Tuesday, 8 May 2012

$1,000/Month Tips - 7 List Building Tips You Must Know

List building is all about getting many factors right.

Your squeeze page needs to convert well. You need a good offer on the front-end. Your email copy has to be decent. Your style needs to push for a sale but not be too pushy. Et cetera.

To succeed with list building, you need to get dozens of factors like this at least half right. If you screw up even just one, it’s like the weak link in the chain and will drag the whole money making machine down.

Here are 7 tips that you need to know and will help you increase your profits:

Use a Professional Autoresponder Service

Email deliverability is extremely important. If people don’t get your emails then you have a weak link in the chain before starting to do anything else. Invest in a professional autoresponder service like Aweber.

Yes, some people self-host with success. But that is better left to those who know what they are doing. Most good marketers use a good autoreponder service instead. There are many other benefits besides but the key one is the deliverability. Without 99%+ deliverability, nobody cares what else the service might offer in the way of functions.

Reply To Your Subscribers’ Emails

You need to show that you care about your subscribers. Not only should you invite them to reply to you but you should also respond to them.

This is not a futile exercise. Often, these people go on to buy your products. They feel amazed that a list owner is actually an approachable person. Plus, you can collate all your responses and use them as fresh content and even combine them into a free report.

Use Video Responses

Get used to responding to other videos on YouTube. Why? Because it means that you don’t need to rank your videos because you will get traffic from the original video page. Plus, you don’t have to think or plan what you are going to say like with other videos as a response is just natural.

Use Document Sharing Sites For Traffic

Upload your free report or articles to document sharing sites like scribd, docstoc and isseu. Look, you won’t get a flood of traffic using these methods but it all adds up.

Make Your Promo Emails Fun

You don’t want to become one of those guys who gets a rep for sending out promo after promo that people hate. When you do send a promo, at least do it in a fun way. People will remember that side of your personality and, even if they don’t like promos, may be willing to open some of your promo emails at a later date and not wish to unsubscribe.

I’m like this myslelf. There are several lists that I am subscribed to but never unsubscribe from, even though I don’t read most of the emails. Every now and again, I’ll smile at something they’ve said and I will read them.

Become A Sponsor

Sponsorship may seem kind of “old school” but so long as an opportunity matches your target market then it can give you a great return on your investment. You can also bargain hard to get the best deal for yourself.

Guest Post

Article marketing is dead for the most part but you can still get exposure by writing articles for other sites. Most webmasters are dying for good content so if you can provide it they will usually let you publish as much as you want. It has to be good though – think about your own best sites: would you let someone post poor quality content on it just to get a link and take away some of your traffic? Of course not.

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