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Article Marketing Tips - Secrets of Turning Article Writing Into a Goldmine

When talking about making money online, article writing is one of the most popular ways. Internet thrives on content - there can never be enough information on the web. You can put up your own website and write article on it or ghost-write for somebody else's website. Either way, this is a good way to earn an income.

Here are some ways to make money by writing online:

1) Ghost-writing/freelance writing: Majority of webmasters are searching for content appropriate for their website, blogs or eBooks. It may start out slow, but in time, when you have regular clients, you will be able to demand more money per article that you write. This is a great way to get started as there are many freelance websites willing to employ writers without any experience.

2) Link Building Purpose: Writing articles and then submitting it to a directory is a great way to get your article out there. This may be giving away your article free and other people may be allowed to open it and use it. But, they can't change a word in your article and if they want to use it, they have to provide a link of your website.

3) Affiliate Marketing: You can make a profit by promoting affiliate programs in your website. Remember to choose your affiliate programs well; choose the ones that are relevant to your business theme. Affiliate marketing and article marketing are a potent combination.

The income in article writing is unlimited and some are even passive income - just keeps cashing in without any effort at all. Learn about the ways; take the time necessary to find yourself an opportunity that leads to a successful outcome.

Ebook Profiting Tips - 3 Game Changing Tactics to Pull in Fat Paychecks

eBook marketing is getting more competitive these days. This is largely due to marketers realizing how profitable this online business channel is. But the problem is only the big players seem to always get the break. The underdogs need to change their game tactics to increase their eBook sales. Here are eBook marketing tips to supercharge your sales:

1. Article Marketing

This is the easiest, most sure fire way to generate and boost online traffic. This is a foolproof method; you can't go wrong with article writing. Write 2 to 4 articles per day, submit them to top article directories and monitor your articles. You don't have to worry about duplicate topics or change the articles. Google will take display the site by Page Rank. Submit to all top directories for get maximum traffic.

2. Joint Venture

This is, by far, the fastest way to supersize your sales a hundred times over. Build massive lists and shoot up sales like nobody's business. Like anything else, time and effort are required to make this work. Offer a reasonable deal, like high affiliate commissions and cross promotions. Choose relevant partners to avoid confusing your clients.

3. Bonus Overloading

There are times when you don't need more traffic to garner more sales. You can simply improve your offer with discounts and free stuff; make it totally irresistible for your customers. Combine a bunch of bonuses with your eBook then monitor your conversion rates. Consider adding more bonuses, if the sales grow to make the offer more enticing for readers of your sales page.

Attraction Marketing| How to get people to beg you for what you are selling!

Attraction Marketing is not a new concept my any means.

However it is a very misunderstood process.

In this Article you will learn how to generate your own highly targeted leads for your Network Marketing Opportunity and finally have your share of success in MLM.

First let's understand the concept behind the"Attraction Marketing" system. When a person seeks out to purchase a product they in a sense are not looking for that product per say.

They are looking to solve a problem.

I like to quote Mike Dillard on this:

"Nobody who bought a drill was looking for a drill, they were looking to make a hole." 

When I heard that the first time in These 7 Free Videos I literally felt like I found the solution to the issues in my marketing over the years.

You see, I was listening to my "Leadership" and they didn't know any more about marketing a network marketing business then I did.

So it was a classic case of the "Blind Leading the Blind".

Nobody was earning any income and we were all sitting around scratching our heads trying to figure out why the "system" of giving out company printed materials, DVD's and hotel meetings were not producing the types of income we wanted. In fact, they were not producing income at all.

Now don't get me wrong these techniques do work, but I'm sure like me you are sick and tired of the slow track to success like I was.

I discovered the "Attraction Marketing" system with MLSP just a few short months ago. And since that time my network has grown to over 4,000 distributors all over the world.

Need Proof? Click Here and take a look at my downline screenshots.

It's interesting that as soon as I started following the "Attraction Marketing" model my income went into the 5 figure a month range and has not stopped growing. I am only telling you this to show you how effective the attraction marketing system works.

And that if you have not started learning about it's true power for your business then it's time you take the plunge.

Here are some Effective and Successful Tips to Build your own Internet Business Empire

Yes it is true that you will take a little time for building up your business environment but for that you will have to need patience so that you get the better fruit of it. You can make the best out of your ability to achieve the success. You will definitely find this article of use to your business success as I will be giving you certain successful tips to make it easier and effective.

As there is a saying that “the harder you work, the more you bear the fruits of it” so it has to be very patiently done and with discipline. Your daily work should be carried out in such a way that it should be easier for you to make your work faster without wasting time. It should be carried out well in order so as to promote more and more tasks and to get better results out of it.

Most effective and efficient way of utilizing and promoting your own business is known as marketing of various articles. This method will really prove to be very powerful and effective to build up your internet business by promoting various tasks on time and leading a better future for your business. It will extremely be of great importance to your business progress. Article marketing does require time but as I said that if you carry out with proper order and discipline then it will work out really good.

Internet business is not that difficult to carry out as one thinks instead it is of great fun and you can make wonders out of it and it is quite simple to enhance the quality of writing your own articles and your business success. Once you get a hang of it then it is not at all difficult to carry on. It would be more interesting for you day by day. 

Only thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to make it as simpler as possible so it will be easier for yourself to do it well.

Now is the time for you to decide that how effective you will be making your business and to what extent. It is not at all complicated or frustrating, rather it can get more enjoying and with higher earnings too. 

The main key of success here is to have some amount of patience in you, so you can make it better and can lead a better business for yourself and for others too. So go on to the ladder of success with these helping tips which will surely take you a long way.

3 Ways How to Make $50 - $100 per day with Clickbank

When it comes to making money online one of the targets which most people have when it comes to income goals is to make between $50 - $100 per day. This seems to be a very popular figure which can quite easily make a big difference in someones lifestyle.

These three methods below are proven methods which you can use to make $50 - $100 per day online selling clickbank products.

Youtube Buying Method

This is a little known method but is very profitable if done right. The way this works is you simply buy youtube videos which already have a lot of views and also relevant videos around good clickbank products. You do need to make sure that there is only one video on the account otherwise you will have a very tough time of buying the accounts. 

The average that I have paid for youtube accounts is $100. Once you own the youtube account you simply insert your affiliate links for your clickbank products within the video and then watch your conversions.

Build a List

This is a very profitable method if done right. You need to set up a good squeeze page giving away a high quality Free gift which is related to the clickbank product which you promote on the next page after someone has entered their details. 

You then set up a series of emails going out over a number of days, weeks and months with a good balance of helpful and information emails and promotional emails promoting your chosen clickbank product.

Create Affiliate Sites

Creating affiliate sites is a great way to make clickbank sales and the more traffic you are able to generate to your site the more money you will make. With this type of clickbank model you need to build your affiliate site focused around a very specific niche.

You can make sales from your affiliate site by using a number of free traffic methods such as SEO, blog comments, guest posting, facebook, forums and videos.

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One Strategic Awesome Way To Increase Your E-mail Open Rates

There are a lot of home business newsletters on the market today. In fact, there
are probably 100,000's of them. Just because someone subscribed to your newsletter,
does not mean that they will open your emails, let alone buy what ever you are trying to
promote to them.

See, I started my work at home business newsletter way
back in 2008 after years of struggling online. That is what
some of the gurus that I looked up to back then said that
I should be doing if I want to succeed with my own internet
based business.

So I did create an account with one of the biggest auto-responders
and started to generate and email my leads the opportunities that
I wanted to make money from.

To be honest, I generated anywhere between 20-40 leads per day while giving my subscribers
3-5 products to choose from. Not everyone was opening these emails
up and by the way, very few even clicked on the links to buy.

I must say that a very very small percentage of them bought what
I offered and a lot of the times, no one bought anything.

I was not happy with the results. Being frustrated, one of
the "gurus" that I was following kept sending me emails
with their articles. I must admit that I found them to be very informative
which led me to open his emails with happiness every single time, and even bought his products.

By the way, he did teach that in his course that if you want to increase
the open ratios of your emails, get people to look forward to your emailing,
click on any links in your article, and have more people buy from you, then you
need to give them a lot of great content. Articles do that well.

So I tested this myself and can tell you that it worked like a charm
and still does today. Instead of hard selling your subscribers in each and
every email, do what I just mentioned above and you will see your open rates
and sales go up.

The Hunted House Of Making Money Online

Halloween is almost around the corner. I just drove near a house that pretty much looked like
a haunted house that you see in movies. I was looking from the outside by the way.
It was just decorations but it looks scary.

Bats, scary witches, spider webs, a few casket with dead vampires....
You get the picture. If you were to take a small child (2-4 years old) there, they would be scared
to go there and ask for trick or treat candies. I think even an adult would be scared to go

When it comes to making money online, it can be very scary for anyone who wants to
make some money. With so many opportunities out there to chose from,
people may feel the same fear as a child going to that haunted house.

They don't know if they are making the right choice. They are not sure if it will work for them too.
Fear of getting ripped off just overwhelms them that they just decide to play it safe
and not join anything let alone take any actions that will move them forward to
their income desire online.

I have been online for a few years now and can tell you
that there are now MILLIONS of opportunities online.
Many just don't work. Many are them scam people out of their hard earned
money. But very few work.

For those opportunities that DO work, the main reason why
so many people don't join or take any action is again FEAR.

They are scared of what others will think of them.
They are scared of losing their money.
They are scared of success.
They are scared that it may not work.

The list of fears goes on and on.

This paralyzes many people. Just like a small child would be terrified by
a haunted house and will not go near it, many adults will not take action
or join anything on the internet solely because of real and huge fear.

Ebook Profit Tips - Secrets of Writing and Marketing Ebooks For Massive Paydays

Information has become the hottest and in demand commodity in virtual world today. The advent of the Internet has opened up a vast repertory of information that is easily accessible and readily available when required. Today, making money by providing information is much easier, especially if you are an eBook writer.

Here's how you can write and market eBooks online:

1. Choose a profitable topic. Touch on pressing issues, answer their burning questions and talk about the things that your readers are most passionate about. Do keyword research; this can help you find out the hottest topics within your niche. You may also send your clients surveys or ask them directly through forums and blogs.

2. Deliver well-written ebooks. It is your responsibility as a writer to ensure that your clients have a great reading experience with your eBook. Before you publish it, make sure that your words flow smoothly and are easy to understand. Include several subheadings so that your readers will know right away what they will be reading about. Also, use numbered list when you are sharing step-by-step guides or tips.

3. Advertise your ebooks widely. Properly promote them online and you will see dramatic increase in your profit. Make use of marketing tools that allows you to connect better with your clients. You can also opt for a more aggressive money-making approach if you have extra money to spare. But, if you don't, just stick with forum posting, email marketing, article marketing and blogging - they work great as well.

Make no mistake about it - eBook success requires work. If you want success, you'll have to work for it. 'Work' is a dirty word in Internet marketing obviously, but that's why it's even more important that you put in the effort to make your business ultra profitable!

Do You Have All The Pieces in Place To Set Up a Highly Profitable Online Business?

What if you discovered the exact pieces that must have in place before you think about setting up an online business?

Do you want to know about the pieces I am talking about and how you can go about starting today?

The purpose of this article is to show you exactly how to get started and how to boost your internet profits right through the roof from day one.

Here are 4 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 - What are the pieces I am talking about?

Step 2 - What if you are lazy to get them in place?

Step 3 - What if you get them in place?

Step 4 - What if you don't have the skills?

The purpose of this article is to show you exactly how you can set up a wildly profitable online business only if you have all the components that are required to achieve internet success.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 - What are the pieces I am talking about?

Here are the pieces I am talking about.

1. You must have a list building system installed on your website.

2. You must select a tight niche which has a very specific problem.

3. You must have products to sell in that niche.

4. You must be willing to write massive content in that niche. For this you must find out that there is sufficient content out there on the internet that you can research and create your own content.

5. You must be willing to write emails and communicate with your subscribers.

6. You must constantly focus in driving traffic to your website.

Step 2 - What if you are lazy to get them in place?

If you fail to get these pieces in place you will taste massive failure in a short span of time.

Before you realize that you have made a huge mistake make sure you start your research in the right direction.

Step 3 - What if you get them in place?

If you get all these components working for you your website success is for sure.

The reason is that all the success components will work in synergy to give you the success you have always desired.

Step 4 - What if you don't have the skills?

Hire a coach who has experience getting all these pieces in place in the right order. Your coach will make sure that you avoid mistakes and move forward on the right track.

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2 Ideas For Implementing Good Customer Service Online

A great way to gain favor with your customer list is by making them feel special. And this can be a great way for you to connect with them and build a special relationship. The longer a customer is in your marketing cycle, the more they will buy from you. So you don’t want people to feel as if it was a one-time sale and that’s it. Continue to stay in contact with them to let them know that you’re available for help if they need it.

There are alot of ways to make your customer feel special and to implement excellent customer service - and that’s exactly what I want to share with you today if you want to get on the fast track to earning more money in your online business. Good customer service starts with good will and intent, and I want to show you how to do exactly just that.

Here’s the first way to implement good customer service in your business.

1) Send out a free gift

Every now and again, send your customers a free gift of some sort. They will be more than happy to accept it and will be gracious towards your kind efforts. You can send out all kinds of gifts. You can send out coffee mugs, gift cards, movie tickets, free chocolate, an instruction CD or DVD, or anything relevant that you can think of.

The bottom line is that people love to receive free gifts. So the more you can offer free gifts to your customers, the more you’ll be likely to get sales from your customers on a recurring basis. Free gifts are underrated, but it can be a great way to make your customers happy with you and your business. Here’s another great way to implement good customer service.

2) Offer free help

Many of your online customers will want to have help when they need it when they’re using your product or service. So because of that, you will more than likely want to offer some free help from time to time, and answer customer requests immediately. One great way to do this is by hosting your own “help desk” on your website.

If you don’t want to keep up with the day to day tasks of handling your help desk, you don’t have to. You can easily hire some people to maintain and run it for you. Just make sure they’re on their job and are attending to it everyday. The last thing you want is for a customer to submit a question, and your help desk staff is waiting 3-4 days just to respond back to you.

As soon as someone submits a question, make sure your team is there to answer it immediately. If you’re employees are on the clock and are not tending to the ticket like they should be, get on their case about it. This is the best way to make your customers feel special, and to implement good customer service in your business today.

Good luck with using these tips to take your customer service efforts to the next level.

Ahhh! F%#% it! YOU KEEP the Money!

Do you want to keep all the money from your sales like a true business owner?

As you look around the internet you see that there are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate offers and products available for promotion that you didn't have to create. Some of them paying very handsome commissions and some of them pay crappy commissions.

What if though something changed though?

What if a company owner made their money the same way you did?


There is a new wave hitting the shores of the internet allowing average marketers like you and I to KEEP ALL THE MONEY without having to design a system, get a merchant account, chase friends and family until they either buy or just stop talking to you. 

Crazy as it may seem there is a marketing system that does pay you 100% commissions. It's not a PLR either, it's a unique system that has been taking over the internet and has the power to change the way you market your current network marketing or affiliate opportunity.

I'm sure you have all heard about it. 

But just in case you have been living under a rock or haven't turned your computer on in months. Empower Network is helping average marketers earn 5 figures a month because you KEEP ALL THE MONEY

I can't tell you more about this system in this post simply because I can not do it justice. 

Want to know more about the revolution that is changing the industry?

Click Here and watch the 30 minute presentation

Tips for Getting More Backlinks to Your Site

Gaining quality backlinks for any website is nothing more difficult than knowing where to look and put your overall efforts into. Internet marketers are well versed in the importance of consistency where backlinking is concerned. You won't be significantly contributing to your SEO efforts until you carry out the entire backlink gaining procedure on a regular basis. It's important for you to stay on your toes to beat out your competition when it comes to finding new resources for relevant backlinks. So now you need to know how to go about building links without losing any of the quality in your backlinks.

Give Out Testimonials: You can find websites in your niche selling products and services that are looking for testimonials.

Provided that the sites are trusted and reputable, you can have your link go along with the testimonial, giving you the advantage of getting a targeted backlink to your site. You just need to research which sites in your niche need testimonials. In case you give feedback for a product, make sure you mention it clearly that they can use it as a testimonial, given that they link to your site. 

Blog Commenting: This is probably the most popular way to gain targeted backlinks, as you find many bloggers and webmasters trying to take advantage of it. All you need to do is find active blogs in your niche and then comment on their latest posts. Even if the comment is short and simple, you get a backlink because you link to your website. You also get direct traffic when other readers find your comment informative and then check out your website. Be sure that your comments on other blogs are superior.

Comment On Social Sites: While this is still an underutilized method, it works really well. Most of the social sites have a commenting option and many of them allow you to link to your site from them. Since these are high traffic sites with high page rank, you can benefit a great deal by getting links from them. You don't only have to comment on new pages, but you can also browse through the older ones, many of which will have attained a high page rank, and you'll be getting a high quality backlink. As this article shows, generating quality backlinks to your site regularly is not too difficult. It will take time to start seeing results and before your site reaches the top spot in major search engines. But until you take consistent action, you won't see real results.