Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Internet Marketing is overwhelming...

The truth is there are many techniques out there and they all work. However, they are not all created equals.

For example, I would not recommend a newbie to start with Affiliate marketing. Why? Because you have to get a lot of traffic, then you have to build a relationship with that traffic, then you have to convert that traffic...It takes a lot of time and effort. When you are just starting out you want to make money quickly to gain momentum.

Same thing with blogging. Lot's of people start blogs thinking they will make money quickly. It takes TIME. A lot of it.

This is why I'm glad I started with Kindle publishing. Amazon literally brings the traffic for you so you can make money really quickly and it is not expensive to get started. You can also build a back-end, build a list and do affiliate marketing (with amazon bringing the traffic for you...isn't that a smarter strategy?)

Amazon FBA is also really good, but you need more money to get started (at least $1000) and is a little bit more complicated.

The bottom line is choose your method wisely, then focus on it until you master it and you will succeed.

Oh, and try not to pay too much attention to people that are negative on this form. Internet marketing is hard and some people with thousands of posts became really mad over the years because they didn't make it. Hang out with successful people and ignore the noise.

That's the key to success in this business. Welcome on board.

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