Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Top 3 Ways To Earn Wussy Commissions On The Internet

When I refer to wussy commissions, I am talking about programs that only have the potential to earn you a few hundreds of dollars that you can never live on, let alone quit your day job and work at home full time.

Let me start:

1. Promoting regular affiliate programs that pay you a one time fee:

I have done this for years online and can tell you from my own experience that I have sold well over 3000 digital products about making money online and today, I am not earning anything from any of them. 

It is a BAD decision to think that you can make a ton of money from these particular programs. The only person who will ever make the BIG commissions is the owner of the product who has a lot of affiliates like you and me doing all the HARD work for them while they sit back and watch lots of sales come in every single day. 

2. Advertising work at home opportunities that earn you residual income but never allow you to earn leveraged income from OTHER PEOPLE'S efforts. If you ever want to make a really lucrative income online for the long term, you need to build a team who will build their own teams and earning you more income each and every month. Also known as DUPLICATION.

3. Working with network marketing programs that pay you small and tiny commissions. I had this program that I thought was going to be big for me. After a while I noticed that I am only getting $0.50 cents on each downline member that is paying an almost $50 per month fee and barely $5 on the first level.

If you want to make and bring home wussy commissions then just do all of the above and hope for the best. 

There Is No Substitute For Hard Hard Work!

Muhammad Ali was asked once in the seventies "How many sittups do you do?" His response was "I don't count how many sittups I do. I start counting when it starts hurting, when I feel pain that's when I start counting. Because that's when it really counts, that's what makes me a champion!"

This same philosophy applies for everything in life, there is no way around hard hard work. If you truly want to achieve anything in life then you are going to have to work hard for it. And honestly that's the way it is with everything in life. NO PAIN NO GAIN!

You know nothing that is good in life will come easy in regards to your goals and dreams. Me myself I am a big dreamer with visions that are as large as the milky way. However I do know that in order to achieve these big goals and dreams of mine that it is going to take a lot of dedicated focused hard work.

Now most people get discouraged when they find out that you can't get the rewards right away so they quit before they have a chance to allow the work to pay off. But what you have to realize is that laziness pays off now, hard work pays off later. Trust me Hard Work Pays Off! So you have to stay on task and work your butt off. Yes work towards that new car that you want, an improved fitness level, that raise at your job, or a better relationship with someone you love. Whatever it is that is going to be worthwhile to you is going to require hard work.

Anything is possible, as long as you work your butt off for it. Through my experiences in life I have found that the universe has a way of bending itself to the people whose work ethic prove that they are serious about what they want.

Partying, horseplay, fooling around, while you're doing this just remember that someone out there at the same time is working hard. Even while your sleeping someone is getting smarter, someone is getting stronger, someone is getting better, and someone is winning.

So work hard, go through the temporary pain that you will face and I guarantee that you will find yourself a permanent improvement.

AdWords Tips - How You Can Become an AdWords Expert in Half the Time!

AdWords is one of the more innovative money making tools created by Google. It can be hugely helpful tool for driving traffic to your business. The best thing about AdWords is that it can be purchased by anybody and for not a lot of money. On the flip-side however, AdWords can get complicated. Knowing if you are getting your money's worth or figuring out how to do that, can be a job in itself. One of the biggest AdWords secrets for success is to ask for help.

You can find all sorts of AdWords secrets online. You can sign up for tutorials to give you even more help. Even Google offers an online tutorial to explain how AdWords works and how to get the most from it. There is no shame in getting help or there would not be so much available.

You can try to help yourself first. Follow the tutorials and look at your competition to see what they are doing. Look at your own website and see what words you use to describe your own business to see what might be good keywords.

If you have looked at your results and are not happy with them...experiment with some variations in your ad with the same keywords. If this still does not work go ahead and heed the AdWords secret and bring in a professional. For a minimum cost they can help put you on the right track. They can optimize your existing ad give you some advice on how to do it in the future. Don't get lost in the AdWords maze. Just stop and get directions.

AdWords Tips - Want in on Some Wallet Fattening AdWords Secrets?

You would think that AdWords secrets would be well guarded. On the internet competition is fierce and no one wants to share the profits. But companies that pay for AdWords want them to work. For that reason they are going to tell you how to get the most for them so don't worry these tips are not AdWords secrets.

It makes sense that a company would choose an AdWords that matches their business. If you are selling oranges you don't want your keyword to be apples. So if you are using AdWords on your website you want the keywords to also match the content of your site.

Do some research. Enter your keywords into a search. See what types of business appear with those keywords. Is there a lot of competition? Are there business or websites similar to yours? This will help you determine if you are on the right track with the keywords that you choose.

Analyze your results. So you have a keyword that has an amazing CTR. That is great! But the real question is that word turning into conversions. There is software available to you that will help you determine that. If the keyword is not making money...who wants it? That is not an AdWords secret!

So be diligent because there is a lot to learn when using AdWords. It is important that you keep an eye on the trends and keep and eye on your results. It is a face-paced beast, the Internet, and if you don't keep an eye on it, it will gobble you up!

Clickbank: Pros and Cons Of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

These Clickbank pros and cons should give you a better idea of whether you want to promote products as a Clickbank affiliate marketer.

Here are my Clickbank pros and cons:

* Newbie Friendly - Clickbank is suitable for newbies because there is no approval process and you just pick a product that you want to promote and go and promote it.

* High Commissions - Clickbank products typically pay out at between 50% and 75% commissions. And since some products can cost in the $97+ region, then these amounts add up quite nicely. This provides more earnings than promoting typical Amazon products for 4% commissions.

* Product Name Keywords - A great way to get started as an affiliate marketer in the Clickbank market place is to target product name keywords and get your link in front of customers just before they buy. I recommend researching for lots of low competition, long tail keywords in addition to the obvious product name and product name review phrases.

* High Competition - A Clickbank disadvantage is that there is a lot of competition. If you type in a Clickbank product name into Google then you will see numerous affiliate review sites pop up all targeting that product. It is hard to stand out. You sometimes feel as though there are more affiliates than potential customers.

* High Output - Whilst Clickbank pays out good commissions, you still need to make daily sales to earn a living with Clickbank. To help with this it is advised to build an email list to promote other products to, as well as try and get your articles syndicated on authority sites in your niche.

I find it easier to make a decent living by promoting monthly recurring products and not just one-off Clickbank sales..

Monday, 30 July 2012

How To Earn $500 In Your First Month Starting An Internet Business?

What if you discovered how to set up a simple profitable website that will get you started earning at least $500 per month?

Do you want to know how you can earn $500 in your first month setting up your internet business?

Here are 4 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 - Create one $97 product that converts at 1%.

Step 2 - Create a squeeze page that converts at 33%.

Step 3 - Get 500 leads into your funnel. Here's how to do that.

Step 4 - What to do next? Scale up your process.

The purpose of this article is to get you started on the right track making you massive loads of easy internet profits step by step.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 - Create one $97 product that converts at 1%.

The first step you need to do is focus in creating a solid product that you will sell for $97.

Your product must have 2 things in place...

1. It must be a high quality product.

2. It must focus in solving problems of your niche audience.

The next step you should focus on is to create a simple squeeze page that will get you started building a list of subscribers...

Step 2 - Create a squeeze page that converts at 33%.

Create a squeeze page that converts your visitors into leads. Create a free gift to build a list of subscribers.

You have to focus in getting at least 33% conversion rate from your squeeze page to shoot your $500 per month income goal.

How to go about building a list of 500 subscribers?

Step 3 - Get 500 leads into your funnel. Here's how to do that.

Start writing and submitting articles in your niche.

You will have to get 1500 visitors to your website to get 500 leads in your funnel.

To get 1500 visitors I would advise you to start writing at least 5 articles every day and submit them to article directories.

When you have completed this step all you need to do is scale up your system...

Step 4 - What to do next? Scale up your process.

If you do what I have shown you above you will end up earning $500 from your website in the first month.

Your 500 leads will make you more profits in the long run if you focus in adding more products in your sales funnel.

To increase your income you have to do 2 things...

1. Add products in your sales funnel.

2. Start writing and submitting 10 articles per month.

How To Earn Money Online Fast: YouTube, Google, and Blogging For Fast Online Cash

This article will go over how to earn money online fast by tapping into free traffic generation strategies that include blogging, Google traffic, and ways to make money online with YouTube.

Making money on the internet is not always fast and easy, but with the proper direction and by working smart you can get to the stage of knowing how to earn money online visit.

* Blogging – Daily blog posts to get traffic and make money online fast with Google is actually more of a long term process. With regular content your site will slowly gain more authority with Google and start to get a daily flow of traffic. But to earn money online fast with blogging you need to bypass Google. A great way to do this is to create a really interesting blog post and share this directly via social media. Share it with your Facebook contacts, and go to relevant Facebook groups and post it there. Also send out the blog post via Twitter for instant traffic. By doing this you will be earning money online through Facebook and Twitter, and fast.

* YouTube – If you are impatient and need page one Google rankings then a YouTube video is a great way to do this. YouTube is owned by Google and they rank very well in the search engines indeed. You also get lots of internal search engine traffic with YouTube. Comments, likes and views do wonders for YouTube rankings so interact on others’ content to encourage them to do the same for you. Also provide a strong call to action to make sure people click the link below your video.

* Proven System – It is good to have a proven system in place from which to earn money online fast and easily. It is complicated to set up your own process so “plug in” to an existing system that gives you products to promote and does all the selling for you. So you then just have to focus on one thing: getting the web traffic.
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Fast And Easy Ways To Grow A Business With Article Marketing

Fast And Easy Ways To Grow A Business With Article Marketing

Even the most analytical person can easily miss obvious details when it comes to internet marketing, especially one of the traffic-driving methods like article marketing. That's why it's incredibly important that you're always trying to learn about the latest tips and tricks in the field, and this article will teach you some of them.

When you engage in article marketing it is important to maintain a laser-like focus on your chosen keyword string throughout your article. Do not repeat the string over and over - that is a spam tactic - but make sure that all of your content ties in directly with your subject.

Gain more exposure for yourself and your site by posting guest articles on blogs in your topic areas. Search for high-quality blogs that focus on your same group of target readers. Ask if they will let you provide a guest post. Remember, though, to add a short bio with your site and author information at the end of each blog post.

Use your articles to create a blog. Add all of your articles to a free blog site such as Wordpress or Blogger. This allows you to get more mileage out of your articles, and even though people talk all about Google penalizing your for duplicate content, most people don't understand that this mostly means duplicate content that resides on the same domain.

Examine your business to identify what makes it stand out, and apply it to your articles. If your business is a success, there is a reason it is. When you find those reasons and incorporate the same things into your articles, your articles will automatically stand out from your competition.

Don't be one of the many online marketers missing out on the obvious details. When you're ready to begin your article marketing campaign, be sure that you use these tips to give your business venture a much better chance of succeeding in the long run. Always remember to stay informed.