Thursday, 11 August 2016

All-In-One: Social Marketing Strategies

Here are my tips:

1.) Keyword = Social. Please remember that this is not a one way, "I'm gonna shove information and sales copy down your throat like a duck about to become foie gras" place. Social networks are a place for two-way communication and your success will soar if you keep this in mind and build a reputation for yourself as a part of the community, and not a leech.

2.) Play both sides of the field. While you're busy providing good information, take a small amount of time to also see what other experts are sharing information and thank them for their insight.

This is called networking, and you can build a good rapport in the niche for possible future JVs. I've seen some dummies who act as if they're being knocked off the mountain, so they attack a competitor rather than shimmy up beside him and stand at the top together. Remember - his list could be HUGE and he might be open to letting you have a swap if you play your cards right.

3.) Be mindful of the rules of the network and stop trying to game the system. Whether it's trying to get a topic to squeak by the filters or using tons of bots to do the work for you, it's my personal belief that your results will be better if you're above the board and genuine in what you do on web 2.0 sites.

4.) Give value before you market to the people. Freebies go a long way with consumers. Put together a one week (7 page) autoresponder series or a 5 page viral report. If the site is niche specific, contact the owner and see if they'd like to share the freebie with the members. Think of it like this - would I rather put a link in my sig file to a free report and hope everyone sees it, or would I rather Allen Says endorse it with a top-of-the-screen notification? It doesn't hurt to ask the forum owner or web 2.0 site owner.

5.) On sites that allow marketing, don't create your typical sales page. For instance, Squidoo allows open marketing. But instead of a sales letter, write good articles and use the modules to mix in the buying opportunities (ie: a StickyNote module with a hyperlink to an opt in freebie where you convert them to a buyer).

6.) On the sites that have some form of higher recognition, go for it for added credibility. On the WF, newcomers often look at post count or how long a member has been here or how many times they've been thanked to determine whose opinion matters. On Squidoo, Giant Squids get preferential treatment and are also looked up to as experts, whether or not they are. Anything to give you an edge is worth pursuing (ie: My Twitter avatar is animated and you wouldn't believe how many people followed me because of that and later email me to tell me they did that and then went to my site, knowing nothing about IM at all, but building interest through my link).

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