Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How I am making $ with Mobile Marketing

First I would like to give a huge Thank You to the Warriors Forum. I have been coming here for years and years and have gained so much useful information. So I finally decided to try and give a little back.

Here is the basic idea of how I am making $ with Mobile Marketing.

1. I offer A in house SMS plan, helping my client to build there own opt in list to send coupons to thru the use of table tents, flyers, QR codes and of coarse incorporating this into there current marketing. They receive 2 keywords and 500 texts to start. (nothing new here I know)

2. I offer them a free mobile website when they sign up on a monthly plan.(month to month with no commitments) It is free as long as we are working together, if they decide to opt out then they can purchase it for 199.00. (Again nothing new)

3. I create or optimize there Google Places add. Reviews, keywords in images, videos ect.

For this Package I charge 299.00 a month.

Although I was able to sign up a few decent clients I found that there was one common objection as well there was one mistake I found myself making.

First the mistake I was making was getting to excited about the tech behind what I was offering. Talking way to much about HOW IT WORKS and not enough about HOW IT WILL BRING IN CUSTOMERS. I have read it many times on this forum and it is worth repeating. THEY DO NOT CARE HOW IT WORKS, JUST SHOW THEM THAT IT WORKS.

The most common objection I faced was getting businesses to commit to a monthly fee when it WILL and DOES take time to build up an in house opt in list. In other words getting them paying a monthly fee in hopes of it working down the road is tough. They need to see the results. I had the following two choices as I seen it.

1. Give them a free month to build up there list which I do not like to do, it requires a lot of work and time on my end, and if the client does not follow thru on there end it can all be time wasted.

2. My second choice was to show them IMMEDIATE RESULTS. But how can you do this. Here's what I did. I created what I call Napa Mobile Deals. Napa is just the town I am in. I created flyers, a small website, word of mouth, offered select businesses a free text coupon for letting me put up a flyer in there biz, I put up a banner on a busy street ( i had a friend that owned a biz on the main st. in town so that helped) basically I did what it took to build up my own opt in list. I put text "Napa" to 12345 to get great deals and discounts from your favorite local businesses on everything. I also decided to donate 20% of all profit to the local food bank. Although I did honestly do that to try and help the community, I have to admit it really helped when talking about the program to prospects. So NOW I have my own opt in list, on top of the services I provide I can also show them immediate results by sending there coupon out upon sign up and paying for there first month.

Sorry for such a long post, just thought it may help someone, if not, my bad ; )

I am now looking to take the program to the next town over

Another mistake i made was not researching the SMS provider I chose to use. I very recently had to switch to a new provider which is ending up to be quite a pain

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