Friday, 24 August 2012

Why Do People Join MLM? Top Reasons To Join MLM Online

Why do people join MLM? In this article we will go over the main reasons why people join MLM and how, when specifically applied to the internet, MLM can be a very lucrative business model.

 Freedom - The reason people join MLM is to get more freedom in life. People tend to get fed up of working in 9 to 5 jobs and being told what to do and having to ask permission to go on holiday. But with MLM marketing you are your own boss and can earn more money by doing less time.

* Residual Income - MLM marketing is team work. So you not only make money when you make sales, but when your team members make sales pass-up commissions will come your way. This means that as you initially work hard to build a big team, that in the future the pass-up sale will become more frequent and your business will become more hands-off.

* Internet Based - Many people specifically choose to join internet MLM companies because this provides even more freedom because everything can be automated. Initially there is hard work involved, but after a few months of creating articles, blog posts, and videos, traffic will be arriving into the business on auto-pilot. Very little persuasion is needed by the business owner because there is already a constant stream of leads arriving each day.

* Fun - MLM marketing on the internet can be fun. I like to adopt an attraction marketing approach to my promotions, which involves me filming some videos just chatting to the camera in shorts and a t-shirt. People relate to other down to earth people and want to team up together based on simple videos etc.

In summary, it is the financial and personal freedom that is a primary reason why people join MLM, and internet marketing applied to this business model just takes things to the next level..

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