Friday, 4 May 2012

Keyword Research Excel Tool Upgrade for Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

In the world of SEO there is such a focus on Google because they are the big player in this are. However, there are still opportunities to be had within the Microsoft Ad Center. You can sign up and pay for clicks that will help you to grow your online business. Your ads will show up on the Bing and Yahoo! search engine results pages. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at the Microsoft advertiser intelligence (MAI) keyword tool excel plugin.

 It’s free, easy to install and it yields lots of valuable information that will help you to choose the correct keywords to use for your ad campaigns and to optimize your website. The MAI research tool makes keyword research easy and more accessible for advertisers. It examines the search behaviors and buying patterns of users, which can help you to design a more effective marketing campaign.

 The MAI keyword tool can help you accomplish the following: Improve ROI for your search and content marketing campaigns by giving you accurate keyword data. Build lists of keywords and develop an effective keyword strategy based on actual customer data Fine tune your keyword bidding strategies and more. Another feature the Microsoft adCenter offers is their Free Campaign Upload service where an Internet marketing specialist will help you by loading your ad campaign into your adCenter and activating your ads for free. They provide step-by-step instruction so that even those with no technical knowledge can reap the benefits of search marketing while they focus their time and energy on running their business.

 If you've already got Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 installed on your computer, all you have to do is download and install the plugin. Make certain that MS Excel is closed when you download the plugin. At the bottom of the download page you'll find a PDF feature guide, a FAQ document, and an installation guide.

 If you are new to Microsoft and PPC, the adCenter has a training hub you can learn about search advertising on the Microsoft ad network. Here’s the web address to the download page: This video provides a short overview of the tool: Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Keyword Research Tool

 There's also a place where you can get feedback and support when questions arise related to your Microsoft ad campaigns. It's the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Community Forum, and you'll find a link to the forum from the download page. This is where you can learn tips and strategies, connect with other advertisers and members of the adCenter support team. Those who aren’t huge fans of Google products, or those who just want to expand the reach of the brand might find a fresh source of traffic leads and sales from working with Microsoft adCenter and the MAI tool with Excel. Using the valuable keyword research information that you gain from using this upgraded tool can help you gain the competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful online marketing campaign. If you’d like to learn more valuable tips and strategies about building your business online visit today. -depotgang.


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