Friday, 17 August 2012

Solo Ads That "Work" - Why You Can't Find Solo Ads That Get Results

Are you looking for solo ads that "work". Solo ads that "get results".

In marketing something does not either "work" or "not work". It is YOU that works or does not work!

The majority of solo ads providers that you find in the Warrior Forum, Directory Of Ezines, and Reed Floren's Solo Ads Directory work just fine. 

But do you?

Here are my solo ads tips so that solo ads work and get results for you:

* High Converting Squeeze Page - Does your squeeze page convert? Do over 30% of people who arrive at the page enter in their email address? If they do not then that is your fault and not the solo ad vendors fault. To get a high converting squeeze page you need to keep it simple, don't give away all your secrets, and just include a strong headline, and a sub headline to back up your claim. And then the email sign-up box. You don't need any fancy graphics or a long list of reasons why people should opt in. Less is more with squeeze pages.

* Sales Funnel - It is your responsibility to have a high converting sales funnel in place before you spend your money on solo ads. The best way to make some of your money back after a solo ad is to divert people to a one time offer (OTO) which can either be a product that you have created or an affiliate product. It is best to keep this low (around $7, but I have seem them go up to $27) to maximize conversions. Think about adding an upsell to the OTO to get the most from your buyers. JVZoo and Warrior Plus (promoting WSOs) are great places to find affiliate products to use as your OTOs.

* Ad Copy - Most of the time ad copy is not an issue as you can purchase guaranteed clicks solo ads and the provider will often write the ad copy for you. This is a good plan for newbies. However, if you place a solo ad in an Ezine Newsletter such as DEMC or ArcaMax then you are not guaranteed clicks and it is up to you to write good ad copy. The key is to write an eye catching headline that encourages opens (such how to make x amount of money in x amount of days) and then keep your ad copy short. Write one benefit driven line and then the link, and then another line and the link again. That is it. Don't try to sell, just get the clicks.

Take action on these solo ads tips to find solo ads that work for you and get good results.

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