Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Reason Why So Many Internet Marketers Hate Affiliate Programs

Many internet marketers who are in the business for one month or 10 years will tell you one common thing and that is that they hate affiliate programs. The reason why they do is because all of them know for a fact that when you put in the effort to advertise online and generate sales, those same ones can make you or break you in many ways.

See, regular affiliate programs that pay you a one time fee is bad for your success online in the future. I say this because of this example:

You join a program that will pay you a one time commission of $30. So your goal at the end of the month is to earn $5000. That is great. So you spend a lot of time and your money on ads every single day.

To make $5000 per month, you will need to get 5 sales per day.

At the end of the month, you got to your goal and you are very happy. That is what I did for 4 years online. By the way, in that time frame I generated 3000+ sales in the work at home online business niche.

Do you know what happened when I had to stop my advertising? I made $0 the following month. See, every successful internet marketer knows that this is the wrong way to go and the right path to online failure.

Now, if I would focus on network marketing programs since day one, I would be earning a very lucrative full time income on the day that I had to stop my advertising campaigns and the years ahead. You will never see a successful internet marketer do this UNLESS they have their own product on clickbank and their income is generated by their 1000's of affiliates.

You can not spend your time and hard earned money on affiliate programs that paid you once. You need to earn both residual and leveraged income so that your income can grow when you decide one day that you no longer want to advertise. Even if you do want to continually promote your website or links, your income can grow and grow all the time. That is the secret to online riches. It doesn't get any easier then that. 

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