Monday, 8 August 2016

Use the know-how and experience you have now, and tell the newbies how to legitimately generate $400 a month online in 90-120 days.

When it comes to making real money online (the kind that can help pay your bills and the like), you really have to focus on learning a long-term business strategy. Once you lay a solid foundation, it will grow over time. Niche blogging (the review-site model used in conjunction with affiliate marketing) is by far the most common and least expensive ways to go. I like it because of the residual aspect - put up content once but continue to profit (due to the search engines).

Because of the time of year, there are lots and lots of products coming out, which translates into opportunities to get your foot in the door. For example, they've had a lot of stuff on Yahoo trends. You know if people are looking for these things now, they are going to be looking for this (and more) and the holidays approach. Here are some examples:

sennheiser headphones
galaxy note 4
ipad mini
samsung galaxy s6
cargo pants
converse shoes
running shoes
nike kids' shoes
kids' clothes
bed-side lamps
full-length mirrors
master lock
coffee pods
vitamix blender...

This is just some of the stuff you'll find on there as of late. Some are wider niches that you can break down more, and others are for specific products. When promoting stuff like this, it's also a good idea to cross promote stuff to make your commissions big and what not.

While niche blogging is my preferred method, you can also do things like Kindle or get paid as a ghostwriter or as someone who publishes content to sites in exchange for cash or open a PLR store and so on. The method you choose to get paid by depends on what you're into.

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