Sunday, 28 October 2012

3 Ways How to Make $50 - $100 per day with Clickbank

When it comes to making money online one of the targets which most people have when it comes to income goals is to make between $50 - $100 per day. This seems to be a very popular figure which can quite easily make a big difference in someones lifestyle.

These three methods below are proven methods which you can use to make $50 - $100 per day online selling clickbank products.

Youtube Buying Method

This is a little known method but is very profitable if done right. The way this works is you simply buy youtube videos which already have a lot of views and also relevant videos around good clickbank products. You do need to make sure that there is only one video on the account otherwise you will have a very tough time of buying the accounts. 

The average that I have paid for youtube accounts is $100. Once you own the youtube account you simply insert your affiliate links for your clickbank products within the video and then watch your conversions.

Build a List

This is a very profitable method if done right. You need to set up a good squeeze page giving away a high quality Free gift which is related to the clickbank product which you promote on the next page after someone has entered their details. 

You then set up a series of emails going out over a number of days, weeks and months with a good balance of helpful and information emails and promotional emails promoting your chosen clickbank product.

Create Affiliate Sites

Creating affiliate sites is a great way to make clickbank sales and the more traffic you are able to generate to your site the more money you will make. With this type of clickbank model you need to build your affiliate site focused around a very specific niche.

You can make sales from your affiliate site by using a number of free traffic methods such as SEO, blog comments, guest posting, facebook, forums and videos.

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