Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Top 3 Ways To Earn Wussy Commissions On The Internet

When I refer to wussy commissions, I am talking about programs that only have the potential to earn you a few hundreds of dollars that you can never live on, let alone quit your day job and work at home full time.

Let me start:

1. Promoting regular affiliate programs that pay you a one time fee:

I have done this for years online and can tell you from my own experience that I have sold well over 3000 digital products about making money online and today, I am not earning anything from any of them. 

It is a BAD decision to think that you can make a ton of money from these particular programs. The only person who will ever make the BIG commissions is the owner of the product who has a lot of affiliates like you and me doing all the HARD work for them while they sit back and watch lots of sales come in every single day. 

2. Advertising work at home opportunities that earn you residual income but never allow you to earn leveraged income from OTHER PEOPLE'S efforts. If you ever want to make a really lucrative income online for the long term, you need to build a team who will build their own teams and earning you more income each and every month. Also known as DUPLICATION.

3. Working with network marketing programs that pay you small and tiny commissions. I had this program that I thought was going to be big for me. After a while I noticed that I am only getting $0.50 cents on each downline member that is paying an almost $50 per month fee and barely $5 on the first level.

If you want to make and bring home wussy commissions then just do all of the above and hope for the best. 

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