Monday, 20 August 2012

NoFollow! What does that mean? Newbies MUST Read This!

This is a quick article meant to explain the concept of Nofollow.

"What is nofollow "

The concept of nofollow stems from backlinking. Backlinking is a very common way to help get your website noticed by the search engines. What happens here is that sites link to your website and the more that link to you, the more important your site appears to the search engines. This is especially true of one-way links to your site and also high PR links to your site.

Always conscious of spammers and people trying to create fake links to their site, google in 2005 introduced the nofollow attribute. If you have a backlink to your site and the site from which the link came has thenofollow attribute, then you will not receive any backlinking credits from the site linking to you.

An example of this is the popular ezinearticles. Any link that you create within your article will automatically attract a nofollow attribute. Any links in your signature have dofollowDofollow is default, ie any backlink coding that does not mention nofollow automatically means dofollow.

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