Monday, 20 August 2012

Why People Join Network Marketing? Are They CRAZY?

Why do people join network marketing? Are they a select group of clinically insane people. Is it pure unadulterated craziness to join a network marketing business?

If so, then I am crazy. Because I am doing very well by combining the network marketing business model with a creative internet marketing & affiliate marketing twist.

Here are the reasons why people join network marketing:

* Leverage Their Time - People get into network marketing not because marketing is their passion but because they want to spend less time working, make more money, and have the freedom to what they want to do and when they want to do it. For example, in a 9 to 5 job you turn up and do your job and get paid. You do this 5 days a week. But then you could get fired and have no money. Either way, you have no freedom. But if you do network marketing you sell products so lots of people pay you money and you do not have to exchange your time to make each sale. You are not selling time for money, but selling products for money.

Also, the team work approach of the network marketing business model is the reason people join network marketing. You not only earn money from your own sales, but also when your team members make good sales themselves. It is about teaming up for mutual success.

* Automated Marketing - This is especially the case when the entrepreneur taps into the power of modern day internet marketing techniques. By doing internet marketing (both free and paid) then you are basically focusing on getting a daily flow of leads for your business, whether you do any work that day or not that day. I like to write lots of articles, blog posts, and create lots of videos. This free content not only brings in traffic on the day they were first published, but in the coming weeks, months and years as well. With paid marketing, you simply hand over the money and watch the leads roll in!

* Personal Approach - People like to buy from people and not large companies. So by integrating in your natural personality into your marketing, people will connect with you and want to buy stuff from you. Nowadays people are fed up of perfect looking actors promoting products, fed up of giving the big businesses all their money...people do business with other genuine, real life people and network marketing is perfect for this.

People who are looking for a reson join network marketing are encouraged to leverage the internet by getting hold of their very own lead capture pages & high converting sales funnel as part of the following...

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