Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bank Hundred Dollar Days With My 7 Amazing List Building Tips

List building is all about getting a whole row of factors right. As long as you do OK for each of them then you will profit. Here are 7 tips from my own personal experience that will definitely help you stay ahead of the curve and make some good cash from list building.

Make It Easy For Your New Subscribers

There is nothing worse than opting into a list and having to scroll down and click three further links to get your promised reward. And this after you have already given up your email.

Do not play games with your subscribers or you can expect instant unsubscribes, spam reports and loss of trust before you’ve even had a chance to earn it.

Be Honest And Consistent With Your Subscribers

Never get greedy or needy and compromise your list by being out of character e.g. sending a hard-selling email to make some quick cash that borders on lying.

The more honest and true you are with your subscribers then the more likely that your newsletter will spread via word of mouth on forums and bring you more subscribers.

Use An RSS Feed If Available

Many professional autoresponders now have the option to create an RSS feed automatically out of your broadcasts. I strongly recommend using this and then registering the RSS feed with several aggregating services.

This will mean that you gain far greater exposure with your broadcasts, even beyond your own list. And many of these new readers who come across your emails will actually sign up properly for your list so they are automatically updated. These prospects already trust you and are likely to be highly converting.

Segment Your List

The best autoresponders allow you to segment your list according to various factors. The most important segmentation is to separate your buyers. These are your most profitable subscribers and should be treated with great care.

You can also view stats and segregate that way. For example, those who rarely open your emails may be targeted with a special incentive and, if they don’t bite even then, you may wish to strip them off your list.

Magazine Advertisements

There is a magazine for practically every niche out there and because they are partly paid for by advertisements, it’s a good way of confirming that your niche has commercial value. You should consider placing an ad in a magazine as they are highly targeted and, if done right, can generate a healthy return on your investment.

Submit Press Releases

Google has dropped the hammer on many promotional methods but one that will never be touched is press releases. This is because they are popular with traditional businesses and have long been used, even before the internet was invented. They will never die.

You can get free press releases but consider a paid service to get the best syndication.

Comment On Targeted Blogs

Comment as an expert on blogs in your niche. So long as your comment is thoughtful and genuine, you should not have any problems getting it approved and you’ll gain some extra traffic this way too.

Chris Kent

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