Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How I made $1200 this past weekend selling mobile sites

Well,, it took a while to put together but,, I finally got it together and launched my mobile biz. I have been here for a while now getting all the info and everything set up,,, whew!!! A lot of you have seen me. (This is just my first crack at mobile,, always been a IM'er for the past 10 years,, well,, a dabbler with some ok success, but now I may quit my day job,, and I make a lot)

Now,,I will tell you what I did to get $1200 buck-a-roonies,, 1200 smack-a-doodles,, 1200 samolians. Cold hard cash, my brothas. On my 1st attempt no less!

Ok,, It took a while but that's because I had to go through a ton of materials, training courses,, and bought every wso for mobile marketing. I went in with a NO FAIL attitude. You MUST have this in order to succeed. Aim to be the greatest ever! So if you're not,, you'll still be pretty damn good.

Ok, Ok,,, 1st)... I decided on a biz name. Rockstar Mobile Media (Free)

2nd),, I got a domain with that name,, or close. ($10?)

3rd.) I filed the name with the city. You must do this to get the papers to open a bank account in your biz name(in the U.S.). Don't forget this people, you can't just get checks made out to a business name and cash them,, it won't work. And what biz wants to write checks to a persons name? They dont know you. A business seems more trustworthy than some dude sayin' "hey, write me a check, dammit. ($40 I think.)

4th) I opened a bank account in my new biz name. Need a place to dump the cash that's allegedly gonna be raining down on my head. (free)

5th) Next I got a new phone #. Only $9mo,, but worth it. (I have another biz so I don't wanna mix up calls, ("Hello, Rockstar,, oops I mean...),

6th) Website. Now, this is not totally necssary, but I want to look establised and professional. But you can do this without one,, right up until a client wants to see YOUR site. Also, a site provides a place to educate potential clients and them have them fill out their info. Like a squeeze page but much larger .

Ok,, then I got the Localizer Lead tool. I think from here. $97 bucks. With this software, you can choose any niche, in any city in the world, and it will seek out all the info about every business in that niche, in that city. It gives name, numbers, websites and even emails. I ONLY have used the emails so far. By the way,, I chose bailbonds in San Diego, CA. Turns out the biz I sold 2 sites to was in Minnasota. I did it all by email. NO PERSONAL CONTACT! This software takes 20 seconds to find 300 leads,, not 300 emails,, but 300 leads.

So, I picked out all the emails and sent out a blast with a simple email that said I can't view your company website on my phone. With a little expanation of their problem and how I can help to solve it. Very soft selling. Not even selling,, just trying to get them to see a video. So, I sent out about 100 emails. I got 1 response so far but, 1 was worth $1200!
And the emails took about 10 minutes. I only email out 25 at a time, And I use Bcc. ( I read up on spamming) Well, one bailbonds company emailed me,, asked how much,, I said $597 + Hosting. He said Ok,,,

Now, I have WillR's My Mobile Business and learned a ton of stuff from his training course. But I used Mobile Marketing XT to build the sites,, super awesome software, combined with Will's Lil Red Snapper. It's drag and drop,, super easy,, you can easily install video as well on these sites.

So, I made up a site in about 2 hours,, sent it to him as a mock up,, he liked it, and said he had another location and wanted a whole new site for that one too. $597 X 2= $1194.00 + Monthly hosting. I made the 2nd site even faster. Maybe 1 hour. I'm not kidding. This stuff is easy and fast to do and you can make a killing. Yes,, I'm on the high end,, but isn't that where you wanna be?

So,, now I'm gonna do more email blasts in other niches to test what's best,, if there is such a thing. I tried Chiropractors and I got 2 calls that I still need to respond to. They were missed calls and they didn't leave a message, so I'm gonna try my hand at semi-cold calling. Hope I don't stu stu ststststst, stutter.

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