Saturday, 27 October 2012

One Strategic Awesome Way To Increase Your E-mail Open Rates

There are a lot of home business newsletters on the market today. In fact, there
are probably 100,000's of them. Just because someone subscribed to your newsletter,
does not mean that they will open your emails, let alone buy what ever you are trying to
promote to them.

See, I started my work at home business newsletter way
back in 2008 after years of struggling online. That is what
some of the gurus that I looked up to back then said that
I should be doing if I want to succeed with my own internet
based business.

So I did create an account with one of the biggest auto-responders
and started to generate and email my leads the opportunities that
I wanted to make money from.

To be honest, I generated anywhere between 20-40 leads per day while giving my subscribers
3-5 products to choose from. Not everyone was opening these emails
up and by the way, very few even clicked on the links to buy.

I must say that a very very small percentage of them bought what
I offered and a lot of the times, no one bought anything.

I was not happy with the results. Being frustrated, one of
the "gurus" that I was following kept sending me emails
with their articles. I must admit that I found them to be very informative
which led me to open his emails with happiness every single time, and even bought his products.

By the way, he did teach that in his course that if you want to increase
the open ratios of your emails, get people to look forward to your emailing,
click on any links in your article, and have more people buy from you, then you
need to give them a lot of great content. Articles do that well.

So I tested this myself and can tell you that it worked like a charm
and still does today. Instead of hard selling your subscribers in each and
every email, do what I just mentioned above and you will see your open rates
and sales go up.

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