Friday, 17 August 2012

Solo Ads Tips - How See Solo Ads Profits On The SAME DAY

In this solo ads tips article we will look at the best way to see solo ads profits on the front end.

That is, you make money (or at least break even) on the very day that you run the solo ad without waiting for your follow up sequence to kick in.

My solo ads profits tips:

OTO (One Time Offer) - An OTO is one of the best ways to instantly recoup much of your paid advertising costs. You should divert your subscribers to the one time offer sales page as soon as they sign-up. It is best that the one time offer is a low cost product that offers high value to get lots of conversions. It is also a good idea if the OTO has an upsell so that the people who do buy then have the choice to pay a bit more for even more value. You can do this with your own product or grab MRR products to resell. 

Another good idea is to promote 100% commissions products from the likes of Warrior Plus and JVZoo. These affiliate programs pay directly into PayPal much of the time for instant cash flow to spend on more ads. Look out for products that have their own upsells and will give you a cut of that as well.

* Thank You Page - If you offer a free report to new subscribers then you should monetize that page as well. So when you send then the report don't just send them the PDF link (that would be silly!). Send them a link to the PDF document on a web page that has banners and special offers on. These can be free CPA email submit offers or other affiliate products.

* Affiliate Links - It is also a good idea to put affiliate links in your PDF report for sales on the backend as well.

* Exit Pop - It is a good idea to have an exit splash on your squeeze page that diverts people to a low cost affiliate offer on the Warrior Forum or somewhere similar. You might never see that person again but if they buy something then you can get your advertising money back to help you quickly start a new campaign.

The key is to try and get back as much of your advertising costs on the very day the solo ad runs. Then you can buy more and more solo ads and make more money as you promote high ticket items in your follow up.

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