Friday, 4 May 2012

3 "Killer" List Building Tips - How To Make Thousand Dollar Days And More

How to make thousand dollar days, boost your subscribers by 50% and double your link click through rate: Occasionally Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone Every once in a while, send a broadcast to your list that is a really hard sell. Make sure the subject line is sweet. The email body should be short and you should put your affiliate link in there twice. Go for the jugular and really hard sell. So long as you only do this every once in a while (e.g. 6 weeks apart) then your subscribers won't mind. In return, you'll make a ton of money. I've had thousand dollar days thanks to this technique. Outsource Your Squeeze Page You do NOT have to do this at the beginning. Feel free to make your own. The only problem is that your creation is a product of your mind. You are naturally biased. As a test, I recommend outsourcing your squeeze page. You can get one done for between $100 and $200. Then test this new and totally-different creation against your own. You might be surprised at the results. I boosted my daily subscribers by 50% with this method. Use Yellow Highlighter When you craft an HTML message, you can highlight in yellow just like a regular web page. I have highlighted my call to action and affiliate link at the bottom of emails and it has boosted my CTR by up to 100% (i.e. doubled), therefore boosting the income on such emails by the same amount. Try it and test it. -Chris Kent

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