Sunday, 19 August 2012

1 Giant Tip to Get Things Done

I just thought I would add something that has been working really well for me in the past few months and its a subject that I don't often see coming up on WF.

Time management and project management can dramatically increase your productivity which is something I feel a lot of offline and online marketers struggle with. We work on computers which leads to endless amounts of distraction so making yourself accountable for the time you spend makes a massive difference.

I work predominantly offline, though I do dabble in a small bit of online marketing where I tend to do most of my testing. I would like to share 2 FREE tools that I believe are indispensable and can really increase both your business and your own productivity. I actually use the project management in my personal life with both my girlfriend and my housemate. I have 2 separate projects setup for the 2 facets.

The first website is Freedcamp - Free Project Management. This is a real gem and allows you to manage as many projects as you feel necessary with various user roles. I add my clients to their project and both parties are able to track the progress. The website is based off of the paid solution, Basecamp and does a admirable job of managing your projects. The best part is their is absolutely no need to pay for anything if you're cash strapped. I don't think you need to pay for stuff if there are viable free alternatives that do the same function as the paid version with the same level of quality.

The second website is, it makes time tracking really simple. This functionality is included in Freedcamp, but I find that Toggl does it better for what I use it for predominantly, which is to track my own output. For example, I'm learning a new programming language and I would like to spend 1 hour a day on it. Toggl makes sure that I actually spend a hour, and not 35 minutes with other 25 spent on the warrior forum.

I believe that these 2 together are a great asset specifically Freedcamp. If you work offline as I do, then it gives clients a lot of confidence in you're ability when they see how effectively you manage the project. It keeps everyone accountable. Another side effect which I love is the way it actually makes your clients accountable too. I find that the time it takes to get content, bio, photo's etc is reduced substantially because they feel accountable for the tasks they are assigned.

I really hope this helps someone. Have a great day!

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  1. Maybe also worth having a look at: ClockIn Portal

    It’s an online time tracking tool. The web interface can be used on your desktop or on your mobile, but you can also use an iPhone app, software (menu item), Jabber, Twitter, … It also can be used by teams.

    But think doesn’t do any invoicing.