Thursday, 23 August 2012

6 Steps To $20,000/Monthly

Here's to making $20,000 a month as fast as possible.

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Here's some tactical ideas in the rough. The steps are simple though the details within each point will take you a while to master. We make a ton of passive cash through an advanced model of this. But this will suffice for now I'm sure.

1. Find a niche to dominate and grow. Not small sub-niches but big niches with hungry buyers. Eg. Forex, weight loss, personal development, IM etc. With big niches it's much easier to attract traffic or pay for traffic.

2. Create a squeeze page and start building your list. Split test for best opt-in conversions. Test 3 different squeeze page concepts. Find a winner, then test slight variations of it. Variations can include the headline, pics, bullets, colours etc. The % improves make a big difference over time or if you run huge numbers of traffic.

We use A/B Testing Tool | Split Testing and Multivariate Testing Software - Visual Website Optimizer for our testing.

3. Setup an autoresponder sequence giving both value and promoting offers. Use getresponse/aweber. You'll have to test which works best for you and your niche. Or which style you prefer Subscribe to Ben Settle - Top Email Marketing Specialist and learn from him. =)

4. Create your own offer and have a kick-ass funnel with a strong frontend and multiple upsells. We generally have 1 frontend offer and 2 OTOs. You want to have your opt-ins see this immediately after they opt-in.

If you don't have this at the start, redirect to other strong affiliate offers. If you're running your own offers. Track your conversions and EPCs. We use Ad Trackz Gold - Ad Tracking Software - Easily track which of your traffic sources are effective. for this

5. Test and drive traffic like mad to your squeeze. Track and test your ROI. This would be your toughest challenge at the start. SEOPPC, Facebook Ads, Media buys, Paid Solos etc. As your list grows to about 5-10k. You can start searching for JVs and cross promotions. Things will get easier.

6. Send emails 2-3 times a week (Or whichever technique you might learn about in email marketing) promoting an offer.

Pretty much most of the work is to be done at the front. Testing is constant work unfortunately. However the rest can be automated as much as possible and you'll hit a stage where you'll making decent/good money. And have considerable time freedom.

Then get greedy and rework all the steps again for a related/complimentary offer. You can now do cross sells.

Or...enter a new niche. I generally prefer related/complimentary offers though.

I hope you found this useful and I wish you all the best. =)

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