Thursday, 2 August 2012

What Do Smart Internet Marketers Do And What Stupid Internet Marketers Do- The Difference

I am not trying to offend anyone here who is reading this article today. My goal with this article is to open your ears and mind up to the possibilities that you may or may not take advantage of.

Let me start.

What do stupid internet marketers do (Pick #1):

1. They don't have their own opt in list. They think that it is unnecessary.

2. They continue to promote products that pay them a one time commission. They think that this is the way to go.

3. They don't want to get into online MLM where they can pretty much build their team without ever talking to people on calling anyone.

4. They are not willing to pay any money for their own website, and they pretty much don't care about paying for traffic because they just don't want to spend any money.
They want "to do business" online for free.

Now let me get to the smart marketers who are doing really well online and their income just grows and grows each and every month (Pick #2):

1. They know that it is important to build their own list so from the very first day, they do just that. They set everything up and make sure that all follow ups are going out like clock work. They get new subscribers on their list every day without stop. 

2. They either create their own products and then do their very best to recruit many affiliates. They make sure that their product or the programs that they promote to their list is residual based income. Meaning that people keep paying each and every month.

3. These guys and gals know that their income can grow for them automatically with the efforts of others. They find one network marketing program and do their very best and focus on it to build leaders. Once they have a secured income that just keeps on growing, they look for other MLM programs online and rinse and repeat that process again and again. 

4. While some are getting free traffic and signups from their lists, others know that in order to get instant gratification they will need to place paid ads in places like pay per click search engines, solo ads, and banner ads.

These are the difference from both marketers. Which one are you going to be. I pick #2.

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