Monday, 1 August 2016

The ugly truth about using self-hosted autoresponder software

If you're thinking about using self-hosted email marketing software vs a credible 3rd party solution, consider this.

I'm not subscribed to any warrior email lists, nor have I purchased any WSOs in the last two years. Yet almost daily I would get an email from a different provider promoting the latest and greatest of WSO launches.

It's pretty clear to me that someone has sold my email and I'm the one to blame, if their privacy policy allows this. So be it...

Here's the problem though.

These unsolicited emails are sent from self-hosted solutions and the unsubscription process is in most cases overcomplicated or even impossible. Obviously, no reputable email marketing service would allow this, and we're not talking about bulk importing paid email lists.

So here's what I gather.
If someone has to go with a self-hosted email marketing solution, they're up to something shady.

My question for you is this: Are you using self-hosted email marketing software? Why? Why not?

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