Wednesday, 17 October 2012

15 Proven Link Building Tips to Remember

Since 1998 links have been the key of the Google ranking algorithm. Unfortunately, many marketers don't realize that 90% of what they need to do is to get other sites to link to them. In fact, four out five of the top ranking factors are related to link building.

Here are 14 Critical Link Building tips to Remember

1. Just getting five to ten links a month is not enough. Another thing to keep in mind, it isn't just about link building, but determining which type of links you need to acquire.

2. Search engines like Google monitor the quality of a website’s links and the rate at which they are acquired. You must never forget this and don't even think about using a link network to buy links. Why? This will spike trashy low quality links to you website (which will hurt your ranking with Google).

Many business owners and marketers are enticed into joining this networks because of their covenience and false promise of boosting your website's rank. But there can be a price to pay if you join one of these link building networks.

3. Here some legitimate and effective link building strategies:

• Research and locate the top 20 keywords in the subject niche
• Find information on the top 20 websites that rank for each keyword.
• Use a backlink analysis tool to download all the links for all the competitors
• Put all of this information you collected into Excel and make a separate tab for all the links.
• Filter and discard any duplicate domains
• Get the list of unique domains linking to each competitor and sort by domain authority
• Use Excel to filter link types eg, to, .nhs, .edu, .gov
• Visualize your link profile in Excel and use pivot charts

4. There some great software for doing this linking building process. Wordtracker's Link Builder tool automates a process like the one above. With Link Builder you can enter a keyword and it will give you the inbound links to the top 10 ranking URLs (and their domains). Link Builder will then prioritize these link prospects and categorize them into blogs, trusted sites, directories, social media and more. 

Other Link Building Tips to Keep in Mind

5. Get the ‘link quality’ combination correct -If you are link building, your backlink profile should appear as natural as possible. 

6. If all your backlinks are only from very trashy low PageRank pages without any higher quality links, this may appear unnatural to Google

7. However, on the other hand, if all your links are from high PageRank websites and you don’t have many mid-to-lower quality links then this can look unnatural, also.

8. With link building, the more brand links you have, the more brand authority you will have in Google. Smaller companies don’t usually have as much of a natural brand presence online as larger firms, so it can be a good idea to actively build brand links. What is a brand link? It is a link containing your brand name in the anchor text (aka link text) – this might include a link that just uses your URL as the link text.

You should do this up to six months to help build brand authority – to catch up with top sites, a website will need a lot of natural links and a lot of brand links.

9. A great way to create lots of brand links quickly is using a linkbait campaign with your brand name.

10. Also it's critical not to waste time on trying to get links that are not easy to replicate when link building. It can be extremely complicated to get the "prime" links that competitors have acquire. So when link prospecting, it is important to think about why each link is given.

For instance, your competitor’s link could be a paid link, a partner link or special relationship between to companies.?

11. The best link scenario is for most of the backlinks to be of mid-range quality. You would therefore have a few low quality links, a few high quality links and then plenty of mid-range links

12. A great way to get good links for a website is content syndication. However, if your articles are only headed for article directories then this will probably not help much.

13. You get tons of links by overlooking article sites and going direct to blogs who seek content. You can get lots of fresh content onto lots of blogs all linking back to you, then these links can be extremely valuable.

14. Guest posting on blogs can be an exceptional option as well. 

15. Repurpose one or two articles into numeous unique articles and distribute to bloggers – if you can create 10 unique articles a month to go out to 10 different blogs.,

Last, but not least, link building is not easy. In fact, it can take time to see the results. You can’t rely on natural link building to get to the top. Determine out how many brand links you need, get them and then get keyword-rich text links.

Also remember to stay away from the link building networks. Which can hurt your website enormously..

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