Monday, 20 August 2012

Solo Ads Strategies : How To Build An Email List With Solo Ads

If you are interested in building an email list fast then these solo ads strategies should kick start your success.

Solo ads are one of the fastest ways to build an email list so that you can then promote affiliate products and other offers to them.

Here are my recommended solo ads strategies:

* Sales Funnel In Place - Before you buy solo ads then you will want to have a high converting sales funnel in place. This is how you quickly recoup your advertising costs so that you have the cash flow to buy more solo ads and make more money! Typically a sales funnel will direct the subscriber to a One Time Offer (OTO) which is a low priced product of $7 or so. If you don't have your own product for this then divert traffic to an affiliate offer. JvZoo, Warrior Plus (WSOs), DigiResults, and PaySpree are good affiliate methods to use because they pay out instantly via PayPal. If you are offering a free download to the subscriber then it is also a good idea put this download on a thank you page that includes banners for other affiliate offers.

* Squeeze Page That Converts - To get the most subscribers per mailing you will need a high converting squeeze page. You will want this to be at least 30%. The key to creating a high converting squeeze page is to keep it simple. Put a bold, enticing heading that is then backed up with a sub headline. Offer a free gift of value and then ask for the email address. You don't need to complicate it with giving away too much information. Less is often more with squeeze page design.

* Guaranteed Clicks Solo Ads - There are two types of solo ads: guaranteed clicks solo ads and Ezine solo ads. Ezine solo ads are more of a gamble because you have to write the ad copy yourself and there are no guarantees. But when you are buying clicks then you get an idea of exactly how much subscribers you will get from each mailing and you can do your maths based on this. The vendor of guaranteed clicks solo ads will also write the ad copy for you if you wish so it is not dependant on needing that type of skill.

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