Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Number One Thing That Noob List Builders Forget To Do

I want to tell you about a total no-brainer. It literally takes a minute to do and it will radically increase your profits if you are just getting started out list building.

Most noob list builders forget to put or delay putting a compelling offer to their subscribers after they confirm.

* maybe they think “I’ll do it later, I want to do a good job of it”?
* maybe they forget?
* maybe they underestimate the value of front-end profits or just don’t know it?
* maybe they think that one a genuine one-time offer will work?
* maybe they worked so hard already they can’t be bothered to construct a high-converting OTO page?

To be honest, I don’t know what they think. All I know is that most beginners forget to put an offer after confirmation.

Beginners – Please Do THIS:

To all beginner list builders, at the very least please put an affiliate offer to your new subscribers after they confirm (your autoresponder will let you redirect to this page). If you are in the internet marketing niche, you can simply promote a WSO as an affiliate.

Make sure it is relevant.

If you do this then you can concentrate on driving traffic and bank some front-end profits. At the beginning, your back-end profits don’t matter so much. Concentrate on building traffic. Because you have your front-end offer installed, you can bank some quick money up-front and reinvest it in things like solo ads and other paid methods. Keep reinvesting like this and your list will grow exponentially!

-Chris Kent

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