Thursday, 11 August 2016

All-In-One: Social Marketing Strategies

Here are my tips:

1.) Keyword = Social. Please remember that this is not a one way, "I'm gonna shove information and sales copy down your throat like a duck about to become foie gras" place. Social networks are a place for two-way communication and your success will soar if you keep this in mind and build a reputation for yourself as a part of the community, and not a leech.

2.) Play both sides of the field. While you're busy providing good information, take a small amount of time to also see what other experts are sharing information and thank them for their insight.

This is called networking, and you can build a good rapport in the niche for possible future JVs. I've seen some dummies who act as if they're being knocked off the mountain, so they attack a competitor rather than shimmy up beside him and stand at the top together. Remember - his list could be HUGE and he might be open to letting you have a swap if you play your cards right.

3.) Be mindful of the rules of the network and stop trying to game the system. Whether it's trying to get a topic to squeak by the filters or using tons of bots to do the work for you, it's my personal belief that your results will be better if you're above the board and genuine in what you do on web 2.0 sites.

4.) Give value before you market to the people. Freebies go a long way with consumers. Put together a one week (7 page) autoresponder series or a 5 page viral report. If the site is niche specific, contact the owner and see if they'd like to share the freebie with the members. Think of it like this - would I rather put a link in my sig file to a free report and hope everyone sees it, or would I rather Allen Says endorse it with a top-of-the-screen notification? It doesn't hurt to ask the forum owner or web 2.0 site owner.

5.) On sites that allow marketing, don't create your typical sales page. For instance, Squidoo allows open marketing. But instead of a sales letter, write good articles and use the modules to mix in the buying opportunities (ie: a StickyNote module with a hyperlink to an opt in freebie where you convert them to a buyer).

6.) On the sites that have some form of higher recognition, go for it for added credibility. On the WF, newcomers often look at post count or how long a member has been here or how many times they've been thanked to determine whose opinion matters. On Squidoo, Giant Squids get preferential treatment and are also looked up to as experts, whether or not they are. Anything to give you an edge is worth pursuing (ie: My Twitter avatar is animated and you wouldn't believe how many people followed me because of that and later email me to tell me they did that and then went to my site, knowing nothing about IM at all, but building interest through my link).

Monday, 8 August 2016

Use the know-how and experience you have now, and tell the newbies how to legitimately generate $400 a month online in 90-120 days.

When it comes to making real money online (the kind that can help pay your bills and the like), you really have to focus on learning a long-term business strategy. Once you lay a solid foundation, it will grow over time. Niche blogging (the review-site model used in conjunction with affiliate marketing) is by far the most common and least expensive ways to go. I like it because of the residual aspect - put up content once but continue to profit (due to the search engines).

Because of the time of year, there are lots and lots of products coming out, which translates into opportunities to get your foot in the door. For example, they've had a lot of stuff on Yahoo trends. You know if people are looking for these things now, they are going to be looking for this (and more) and the holidays approach. Here are some examples:

sennheiser headphones
galaxy note 4
ipad mini
samsung galaxy s6
cargo pants
converse shoes
running shoes
nike kids' shoes
kids' clothes
bed-side lamps
full-length mirrors
master lock
coffee pods
vitamix blender...

This is just some of the stuff you'll find on there as of late. Some are wider niches that you can break down more, and others are for specific products. When promoting stuff like this, it's also a good idea to cross promote stuff to make your commissions big and what not.

While niche blogging is my preferred method, you can also do things like Kindle or get paid as a ghostwriter or as someone who publishes content to sites in exchange for cash or open a PLR store and so on. The method you choose to get paid by depends on what you're into.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Biggest Problem For Newbies In Make Money Online Niche

The truth is, if you're just getting started in Internet Marketing, the reason you're here to begin with is.... you're either tired of working for someone else, just plain NEED money, right?

So, why in the world would you try to make money selling stuff about how to make money if you've never actually made any money in the make money online niche?

You shouldn't!

Plain and simple.

I'll tell you what, though, there are TONS of ways to make money online without having already made money online.

  • You don't need a list
  • You don't need jv partners
  • You don't need your own website
  • You don't need to be a world class copywriter


You don't even need to have made your own products.

The warrior forum is one small slice of making money online and the only reason I post here is because I know I can find a ton of folks that my skillset can support and help.

I've been where you are.

I know how frustrating it can be to not be where you want to be.

The truth is, you don't need to fake it to make it online.

It IS a strategy....but it doesn't have to be yours.


Lying to people requires you to perpetually lie to people.

What I think you're really looking for are ways to legitimately make money from the internet without doing stupid surveys, without lying to people and without taking forever to get started.

Believe me, there are a ton of ways to do this.

For me, my initial breakthrough was helping local small businesses with their online marketing.

That quickly led me down other paths that I simply tried my hand at and guess what happened....


I failed.

But, other times...

I won...

Big time.

The bottom line was, I was always willing to try and DO!

That's what you need to do.

Stop asking others "Do you think doing [whatever it is you're too scared to attempt to do] will work?"

Stop asking for other, unqualified, opinions.

Make attempts.

Put buy buttons out there.

Make offers.

Help others.

Address problems.

Do it consistently.

Be persistent.

Every day.

Small successes lead to big wins.

I hope that helps.

How to Get More Prospects to Open Your Emails

When you offer a free book or report in exchange for email addresses, you need to remember that people opted in because they were interested in that specific topic. If you continue sending them exciting information on that topic your will develop a loyal and eager following.

But if you're sending them emails on totally unrelated topics that they're not interested in, or worse you are all over the place in regards to content, then your list is going to ignore you because you're not giving them what they want.

You have to cultivate and nurture your email list. Just because someone gives you their email for a free video or report doesn't mean they are now obligated to open every email you send them or open even one of the emails you send them.

Most people get hundreds of emails every day, they're not going to open every one. They're only going to open the ones that interest them.

So to increase your odds you need to make sure your headlines are targeted and laser focused on what your list is interested in. Your headlines need to immediately catch their eye, cause their blood to pulse, their heart to skip a beat.

Email marketing is extremely competitive. And when you're first starting out you need to earn your list's trust and readership so that they will eventually buy from you.

Now if you are writing dynamic, targeted, mind-blowingly awesome emails and they're still not being opened then you need to look at whether your emails are going to your prospects or if they're being sent into spam jail.

You also need to ensure that your prospects understand what they are signing up for and that they don't think they're just getting something for free.

Once the prospect has given you their email address take them automatically to a new page that explains what is going to happen now. Remind them that they are signed up to your newsletter or tips list. Tell them how often you send and when to expect your emails to arrive.

Explain what continued value they will enjoy from following your list, what special offers, secret blog posts that only subscribers get, early bird specials, etc.

Tell them to expect a confirmation/double opt-in email soon, give them the from name you used and even the email title, and suggest they check their spam box or promotions tab if they use gmail.

Suggest that they add your address to their address book or that they whitelist you, give instructions on how to do this.

Have all of this in your welcome email/confirmation email, as well. But it's important to have it on your site, too, in case they never get the confirmation email.

One more tip is to make sure that your from address is recognizable. It needs to be either your website/company name or your personal/avatar name. If it says "special Offer" of "Get Books Free" or something like that it looks spammy and deserves to be deleted.

Value and relevancy, like everywhere else is always the key to being successful in any type of selling and marketing. So make your emails valuable, interesting, focused, and clear. Make sure your prospects know when to expect these emails and if you do a good job of making them excited to read them they will purposely look for them.

They won't put in the effort though if you don't put in the effort first.

150+ websites making $6-$100 per day. You Can Do This Too. My Online Business Strategy

I have been marketing online for over 3 years now quite successfully. I am also a much sought after IM consultant.

The #1 question I get from prospective clients is, "What methods would you teach me in order to make money online?", or something of that nature.

Although I teach several methods to generate different income streams, my favorite method involves simple website creation using WordPress in conjunction with affiliate marketing to monetize.

My methods aren't anything new per se, but over the last several years I have perfected it in such a way as to maximize the benefits regarding organic search engine traffic and high conversions.

It's not uncommon for my sites to get 5000+ hits per month! And it's all free traffic!

I currently have 150+ websites that are making anywhere from $6 to $100 per day, I have about 4 that do $100 a day, the rest are all over the board.

Anyway... I wanted to share my basic business model here...

First and most importantly, the general idea is to produce a mini-authority website of 20+ pages that is optimized for 20+ keywords (including your main page and domain name keyword.)

The websites will have the pages listed on the left hand side of the site and all will link to internal pages. Each of the pages are, in and of themselves, researched keywords that will rank on the first page of the search engines and each garnish it's own share of organic traffic.

First you find a niche.

Then you start doing the keyword research.

The main keyword (for the main page as well as your domain name) needs to be relatively general.


Niche - Tattoos

Main Page (and domain name) Keyword - Masculine Tattoos

Internal Pages "Alternate Keywords" (listed on the left hand side of the website) - Tribal Arm Tattoos, Back Tattoos, Rib Tattoos, etc.

Using your favorite keyword research tool, the keywords MUST have at least 800 searches per month (exact match) and have manageable competition within the search engines. Let's just say 30,000 results or less (in Google) when searched for in quotes.

I build websites using WordPress ( I do this because quite simply, it's easier than building a static web page and it's much simpler to teach as well as implement.

When I build a site, I use a theme that has a left column sidebar and set it up to look like a regular website as opposed to a blog. For example, I take out page tabs, any unnecessary widgets, etc.

I then create a page to use as my main page (utilizing an already researched keyword that I will also use as my domain name.)

I go into the dashboard of the blog and under "Settings", I choose "Reading." Then I pick the page I just created to be a "static page" and my front page.

This allows a single post or page to be displayed as opposed to many posts like a blog has.

As you find your keywords, you will then create pages that will be clickable links using anchor text HTML within text widgets to be placed in the left sidebar of the site.

Once you create your site, you should have a very clean and basic website that has 20+ pages of content, that is linked to with keyword links on the left hand side of the page that are visible to your visitor no matter what page they happen to be visiting on your site.

All my websites are ranked #1 through #5 for all their target keywords (pages included.) 85%+ of my traffic comes directly from Google. The rest comes from people and or online entities who have linked to my sites.

My Website Qualities:

* They all target 5-10 different products per site.

* I recommend both informational products (ex: ClickBank products), and physical products (ex: Amazon, E-bay.) There are pros and cons for each. Informational products require more of a pre-sell, so in order to be more persuasive, your content needs to be at least 500 to 750 words per page. Physical products (tangible items) are great because you don't have to say as much and the competition is usually more manageable.

In building these sites, my goal is to be #1 in Google. In fact the power of this system is that all of the pages within your site have the ability to be #1 in Google, so you can only imagine what type of traffic and conversions that brings with it.

*Note - When done properly, 10% or more of your pages will rank on the first page of Google without you doing anything extra at all. I have found however, to get to #1 for everything, backlinking is key.

In the beginning, I wrote all of the content for my sites, and my backlinking (if needed.) At this point, I outsource almost all of my work in order to spend more time driving my businesses forward.

My online business strategy is an awesome business model that really works (To the tune of six figures annually for me.)

One great thing about this model, is that for the cost of one domain name (usually about $10 per year), and the cost of hosting (roughly $14 per month), you can set this business up.

*Note - Get a hosting company that allows unlimited add-on domains so that you can build more sites by just buying more domain names only.

Unless you pay for outsourcing, those are your only costs besides your time investment.

The sky is the limit!

As time permits, I will respond to any questions you post to this thread.

List Building Tips - What Is A J.V. Giveaway Event?

Perhaps you have heard about J.V. Giveaway events but never really understood them or what they are. In this article I am going to explain what a J.V. Giveaway event is and how you can benefit from using them.

A J.V. Giveaway event is an event used by Internet marketers who want to grow their list. They want to add new subscribers to their list. So they join the giveaway as a Joint Venture partner. Joint Venture is what the J.V. stands for. So, really it is a Joint Venture Giveaway.

A J.V. Giveaway event is organised and run by an Internet marketer usually using a script which manages the event for them. They advertise, usually by emailing to their lists of other marketers who are also interested in growing their own lists.

These Internet marketers then join the J.V. Giveaway event as J.V. partners. They submit their squeeze page to the giveaway event. This squeeze page will usually offer a free gift. Some large J.V. Giveaway events can have hundreds of J.V. Partners.

At a set date in the future, usually two or three weeks after the J.V. Giveaway has opened to J.V. partners, the event will open to ordinary members. Each J.V. Partner is expected to promote the event when it opens to ordinary members, by emailing their list.

When ordinary members join the event they must first sign up to the giveaway event itself, so the event organizer gets the most opt-ins. When the members download a free gift, they have to join the email list of each J.V. Partner who has provided the free gift, so the J.V. Partners grow their list too.

Most J.V. Giveaways also offer the option of upgrading your account so that you can submit multiple free gifts, multiple text ads and also special offers.

J.V. Giveaways are really like a giant ad swap. It is not unusual to see over 1000 members join some of the larger events to download free gifts. So, if you are into list building, don’t ignore J.V. Giveaways as a great way to add fresh subscribers to your list.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Top 30 Highest Traffic Classified Sites Where You Are Not Wasting Your Time Posting An Ad

Here is a my list of the highest traffic classified sites where you are not wasting your time if you place an ad. People actually go to these sites, view ads, and buy stuff all the time. There is no site here with an Alexa of over 150k (The higher the Alexa ranking the lower the traffic. So low Alexa is busier). I have visited each site. There are no "junk" sites or poorly managed classifieds.

A huge advantage to posting your ads to these sites is that many have affiliates and/or partners who place their feeds of ads on their sites. So by placing your ads on each site essentially your ads will be seen on thousands of other sites. Generally ads go for 30 days. You also have upgrade options for more exposure. Let me know what you think on my blog post here.

1. The most successful classified ads site ever.

2. Free classifieds - The number 2 classifieds site. This is where all the escort and body rub ads ran to after 17 attorney generals pressured Craigslist into taking down their erotic ads section. It is estimated that Craigslist made $34 million per year with that section. Ouch! Village Voice owned told the Attorney Generals they were just fine with their escort ads thank you. Those New Yorkers have some major $#$@$!.

3. United Kingdom jobs, cars, property, free classifieds and more - Busy UK classified site with weird name. Maybe we should all get weird names if we could be this successful.

4. Oodle Dallas Classifieds - Search Dallas Classifieds and Post Free Classifieds Partners with in the US and Autotrader UK. Not bad company.

5. eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) - Post & Search Free Local Classified Ads. Ebay's official classified ads site.

6. Classifieds, Free Classifieds, Online Classifieds | Read this one in Ingles or in Espanol.

7. Free Classifieds - USFreeads Popular. US targeted. Big pet section.(Did you know Craigslist does not believe in this?)

8. Classified Ads - Free Classified Ads Online English speaking world focused classified site. US, UK, AU, and India.

9. Classified Ads - Free Classified Ads Online Great place to advertise your green products. Worldwide board.

10. Free Classifieds @ United States, Singapore,Canada,Malaysia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Hong Kong are the areas serviced by this site.

11. Free Classifieds, Advertising And Promotion @ Adlandpro Very busy business opportunity and pet sections.

12. Free Classifieds, Free Ads, Free advertisement, Business Opportunity Worldwide and well organized.

13. Connect to Free Classifieds & post free classified ads They sell business leads as well as maintain a busy classifieds site.

15. TheFreeAdForum Ok I cheated. This is my site. But it qualifies. High traffic site which is getting serious promotion. I am doing ppc and seo campaigns for each individual category. So if you have a turtle to sell this is the place to get that type of targeted traffic!

16. DomesticSale - The Effective Free Classifieds US classifieds site which allows car dealers and other heavy advertisters to bulk upload large amounts of listings.

17. Online Classifieds | PennySaverUSA This is the online version of the old Penny Saver newspaper which was a very popular print newspaper with discount deals and classified ads.

18. This site has been in business since 1994. That is before we had Google. It looks somewhat like but with less emphasis on business opportunities. They have an affiliate program with over 34,000 affiliates. This means if you post your ad here it goes out on a feed to over 30,000 other sites who run their ads. This means more exposure for you. Many of these sites have programs where other websites run their feeds. This gives you quite a bit more exposure.

19. Used Cars, Pets, Jobs, & Real Estate | Classifieds on Simple easy to use classified ads site.

20. WebCosmo Classifieds - Post Free Classified Ads - Search Classifieds US focused but with opportunities for international ads.

21. Hoobly Free Classifieds Super clean no frills design. Over 15,000 people have clicked their like button.

22. Post Free Classified Ads - USA Classifieds - Personals, Real Estate, Pets Ads Free Ads They do it all: personals, cars, pets and they do it all over the world though they are US based. They even claim on their homepage that if you are a man looking for a woman you can find one here! Watch out!

23. marketplace : buy and sell online : stuff for sale by owner How much did this domain name cost them? I give them number 1 on domain name value. Excellent classifieds site as well. Kudos for not just squatting the domain name. They have been running online classifieds since 1999. Their advertising engine has been used by big business directories such as AT&T's, newspapers such as the San Francisco Chronicle, and niche online properties such as is a part of a network of advertising properties. Again, if you advertise on many of these sites your ad will simultaneously run on thousands of other partner sites.

24. Online Advertising - Free Classifieds - Free Classified - Free Ads Claims to be the fastest growing free advertising site in the world. Hmmm, I do not think so. Could they even have said one of the fastest? In any case they may not be the fastest growing site but they do get some good traffic and they have a nice classifieds site worth posting to.

25. Free Classifieds Ads - Internet Advertising to Sell Online A solid well designed board with a .us domain name. What else could you want? They seem to monetize their site quite a bit with Adsense which is good and bad. It means they include more features on the free ads, including free pictures and youtube video (many free boards charge for this) but visitors could be distracted by the Adsense ads.

26. Family friendly and local Classifieds for sale at A family friendly US only board. I guess if you are an escort or into SM you should stick with Your church announcements would be welcome here though.

27. US Free Classifieds. Lean easy to read worldwide board with non classified ads discretely at the bottom of the board.

28. Online classifieds with photos. For sale classifieds. Free text ads. Sell it with pictures. This is what they have to say about themselves "Place your classified ads with us and your ads appear not only on our site but also on over 70 partner websites -- including over 30 classic car or vehicle related websites, as well as ISP's, real estate, media, shopping and search networks. Each month, over 1 million visitors view tens of millions of our pages - making our Classified Network one of strongest in the country. Not only is our exposure the best but we also provide the best in value. " Sounds like a good deal to me.

29. Online classifieds with photos. For sale classifieds. Free text ads. Sell it with pictures. Only US ads here..

30. Online Classifieds Housing, Employment, Vehicles, Rentals, Roommates They have quotes about connecting communities, building safe environments and how they are leaders of a "revolution of how classifieds sites see themselves as responsible citizens." So if you want to join their "nice" revolution go ahead. And while you are at it why not sell that old Buick Enclave you have been meaning to get rid of. Vive La Revolution! (Pervs see

31. Classifieds - I like the name. This site is actually an agregator of classified sites within 250 miles with picture previews. They feature ads from most of the sites I mention here. It does not look like you can place an ad directly here but it probably will appear if you place it on any of the other sites listed here.

32. Free Classified Ads, Wanted Ads, Free Advertising, Free Classifieds, Post Ads Well, you can stop looking at classifieds sites right now, forget Craigslist, forget Backpage, nope, it has been officially decided. These guys officially declare that their site is the best classifieds site in the world! I do not agree. But I think their site is worth posting to. Respectable traffic, and sharp unique and fun design. US centered with opportunity for international ads as well.

33. Free Classifieds - Buy or Sell anything for free,! No nonsense classified site which has their own Android application so you can post ads from your mobile phone. They even have their own QR code that you can scan with your Andorid phone to get immediate sucint info about Kudos again for the domain name. Mobile friendly site. Smart!

34. Online Classifieds Listings by Bonqo Huge homepage showcase of photo ads. Why not put your photo ad on their homepage?

35. BuySellCommunity Classifieds - Buy & Sell Locally : Free Online Classifieds They sell everything but it looks like they have a penchant for Cocker Spaniels. US and Canada classifieds mainly.

36. Post Classified Ad | Post Classified Ad Form | Post Classified Ads Online | Post Local Classified Ads Straight forward US targeted classifieds site. All your ads are automatically tweeted to their twitter account. They also sell business lists, hence the name

Use This Method To Make An Extra $500 - $1,000 Per Week

hether you're a complete beginner or you're currently having success with this whole "internet marketing" thing, here's a pretty cool and simple way to make an extra $500 to $1000 per week.

The beginning of this might sound cliche but the twist will come, trust me.

Step 1) Find A Niche!

This is obvious right? Well a lot of people never even get past this step. If you're having trouble selecting a niche just always remember that health, wealth and relationship will be three of the most profitable. If you're passionate about something you could also start there just make sure it's PROFITABLE of course.

Ok picking a niche..simple stuff..moving on.

Step 2) Build Your Audience

Just to keep the motivation for those who might be on a tight budget, I won't talk about paid traffic although that's how you really scale. For now, just stick with "free traffic driving strategies". Build up your audience on different social media platforms or just choose one that interests you the most. 

Give value centered around this particular niche you're going after. 

Introduce yourself to EVERY SINGLE PERSON you get connected with on social media, no links..just a simple friendly "hey how are you" type of message. I have a full-time virtual assistant that does this for me on my personal facebook now since that's the main platform I use and my engagement on every single post is SOLID.

Hopefully it's ok with the mods and if not just delete, but Here's A Screenshot of the type of engagement I get. For the advanced entrepreneurs you'll also notice how I put a link to my blog which then allows me to "cookie and retarget" those who click and engage 

Anyways, Connect with 30 people per day, give value, be awesome and the more your fan base grows the better off you're going to be.

One of my mentors said that once you have 100 raving fans you'll never have to worry about money again and trust me this is TRUE.

Step 3) Create A Product

Most people HATE to hear this lol but yes if you really want to 10x things, at some point you want to create your own product. For now, you can just stick with affiliate products though, BUT just try to find something that you can make at least $100 per sale on to make this method I'm about to discuss more effective

A $97 price-point seems to be pretty sweet for this.

Step 4) Run Weekly Webinars

Ok so now that your niche is selected, your audience is being built and you have a solid relevant product to promote that will help solve needs in your industry, it's now time to bring in $500 to $1000 plus per week.

Pick one day out of the week to run a 30 minute to one hour webinar where you give away nothing but value and at the end of the webinar make a pitch to your offer. Just try to keep the webinar content relevant to the product you're going to sell so that you can stay congruent

Peep this.

Imagine if you were only getting 20 people onto your webinar per week and you close up to 30% of them on your $97 product. That's 6x97= $582 WEEKLY! and we're talking small here..

For those who doubt a 30% conversion rate...half that number and double your attendance rate which is pretty easy to do and we're still talking the same numbers!

Do you get where I'm going with this? Webinars have been proven to be the highest converting compared to traditional methods such as just sending people to a sales page.

Step 5) 

Rinse and REPEAT!

For the excuse makers..

But Jeff, I'm not that good of a speaker!

I was once on a webinar where the guy stuttered for 90% of the entire presentation and still managed to make 6 figures in a night.

Most people don't care about your presentation skills, just deliver the goods!

But Jeff, I just don't have the money to invest into a webinar platform. 

There are plenty of platforms out there that will allow you to get started for free..just work your butt off during the trials and paying the tab won't be a problem at all.

But Jeff, I just don't have the TIME

Those 4+ hours that you spend per week posting selfies, playing silly games and scrolling through your newsfeed wasting time on social media is time that could be spent making connections and ultimately MAKING MONEY!

But but but. Forget the excuses just do it!

[Guide] Creating Your First Successful Website

One of the best ways to make great money online is with email marketing and affiliate marketing. There is in fact, a way that you can merge both of these together and start making a huge amount of sales. The first step is finding a profitable niche and affiliate products related to your niche to promote. The second step is creating a website that highlights your niche and draws in visitors. The third step is to gain traffic using several free and paid methods.

1. Finding Niche and Affiliate Programs

The first step is to find a niche in which you can profit from and affiliate programs to start earning money. You can try heading over to Magazines just to start familiarizing yourself with all the different topics. If you already have a niche in mind, search "(your niche) affiliate programs" and spend some time choosing the ones that appeal to you the most. If you don't have a specific niche,then one of the fastest ways to find a niche is within affiliate programs themselves. I recommend you join Clickbank as it is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces out there. Sign up and click "marketplace" here you will be taken to all the affiliate products; filter results by "gravity" which shows which products are making the most sales and choose a product with a low initial sale to high average sale ratio(this means the customers continued to spend on the product after the initial payment). Another great affiliate service is Digiresults. This site works basically the same as Clickbank with the only difference that you have to apply first to market a product. Click here for more help on finding a profitable niche.

Now that you've got your niche and affiliate tools, its time to create your website!

2. Creating Your Website

First, start by purchasing a domain; I recommend Godaddy(choose a domain name relevant to your niche and remember that .info is much cheaper and set it up with a hosting company; I would recommend Hostgator (Click here for many Hostgator discount codes). Choose the "baby" plan for Hostgator as it hosts unlimited domains or choose "hatchling" if you want to stick with just one domain(I recommend baby as creating more websites really helps expand your business and increase profits). Make sure to change your nameservers so Godaddy knows your website is hosted by Hostgator (Click here for how to change your nameservers). your two nameservers will be provided by Hostgator once you've made your payment. After you've set up your nameservers, wait a few hours for your website to recognize Hostgator (you will know this when you enter your Url and Hostgator's panel appears). To sign into your website type "(your domain).com/cpanel". (you are provided with lots of passwords in the process of making a website so make sure to store them).

Now you have to create 3 pages on your site, the squeeze page (which will be the page visitors see when they visit your website, typically promoting your product), the confirmation page (the page in which you ask your subscribers to confirm their email and thank them for signing up), and the download page(Here is where they download your product which I recommend to be a free offer). First, begin to customize your pages; id recommend installing WordPress on your site as it offers many customization templates(Click here for how to install wordpress). I would also mention some exceptional, but paid services, to customize your squeeze pages are Lead Pages and Optimize Press. One thing you can do to begin designing your site is to use Fiverr, a website where people will do just about anything for only 5$; you can search people to create banners for your site or just design them yourself if you have the knowledge.

You're squeeze page should pop out and have a professional look to convert more visitors into subscribers; one recommendation is to create a large sub-header with a promotional message, then include bullet points detailing why and how your product can do what was stated in the sub-header, then include a call to action(one example is "I could be taking this down in the next few days so order now") . Click here to learn about the different types of squeeze page designs and why they work and here to learn how to make a great squeeze page. The confirmation page should be a simple thank you to your visitors for subscribing and asking them to check their email to confirm. For the download page, offer a free gift related to your niche. To upload files to wordpress just go to the "media" tab and select upload(you will get a unique URL for your file). a great website for free ebooks with resale rights is Seymour Products, but I would recommend using Odesk or Elance for some high converting PLR content(this will cost some money), or you can just offer a product of your own. To add a nice looking download button, paste this code on your page(replace with your own url's): " <a href="url of your ebook(this will be dispayed when you upload the file on the media tab) e.g http://yourwebsite/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/19_your_ebook.pdf><img src="where you placed the image in your website e.g. /img/downloadbutton.jpg" alt="downloadbutton"></a>".

After creating your pages, set the squeeze page as the front page(Click on "Settings => reading" then check "a static page" and selct your squeeze page). Also change your permalinks for better SEO by going to "Settings => Permalinks" and check the option "post name" (this will change your page URL to your page name). Now its time to get an autoresponder; I would recommend Aweber or Getresponse (these services are for building your list of subscribers and creating follow up messages to promote future products; I personally use Aweber). Create your list with your email address, name, and name of your list(name it something relevant to your website). Create an Opt-in form on any of these services (this is where your visitors sign up) and link it to your confirmation page url (to add the Opt in form on your website, select "create sign up form" in Aweber/Getresponse, personalize your Opt in box, select "custom thank you page" and enter your confirmation page URL; in the final step, copy the raw HTML code, then go to "pages" on WordPress, click "edit" on squeeze page, hover down to "Opt-in Options", check "activate Opt in" and copy the HTML code in the "autoresponder" section); after this, choose "list settings" in your autoresponder and select "confirmed Opt in". customize your confirmation message and copy your download page in the "success page"box, where they will be sent to after they confirm their email address and you're good to go!

In your autoresponder there is an option to create "follow-up messages" (these are messages that will be delivered periodically promoting your products to your subscribers). Include a good subject line to make sure it gets opened and try to set a feeling of trust and friendship with your subscribers. You can either choose to give valuable information and then promote your affiliate product at the end, or talk about your affiliate product that you will recommend in that email and why they should purchase it. Try to keep your subscribers engaged so that they expect another email from you soon. Click here to learn how to make great follow up messages.

Some useful advice after gaining significant subscribers is to make a separate list called a "buyers list" in which you will include all the people who have bought from you and the current list will be known as the "freebie" list. What this does is you can use monetization techniques and cpa offers to convert a freebie into a buyer, while you promote recommended products to the buyers list as they will be more responsive to buy.

Now that your webpage is up and running, you need to take ownership of the site in the large search engine's. Visit, Google Webmaster's, Bing Webmaster's, and Pinterest Site Verification to get your website verified and improve it's visibility(these sites explain how to verify). I would also recommend to submit your website to various search engines using these free tools: Submit Express and Entireweb.

Gaining Traffic

Forum Marketing

Now there are many methods of getting more traffic: one of them is by forum marketing. What this is is you find a forum relevant to your niche(try searching "(your niche) forums") and actively participate in them. Every time you post on the forum, your signature(which you can include your links in) will be displayed and be viewable to all members. Some members may be enticed to click on your links and thus you gain more traffic(make sure to post quality posts and not spam).


Reddit is a very powerful website to gain traffic to your site. It is divided into many sub-reddits, each with its own topic. What you need to do is find a sub-reddit relevant to your niche. After doing this, participate in the forum and let your account age for a few days in order to prevent your website post to be marked as spam. After you've waited a few days, click "submit link" and enter your website, then make sure to write a catchy title that will attract redditors to click on your link.

Solo Ads

The next traffic method is solo ads. What you do is you buy a specific number of clicks from a seller(example: 100) and create an email swipe, which is a message with a subject line and a body promoting your site( Click here for information on making a great email swipe). After this, the seller will promote your email to their list and provide you with the clicks. A great site for solo ads is Udimi. Make sure to spend some time researching the sellers and find one that delivers what he promises or even overdelivers; also one who has a responsive list, because you don't just want clicks, you want subscribers and sales.

Facebook, PPC, and Fiverr

Another great form of increasing traffic is using Facebook ads. A good idea is to make a Facebook fanpage of your site and start promoting it (Click here to learn how to get more likes to your fanpage). After this you can start creating your ads. Click on "create ad" and there will be many categories (clicks to your website, boost your posts, promote your page, etc) you want to click on "clicks to your website". Now its time to select your audience. Try to really narrow down your targeted audience; more is not better, you want to target a specific audience that is interested in your product(under "behaviors" you can choose people who have made online payments before). Now you have to make a bid for how much you pay for each click(the ad manager will automatically show a suggested bid). Now its time to choose an image and create your message that will really attract clicks(Click here to learn how to make great ads). One of the best PPC's (pay-per-click) is Google adsense, just set up your ad and your click price and you're good to go (this may be costly at times and you have to get approved first); other great PPC's are Bidvertiser,, and Chitika. Once again, you can also use the service Fiverr to promote your site. Try to look for services that will tweet or post your website in popular pages, write guest blogs on sites about your site, will post your site on popular social media sites etc. Make sure to also spend time researching these gigs and finding one that may work for you and your niche(do not pay for traffic towards your site, as these are useless clicks that will not convert into sales or subscribers).

Writing articles

Writing articles can also be a great way to get recognition for your website or product. I recommend Hubpages and Ezinearticles. If you are not skilled in writing articles or don't have the time, you can hire very cheap writers that will create quality articles at IWriter (as always, spend some time looking through the writers and try to go for the higher ranked writers).


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the foundational methods to get more traffic as it increases your page rank on search engines like Google so that your site becomes better known. To learn how to increase your page rank i recommend a great website called, Source Wave which includes great training videos on SEO, backlinks, and more and it is completely free.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is also a great way to promote your products. Start by posting quality content on your niche, promoting your YouTube site and gaining a steady fanbase. If making your own videos is not for you, you can always make a review YouTube channel and post many different videos of people reviewing your product.To download the review YouTube videos, simply type an "ss" before "YouTube" in the URL box, then download it there, upload to YouTube, add your affiliate link in the description (use to cloak it) and publish to YouTube (making your own original content is far more likely to gain many views).

Ad Swaps

After you've gained momentum and have a few hundred subscribers to your list, it's time to take the next big step in gaining traffic by ad swaps. What you do is you find someone with a similar list size and niche as yours and swap promotional messages; you promote their website to your list of subscribers and they promote yours, hence the swap. This is a great way to earn thousand of new subscribers with an interest in your niche. One of the best websites for this is Safe Swaps (be wary this is a paid website).

Click here to also look for options for free classified ads.


This guide is a basic way of setting up your first website and promoting it. Be sure to look up more information and not only expand your knowledge, but put in the effort to make it work through trial and error which is crucial to becoming successful in internet marketing. Be sure to post any other advice that I may have missed and I wish the best success on you and your web business! 

Internet Marketing is overwhelming...

The truth is there are many techniques out there and they all work. However, they are not all created equals.

For example, I would not recommend a newbie to start with Affiliate marketing. Why? Because you have to get a lot of traffic, then you have to build a relationship with that traffic, then you have to convert that traffic...It takes a lot of time and effort. When you are just starting out you want to make money quickly to gain momentum.

Same thing with blogging. Lot's of people start blogs thinking they will make money quickly. It takes TIME. A lot of it.

This is why I'm glad I started with Kindle publishing. Amazon literally brings the traffic for you so you can make money really quickly and it is not expensive to get started. You can also build a back-end, build a list and do affiliate marketing (with amazon bringing the traffic for you...isn't that a smarter strategy?)

Amazon FBA is also really good, but you need more money to get started (at least $1000) and is a little bit more complicated.

The bottom line is choose your method wisely, then focus on it until you master it and you will succeed.

Oh, and try not to pay too much attention to people that are negative on this form. Internet marketing is hard and some people with thousands of posts became really mad over the years because they didn't make it. Hang out with successful people and ignore the noise.

That's the key to success in this business. Welcome on board.

I hate the Law of Attraction. And I give up on it.

really really want to believe in the Law of Attraction. And I do. Things have come into my life strangely, maybe even miraculously, or coincidently. I've manifested some material things, and failed to manifest relationship things.

I've spent a year, about half of it doing Visualizations and Affirmations. Experimenting with just visualizations. Experimenting with just affirmations, and here are some things I've come to learn.

Visualizing something happening, an item, or money, most likely will show up in your life. Wether or not you will possess it, I am not sure. I do not know the factors that bring things to you, I just know that sometimes it just happens.

Affirming something happening, or having it, I just know that sometimes it just happens.

I've experimented with different beliefs. I've tried to built great auras of positivity and light, and confidence, through repetition of affirmations daily. There were times where I feel, I've attracted people and circumstances in my life, and there are times where I feel that I've repelled them.

Here I am now, in a situation where, I am giving up. Wether it be by visualization, or affirmation, it has come to my attention that solidified thoughts are not much more bringing people into my life, as they are repelling. I've tried many different thought forms, and experiments in the other world of thought. I've tried to live my life by the spiritual and metaphysical principles. Giving thanks, hours of meditation, affirmations, visualizations, music, etc.

I'm at a point, where I just ******* Give up. This isn't the first time I've been here, maybe it won't be the last.

One thing I noticed, is when I do certain visualizations, or even affirmations, there becomes a strong, energetic barrier between me and other people. I don't expect anyone here to understand it, nor do I expect it to be explained. I've asked for guidance and explanation from others and received nothing. I don't think people have really had the time like I have had, to really delve 210% into this mode of living. I've given it my everything for the past 12 months.

While I can say, mysterious and unexplainable things happen, the cost of obtaining these things is an unspoken invisible energy field or barrier that brings me grief. It seems to repell people. It seems to work against me at times. It seems to make me feel stifled, trapped, and void of free thinking.

This can come from, about doing 2 days of the same visualization. No one here has any explanation for it. My mind will be clear, and vibrant, yet if I go into this "Visualization." it seems to cut off my connection to source, and others. People feel repelled rather than welcomed, and there you have it. A moment of confidence, talk, and happiness, switched over to repelling of people.

This happened so much, that I decided I would just rely than on affirmations. If my visualizations were creating an invisible, energetic barrier field that seems to drain my energy and repell people, perhaps affirmations would yield different results. But I have found it to be no different.

The only difference is that, affirmations took longer to solidify. I could think of a peice of Cheese for 2 days and it may show up. Or I could say "I have a peice of cheese" and in 2 weeks it would start to materialize. Visualization usually built this energy barrier after 2 days of doing it. Affirmations took about 2 weeks. The results were the same.

I would surely feel a change in the universe, sometimes good, sometimes moderate, but if done exstensively, for instance, a visualization daily for 5-20 minutes; or affirmations done daily, for about 2 weeks; the results were the same.

An energetic barrier that leaves me strangely socially dysfunctional, repelling of people, and a general unpleasant demeanor and existence.

Affirm my way out of it? Tried. The energy is still there. Sometimes, when affirmations were said daily, for 2 weeks, I would feel this slight tension begin to build up wherever I went. For instance, the affirmation, "I have $______ thousand dollars, can go anywhere, and do anything." repeated for 2 weeks, this feeling inside me, I would begin to feel tension.

After consorting with various forums, some would say, "You are in charge of your own feelings, only you can change them." - Which is true. I am in charge of my own feelings. HOWEVER, when one thing is focused on for so long that it begins to create some weird, unbearable force that no longer feels good, than what is there to say? Where are the explanations?

In some ways, I feel I sort of damaged a few of my personal relationships doing this. By creating these energetic barriers, (Simply by visualizing life how I want, or affirming it..) - It seems it has pushed people away. Why would this happen, given I was visualizing happy things, or money, or spending money, or being at certain jobs? i couldn't explain it to you. I have no explanation for it. I've tried visualizing with music very carefully, and while it does seem to put a "Positive energy" in the air, after about 4-5 days what happens is, I feel completely stiff, as if I am stiffened to some universal paradox, some forcefield of energy that I've create for myself.

I am tired of the anxiousness, and the anxiety. I miss sitting there in public, my mind able to drift and not worry about everything going on around me. That only came with no affirmations, no visualizations. Just me as a person, on this planet, given my hands and feet, and my inner ambitions and the willingness to work towards them.

Even simple things like going to the grocery store, or certain places of business become a daunting, energy draining task when in this strange "vortex" of energy, that visualization puts you in. And without any explanation, guidance, or understanding, I can only abandoned these principles as folly. Yes the energy field is there. Yes there are unexplainable things going on when thoughts are projected and, things can come to you, returned. But I am tired of living in this imaginary world.

Living in this world, where your energy repells all other energy. Where it seems that you filter things out, and the other world. Where it seems that you cannot connect with other human beings because your brain is so bent on forcing a certain reality that came from.....?

If we are creators, why does it hurt to create and project that reality onto the real world? Why does my spirit flow with society as it once did? Why is it so hard to flow at all? Where does this unexplained, rediculous anxiousness come from ?

I always used to think that we had to built up to get to certain levels in things, be it anything in life. Wealth, social skill, athletics, etc. Law of attraction changed that for me. Made me feel like, certain things aren't as hard as they seem when we can use the law to our advantage. But so far, all I have been doing is, seemingly attracting small things here and there and creating an enviornment of anxiety and anxiousness, through this weird invisible force.

I asked for answers several times, as the affirmations and meditation no longer gave me answers as to why this happened. I can only trust my own intuitiveness and ask myself, do I want to continue to live in a "Fantasy world" where seemingly, regardless of how much visualization or affirmations I do, the energy is just coming back in a negative way? ... Here's one more scenario.

I can get into my car, and drive in traffic. I can think about things, or drive along the road, cars will pass me, i'll be at a stoplight, and think nothing of it, waiting to continue to the next road.

Yet, if I do affirmations on something specific, for 2 weeks, or even begin to do visualizations for a week straight, I can't just "Drive" through traffic anymore. Instead I feel the energy of every single car, and everyones emotion gleaming off the back of my neck. It's as if energy is being met and repelled or connected, and its uncomfortable. Soon I can't even think for myself as all I can feel is the energy of everyone around me. I'm no longer energetically "anonymous".

It isn't "Just me" because when I rid of all these techniques like affirmations, or visualizations, it seems the air clears. I can think logically again.I can be inspired to do something or take action. I'm no longer on a "one track mind."

I really really want to believe in this stuff, and that it can change my life for the better. But unfortunately, all it has done is just turn me into a closet case. I can't rely on this to bring me more opportunity, or put me in some weird, different, energetic field. I give up on it, because it seems to be doing more harm than good. I know that this LOA is real, unfortunately it just seems to be creating too much negative energy around and within me to be enjoyed anymore.

I shall go back to the real world, where skill, knowledge, experience, dedication, certification, culture, and sacrafice are the tools to reap ones rewards. Too long have I relied on mysticism to give me my answers only to be let down greatly after a year of strict faith and practice.

I wish you all luck in your searches for truth.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

10 Ways Network Marketers Can Use Resell Right Products to Generate Leads and Sales

The resell right product marketplace is a cornucopia of marketing knowledge and tools that can benefit anyone selling products and services online or offline for that matter. Direct sellers, affiliate marketers, eBay entrepreneurs and network marketers can all benefit tremendously from these products. However, my specific intent as the title of this article suggests is to focus on how network marketers can benefit from resell right products. My reason for this is due to the fact that there is a high degree of dysfunctional training prevalent in the network marketing industry which contributes to an appallingly high failure rate in excess of 80%. I know this from personal experience because I started out as a network marketer and wasted a lot of time and money using outdated recruitment methods that were painfully ineffective.

Through the use of resell right products I was able to create fully automated lead generation and sales systems that literally cranked out leads an sales while I slept! It really is a wonderful feeling to turn own my computer in the morning and see that I have notifications of new leads and sales without ever having to deal with a lead broker or call someone on the phone and deliver a sales pitch. Next, I'll give you a brief overview of the resell right product industry and afterward share specific ways network marketers can use resell right products to accomplish exactly what I've just described.

Resell right products have been in circulation on the Internet since the early nineties and have been a powerful and profitable marketing tool for those savvy enough to harness their full business building potential. These products exist in a wide variety of forms such as ebooks, reports, graphics, web site/blog templates, videos, audios, scripts and software. The products most commonly exist electronic media formats but may also be rendered in printed paper format. Authors who are highly skilled at creating such products profit by selling them to others along with the right resell the products and retain all proceeds from the sale. Although I generically apply the term, resell right, to these products, they are often conveyed with other types of redistribution rights specified in a licensing agreement as follows:

1) Giveaway Right - The recipient obtained the product for free and has the right to freely distribute it to others but not sell it.

2) Personal Use Right - The purchaser can use the product but not resell it or give it away for free.

3) Master Resell Right - The purchaser of the product has the right to resell the product along with the right to resell it. This differs from a simple resell right scenario in which the purchaser can resell the product to others who can use product but not resell it.

4) Private Label Right - The purchaser of the product legally has to the right to place his name on the product and claim it as his own creation. The purchaser can sell the product with simple resell right, master resell right or just personal use right.

There are more variants of usage rights but this list should give you a basic understanding of the concept. Of the redistribution rights described above, the fourth is the most valuable because it offers the most flexibility for marketing. By nature these redributable products are quite prolific and if you have ever subscribed to a newsletter based on an offer that included a free bonus such as a report or ebook, there is a strong probability that the product you received originated as a resell right product. Now lets explore in depth, 10 ways you can benefit from these products.

1) Web Presence - Every network marketer needs a powerfully compelling web presence to effectively generate leads and sales. Unfortunately too many networkers erroneously believe that the replicated web site provided by their companies is all that is needed. As beautifully designed as those web sites may be, they possess two major weaknesses. First, they lack uniqueness as every associate web site is identical. Second, the sites are not customizable with the exception of being able to add a photo and a phone number. Therefore it s impossible for an associate to distinguish himself from other associates in the same company in any substantial way by using a replicated site alone.

By using web site or blog templates that are readily available in the resell right market place a network marketer can easily create a unique web presence that will enable him to rise above the crowd by showcasing his unique selling proposition and sharing information that will allow visitors to relate to him on a personal level. Marketing studies have proven that people conduct business with those they know like and trust and a personal web site is critical for establishing trust and rapport. In the resell rights market place there are web site/blog templates and graphics collections for every conceivable marketing niche. By choosing the right template and customizing it, a powerful web presence can be established much faster that it would be possible by starting from scratch.

2) Squeeze Pages - Once a web site is established one or more squeeze pages can be integrated. A squeeze page also known as a lead capture page is a simple page the presents some compelling information designed to get a visitor to leave their contact information so that additional marketing information can be delivered. There are tons of squeeze pages and lead capture tools available in the resell right product market place. I obtained one of my favorite and most effective squeeze pages from a resell right product package over 5 years ago that cost under $30. The page is about the size of a computer screen with text areas for a title, some bullet points, a small blurb, and a video. I customized the page for a few marketing niches and it has been responsible for generating many thousands of dollars in income and I'm still using it today.

3) Incentives - Everyone likes to get free stuff which is the reason you see the word, free, commonly used in advertisements for all types of products and services. If used correctly, incentives or giveaways can be a powerful factor for generating leads and closing sales. One common marketing technique for increasing the effectiveness of squeeze pages is to offer a free bonus bonus report or ebook in exchange for contact information. So where would you get a high quality product for little or no cost that could give away for free? Well if you guessed, the resell right product market place, you guessed correctly! Freely giving away a quality product helps to establish good will, trust and evoke the law of reciprocity. When you give something to someone they often feel obligated to give you something in return. That "something in return" could be giving your offer extra consideration over that of a competitor which results in a sale for you!

4) Autoresponder Content - Marketing studies have revealed that a person typically needs to be exposed to an offer 5 - 7 times before feeling comfortable with making a purchase. The autoresponder is the perfect tool for steadily exposing a potential customer to the information needed to make a purchase decision via a strategically crafted set of email messages. If you are unfamiliar with email marketing, the task of creating an autresponder followup series can seem daunting.

Fortunately, within the resell right marketplace there are prewritten autoresponder message series covering a wide variety of niches that can be transferred into any autoresponder service giving you an effective autoresponder campaign in a fraction of the time it would take you to create one from scratch. Once your initial autoresponder campaign is setup you can easily customize the messages with affiliate links and add more messages if you want. Then you can integrate a squeeze page and subscription bonuses like a free ebook or report to make it more robust.

5) Sales Pages - A sales page is strategically written to close a sale by appealing to a prospect's sense of logic and emotion to induce a purchase decision. A sales page is roughly equivalent in principle to a sales pitch script that a network marketer might obtain from their company, however it is far more powerful because once it is written and tested, it can literally close sales automatically. If you have ever purchased a product or service after reading a sales page then you have experienced its power. Expert sales page writers can easily charge thousands of dollars to write a single sales page. Fortunately, you don't need to be an expert to create a sales page that is effective for your purposes. Most resell rights products are packaged with a sales page designed to sell a specific product. By examining a few resell right product sales pages and familiarizing yourself with their structure and style you can choose one related to your marketing niche and customize it to crank out enrollments and sales for your business.

6) Traffic & SEO - There are many resell right ebooks and instructional videos available from which you can learn the fine points of traffic generation and search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, you can find content-rich search engine optimized blog templates that can be quickly and easily installed with a web hosting service and modified to suit your needs. Remember, it is much easier to modify something that exists than it is to create something from scratch. This is how leveraging off of resell right products saves time and effort.

7) Self Funding Proposal - Wouldn't it be nice if you could get people to pay you up front to take a look at your business opportunity? This can be accomplished by using a resell right product as a template to create your own product that is embedded with advertisements for what ever you wish to promote. This can be done very effectively with an ebook. Create a sales page for the ebook combined with with some other quality products as bonuses and sell it as a package. The proceeds from sales made from selling the product will defray your advertising expenses and quite possibly result in a profit if you have a finely tuned advertisement campaign. This technique works very well with any form of paid advertising such as per-per-click search engines.

8) Direct Selling - Take a resell right product and sell it directly to generate income. This is after all, is their main purpose. As I mentioned earlier, most resell right products include a sales page. They may also include a squeeze page and autoresponder messages that are ready for use after being set up on a web server. Although a resell right product may be sold as is, it is always best to modify the sales materials to add a bit of uniqueness to distinguish yourself from other marketers who may be selling the same product.

9) Multiple Niche Marketing - With resell right products it is very easy to branch out an explore the profitablility of marketing niches other than that of your primary business. Here is an example based on my own experience.

One day a saw an ad for a dating affiliate program that intrigued me so much I decided to join it although I had no experience with the dating niche. I searched my hard drive for some dating related resell rights products I had downloaded in the past. I chose the best one to test and installed the prewritten squeeze page, sales letter and autoresponder message series onto my web server and linked it to a new domain name. I customized the materials a bit just as I have recommended in this article. To quickly test it I setup some pay-per-click ad campaigns. The results shocked me! I was stunned at how easy it was to generate regular and predicable income in the dating niche. The success I experienced inspired me to setup sites in other niches some of which include, pet rescue, natural healing, and self-defense. I would never have done this if had not been for the availability of resell right products for these niches.

10) Education - The authors of resell rights products are very adept at staying current with the latest trends in Internet marketing so that the products they create will be in high demand. You can learn a lot about all aspects of marketing by studying and applying the in information contained these products.Remember, knowledge is power!

I hope that this article has given you a solid foundation of information upon which you can leverage off of resell right products to grow your own business. In actuality I have given you much more than a list of ways to use resell right products. I have given you a blueprint for automatically generating leads and sales. You don't need to be a "computer wiz" to use these products. All you need is basic computer skills like reading, typing, copying, cutting, pasting uploading, downloading. That's all! What I've described may seem like a a lot of hard work but it is really not. Of course effort on your part is required but all of the hard work was done by the people who created the products. All you have to do is profit from their effort by using them.

Default Creative Method for $35,000 in Two Weeks, Newbie/Experienced Friendly Method

ecided I would post a quick method that we played around with. This method is pretty solid, simple, and effective. The method produced $35,000 in two weeks!

The background:

If you don't know what OpenTable is, it is a reservation system for restaurants. Users search out restaurants in their city or town and if the restaurant is on Opentable they can book a reservation through the system.

What you don't know is, on average, restaurants pay close to $675 per month to OpenTable. The reason for this is every reservation booked through their system costs the restaurant $1.50 per head.

Thus, book a reservation for 10, $11.50 goes to opentable, this is not including the recurring costs OpenTable has for the restaurant to run the reservation system on site.

The Method:

Basically, what we do is build a mobile site for the restaurant. However, build it so it is an app.

You can easily find templates that can work with Wordpress for mobile sites here:

Mobile | ThemeForest


We researched restaurants on OpenTable, we found 15 restaurants that besides opentable, they had a Facebook page, or Twitter page, or both. What this told us is that they were keen on New Technologies. They are willing to spend time and money making these new technologies work for them.

We found the restaurants, they usually have a website, we took the information right off their website and put it into the mobile app and published it on our server.

Placed it on the home page of the Iphone.


We then went to the restaurant, personally I went into three restaurants. Had the sales team do the rest. I walked in with my phone and asked to speak to the manager or owner.

Usually you will see a hostess or someone behind the bar, they ask what it is about, and I let the product do the talking.

I said, we built this app for your restaurant and I want to present it to the manager or owner to see if they would like it. The product usually amazes the restaurant and sells for you.

My pitch was simple.

"I know you are paying per head on every reservation that you produce through OpenTable. Our app is to help you save costs by giving your customers a way to book reservations quickly and efficiently through your own app."

"We would like to produce 500 cards with an advert for the app, we would like you to staple these cards to your customer receipts, on the front of the card will be a QR code for the person quickly to download the app, otherwise they can go to, "

On the back of the card you present your web development, app development, and marketing skills.

An example of a QR code business Card:
Print Templates - Modern Company Business Card with QR-Code | GraphicRiver


In the end, the restaurant agrees to utilize the app, we print up 500 cards which doesn't cost much.

It's about $50 for good cards, 500 prints. (

We ask for $200 for setting everything up, which usually came to me in cash.


Where does the money come in....

From the back of the card. The goal is to get into the restaurants for the easiest exposure for your business, they also get to see a sample of your work.

We got into 10 restaurants and got $2,000 for our promotional needs. The cards cost was around $500 dollars, but can be done much cheaper, if you don't make them fancy.

From the 5,000 cards....

1,000 people downloaded apps from our server, so we reached 20% of the restaurant go'ers from the promotion.

The response, two weeks after we initiated the promotion, we received around 25 orders for websites of business owners around NYC, we received 5 orders for other restaurant apps.

All orders totaling around $35,000 in sales.

keep it creative'