Thursday, 2 August 2012

Are You A Consumer Or Marketer...

In every business there are things we have to do day in and day out to be successful. When I owned my own contracting business I had to keep 150 employees busy everyday. If I didn’t then they would quit and go work for someone else. So no matter what I had to be landing new contracts day in and day out.

Back in the day when I was in sales. You had to knock on doors and find at least 20 people a day to make your pitch too.

Now that I’m in internet marketing, I understand that I need traffic and conversion. If those two things are not being accomplished, then I am not making money. Period!

The point is that in any business we get involved in, we need people to sell the product and people buying the product. If those two things are not taking place, then the business is going to fail.

But what I find with sales people is that they want to be successful and make money, but they approach their craft as a consumer rather than a marketer.

Go and spend some time on the warrior forum and you see thousands of people eating up this thing called internet marketing.

Then head over to the WSO on the same forum, and you will see this same rabid fans of internet marketing complaining about all the things that marketers do.

For example, you see tons of people complain about…”up-sells and down-sells” and they complain about videos that do not have the controls…and they complain about long salesletters… and they complain about email pitching… and they complain about pitch-fest seminars… and they complain about gurus… and they complain about prices… and they complain about launches… and they complain about guarantees… and they complain about hype… and they complain about getting phone calls or direct mail sent to them… and they complain about scarcity tactics… and they complain about unsubscribing… and they complain, and complain and complain about all things……………”Marketing”.

Thousands of rabid Internet Marketers complain about marketing.

You have to begin right here and right now. Are you a marketer or are you a consumer. If you are a consumer then keep buying all kinds of stuff. If you are a marketer then sell. I mean sell stuff right now. Whatever it is that you have to sell then sell. Look for new things to sell. 

Do something every single day to sell.

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