Monday, 8 October 2012

New Plan To Earn $50,000 Per Month Revealed

My goal is to earn $50,000 per month by the end of December 2012. I know this seems like a lot of money and it is...I have been averaging $15K to $20K Months the past several years so its not as big of a jump. Part of my success to getting to that range was to change my mindset. I know many of you don't believe in things like this but I have been reading this 100 times to myself every morning.

"I am working at Home or Office on JMH and PROU. I guarantee to earn $50,000 (was $20K) per month by December 2012.
I promise to make this happen in ways that are for the highest good of God, myself and everyone else involved.
Eliminate ANY uncertainty."

It's tough to read something 100 times. What started to happen, was somewhere between 50 and 100, my mind started thinking of new ways to do this and I would need to have a notepad next to me to write these ideas down. Visualize and things will come.... are the nuts and bolts.

Offline Marketing Consulting: Lock down 5 clients that will pay me $2,500 per month on retainer for consulting their businesses (currently have 2)

Offline Marketing Course: Raise my price from $1K to $2K and sell 10 courses per month.
(currently selling 5 to 7 per month)

Affiliate Products: Spend more of my marketing dollars on selling affiliate products related to my Industry average $500 per sale and sell 30 per month (currently selling 2-4)

Top methods used to find all these clients listed above. LinkedIn Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Blogging and Video Marketing.

I am dead serious about hitting this goal. I feel....I am of the keys to achieving these goals is the daily chant. If you aren't making these numbers. Try your own chant. Start small and work your way up. Hope this helps....Cheers !!!

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