1-$2/month for years to come if you do it right. If you haven't been building a list, START NOW!!! I've been in IM for about 5 years and although I've made money, I've always ended up broke again, even after a big success, that is, until I started building a list.

You see, the internet marketing world is changing all of the time, google updates their algorithm and marketer's $10k/month websites fall to page 10 of google and they're broke. If you put your traffic building efforts into building a list then a Penguin or Panda update won't affect your business, because you still have all of your subscribers.

Notice that you NEVER see people posting on WF saying "I have a list but I'm not making money!" while there are plenty of people who post saying "my site dropped in the listings and i lost my income" or "help me make some money fast"

It took me almost 5 years to learn that I should simply focus on my list and ONLY my list. I kept telling myself that I'd make a little money and then use that to make my list building easy, I kept telling myself I'd get around to it. DROP EVERYTHING NOW UNTIL YOU HAVE A LIST.

So build an opt-in page, if you're a designer you can make one easy, if not join the war room and there are tons of squeeze page templates given away for FREE there. It doesn't have to be fancy, a simple squeeze page will get you started. 

Write an ebook or video guide or something and offer it as a reward for opting in, if you don't feel like you can do this, join the War Room and there are tons of ebooks and guides given away with redistribution rights.

Make your squeeze page just like a sales page, but then surprise your visitors by giving them your guide for free, just make them opt-in for it.

Sign up for Aweber's $1 trial, and set it up with your squeeze page. 

Put a link to your squeeze page here in your signature on warriorforum (if your niche is IM, otherwise, put your link in your signature on a different forum). Participate actively in that forum. I used to think I wouldn't get any subscribers from a signature, BUT I DO. It works, try it.

If you have $40-$80 to invest, find a good solo ad offer here on warriorforum with good warrior reviews and BUY IT. Make sure that with this option on your thank-you page after somebody opts in you try to sell them a one-time-offer, so that you can make back money from your solo ad.

Make sure you set up Aweber to send an automatic follow up email with another free gift to each subscriber, to make them trust you more. 

Sent out three broadcasts to your list each week, two that sell things and one that gives something away completely free. FOCUS ON HELPING YOUR LIST AND THEY WILL EAT OUT OF YOUR HAND.

Anyway, if anybody was on the fence about building a list, I hope this clears up your doubts, its really the BEST way to make money in any niche, online or offline.

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