Saturday, 4 August 2012

All-In-One: Outsourcing Secrets Right Here

A few tips..

1. Be sure you know exactly what you want and
don't take shortcuts writing your specification.

2. Ask to see examples of the freelancers previous
work and be sure to check it out.

3. Put a question in your request that requires a
specific answer. If the answer isn't in the bid, you
have probably got a canned response or a bot.

4. Do your due diligence before selecting a bid. Be
sure to look at the freelancers profile, especially
any feedback and ratings.

5. Give freelancers small projects to begin with to
"audition" them, their talents and their ability to
deliver to your spec and within time.

6. Wherever possible use a freelance site that has
an escrow system that keeps your cash until the
project is signed off to your satisfaction.

7. Maintain communication. If you're not hearing
from your freelancer regularly then ask them for
progress reports. 

8. Keep records of ALL communication in case of
disputes. If you communicate off the freelance
site, be sure to record messenger chats in your
history file. (I cut and paste them into a project
folder) and if you use voice record the call and
retain it as an MP3.

9. Where good progress is made, the quality of
the work is good and the freelancer shows some
initiative, be sure to praise them.

10. Pay on time and where appropriate make an
extra "bonus" payment to show your appreciation.

11. Keep in touch with the good freelancers between
projects. You'll get a better response when you need
their help.

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