Thursday, 16 August 2012

Network Marketing Tips: How To Do Network Marketing On Facebook

These network marketing tips are designed to help you do network marketing on Facebook for more leads and sales online.

I apply internet marketing strategies to the network marketing business model and it is a very powerful combination.

Here are my Facebook network marketing tips:

* Non Spammy - When you first start to use Facebook for network marketing there might be the temptation to take your link and to post it on every single network marketing Facebook Group that there is. But resist this urge and instead try to find higher quality groups that don't get spammed with adverts and interact with people. Add new contacts 
to your friends list and add value to the discussion. Then after a while post a link to a useful blog post or YouTube video that you think people will find useful. This will get a much better response and will exposure your business to others in a non-sales like way.

For the groups that get lots of advertisments then it is still worth dropping your link with a short message without much interaction and you can use a tool called Hootsuite to help automate the process. But the power is to find untapped groups that don't get spammed.

* FanPage - It might be worth considering setting up your own FanPage. This is like a website, but on Facebook and provides a platform for you to present yourself and business within the community. You can then share informative content and updates with your FanPage followers. If you are looking to get into FacebookPPC for network marketing purposes then it is important to have a FanPage as it is easier to get ads approved if you send traffic with Facebook rather than to an outside lead capture page.

* Facebook Pay Per Click Network Marketing - As I said before, PPC can be a good way to get network marketing leads. To improve chances of getting your ads approved make sure you specifically state in the ad that an email address will be required. Also provide an earnings disclaimer and terms & conditions on your landing page. It is a good idea to target people based on interest and you could try to get clicks from existing network marketers (for example, people who work at Amway) as they will be very targeted.

I hope these network marketing tips has given you some ideas for how to do network marketing on Facebook.

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