Saturday, 4 August 2012

SEO Tips: Off-site SEO Factors for Your Website that You Might Be Missing Out On

Search engine optimization can at times feel like a bunch of voodoo. You learn a few techniques, try them on your website and hope that the search engine gods (namely, Google) will smile favorably on your site and send you lots of traffic. But, don’t lose heart, dear webmaster. Today we’re going to look at a few things you can do to make sure that the off-site factors related to your website are in order so that you can get the best search engine ranking possible and keep some good mojo in the process.

Basically, the truth is that no-one outside of Google knows the absolute truth about how they rank websites.SEO experts have tried to figure out, but testing, trial and error what works and what does not work with regard to increasing page rank. But as soon as those SEO guys get too close to figuring it out, the engineers at Google mix it up and tweak their algorithms so that everyone is forced to go back to the drawing board and figure out a new SEO strategy.

Here are some of the off-site factors that search engines use to rank your website and determine how much traffic they will send you.

These are links to your site from other websites. They get created naturally, when other sites link to you because they find your content useful, or they get created when you ask for a link back to your site from another webmaster, or you can create them through activities such as article marketing and social media and social bookmarking.

Quality over quantity
You used be looking to get a metric ton of backlinks to your site without a lot of regard for where they came from. Now the quality of the sites linking to you is of far more importance than the number of incoming links to your site.

It’s better to have links from high quality sites whose content is relevant to yours.

Another factor that has come into play after the recent Google updates is the importance of relative authority of the sites linking to you. Do you have links from expert sites in your niche, sites with a page rank a few notches above yours, or do you have a ton of links from pr1 and 2 sites?

The diversity of the sources of the back links to your site is also growing in importance. Mix it up as far as where you get your links from.

Pace of building or acquiring backlinks
Going from a site that has 20 or so links to having hundreds within a few days or weeks can raise red flags. Build and acquire back links at a natural pace so as not to set off alarm bells with the search engines.

Anchor text links
As a result of one of the Google Penguin updates, anchor text links need to be more varied and natural, rather than always using the same keywords to create them.

There are lots of other off-site factors such as the age of your domain, how much traffic you’re getting, how long people remain on your page and whether or not they bookmark your page. For now, try these SEO tips to help your site attract more organic search engine traffic.

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