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9 reasons you will not be successful

After looking back over my early years, and even troughs in my IM career, I can see reasons as to why I was not successful. These reasons may also explain why you also are not being successful - YET...

Feel free to add to these, so it becomes a definative list.

9 Reasons:

1) I listened to far to many people. 

Whenever you need advice, you ask around. The problem is that if you ask on a forum like this, you can get thousands of answers, which can actually just confuse you or give you information overload (which actually slows you down).


  • Be very specific in your questions. Do not just ask how do I make money, but be specific 'How can i write and anrticle and make money form it today'
  • Do not collect advice. Take advice from someone who has the life you want. Stick with them until they can offer no more advice then add a new mentor.

2) I did not have a mentor:

Of course you can do it without a mentor, but it will just take you 3 or 4 times as long. I struggled initially on my own before I accidently found a great mentor. What this guy taught me within 6 months, changed my life and success story forever. 


  • Find someone who has the life you want and convince them that you are worthy to be mentored
  • Catch their attention throught comments on their blog that are thoughtful - its so simple and it works, just be consistant.
  • Think what you can do for them in return. Why should they invest time in you and not someone else?

3) I focused on way too many things at once.

One of my big problems was the fact I could not finish anything but could always dream of great new projects. Its what I term the 'entrepreneurs curse'. Entrepreneurs are creative and as such have a hard time doing the routine managing, they excel at the creative managing. 

The problem is, when I worked on too many projects, none of my projects got the attention they deserved and as such their performances were always under par, until I learned to focus on one thing and do it well.


  • Use my 'Rule of Three' which means you always think in threes. Write down the three most imprortant tasks of the day. What are the three key features that your product must have, what are the three key messages your readers should learn etc. It helps you prioritise and stay focused on what is important
  • Don't overcomplicate thinngs. Think in three and prioritise

(So many people have messaged me about how to obtain a mentor - so i created this specific thread to help you (Click here)- be sure to read it after finishing this article)

4) I never finished things.

Half finished goods got me nowhere as I could not sell them or do anything with them. A mentor helped me focus and finish off one project before moving to the next, and suddently success started to knock at my door...


  • Learn to accept that one finished product is worth more then 100 half finished projects.
  • Do not aim for perfection, just finish it. Once it is finished work on improving it for perfection, but often you find the product is good enough already.

5) I did not listen to the advice given to me.

Strange, I woudl ask for advice but then not take it. I would make excuses as to why it would never work for me - such as he already has a bigger list. He is already well known etc. Only when I had a confrontational conversation with my mentor did he kick my ass into action and stop me making excuses. 


  • If you trust the person, trust the advice. Try it...
  • IF you want the lifestyle your advisor has, then accept that they know something that you do not know or understand yet.

6) I did not really believe I could be successful.

Strange, it was my aim to be successful but I kept making excuses so I would not have to try. I made it very difficult for myself to be successful until I learnt that I have nothing to lose by trying. I would only end up where I am already, so by trying I can only gain knowledge or experience, and in the best case actually achieve success. 


  • Understand that most people are not successful on the first few attempts. That is why it is called a learning curve.
  • Surround yourself with people who are successful. There is a reaon why powerful and successful people follow this rule.
  • Believe it is possible or you are just wasting your time and energy.

7) I was just to lazy.

I could spend so much time getting distracted and actually doing nothing. I had to admit, I was just too lazy.

  • Do something, it always better then doing nothing
  • I hung my 'Four Magic Words' above my computer: 'This is useful because' and I asked myself that all the time.

8) I could not prioritise

I briefly covered this earlier, but my lack of ability to prioritise meant that when I learn to work hard, I forgot to work smart and what is improtant. I would be working, but not getting anywhere fast as I had forgot about what was most important.


  • Remember the rule of three. Ask youself at the beginning of the day: 'What three tasks are most important'
  • Write down all your task on a piece of paper and number them:
  • 1 = urgent, 2 = important, 3= perhaps should do
  • Do the 1's first, then 2's. Forget 3's for now.
  • Put all your tasks on post it notes and have the satisfaction of throwing them away whenever you finish one.

9) I did not have anyone to hold me accountable.

The best atheletes have forfeits if they miss training, and a coach who measures their performance and tells them off if they are slacking, yet I for some reason felt I could do it all alone. 

  • Find yourself an accountibility partner to help yourself be accountable (I used my mentor, who would not talk to me unless I had done the tasks i promised)

I hope you find these useful. Remember, the road to success is supposed to be a little challenging, it makes us respect the journey once we finally make it there. 

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