Friday, 24 March 2017

A Double-Edged Sword: Price per word.

Please don't move this post into Off Topic forum, because content writers don't have their category on this forum, and copywriters complain when you "invade" their territory with anything that isn't strictly copywriting related. Thank you. 

Why is the price per word a double-edged sword for any content writer? Well, I don't know how copywriters charge for their services per hour or project, but we content writers have serious problems with it. You need to have some kind of an orientation, don't you? So, even if I say I charge X dollars per hour, I get this question from a client: how many words you can write in an hour? Seriously? 

That's only the beginning of content writing troubles. It's a thin line between content writing and fluffy writing when you're supposed to get paid according to the number of words you deliver. Right? No matter how hard you try, the temptations of the fluffy writing are too strong to resist. Now, you may say, but I'm not willing to compromise. I promise to deliver the quality content with no fluffiness at all. That's great, but this means that you have to have a good price for your work. If a client wants to pay, then it's OK. 

On the other side, if you aren't willing to accept to work on a per word basis, then how are you supposed to orientate yourself while working? Are you going to charge per page? Then, how many words an average page should have? You say, I charge X dollars per page. Then, here comes a client who says, why don't you write me a page with 10K words. It sounds ridiculous, but rest assured, it's quite a realistic scenario. 

OK, there are clients who would say, just give me some quality content for my web page or campaign. I don't care how many words you're going to write. I just want them to sound right and give me what I want. Well, I have to say, good luck with that too. Why? Then, you are going to write and write as long as the client isn't fully satisfied with the work. And, here's a kind reminder. Who is the sole judge or your content quality? Well, the client himself. 

This situation with the price per word will inevitably lead to the only remaining scenario where content writers are going to sell their services and words per kilo, just like you're doing with apples or oranges. It's quite easy to criticize, but I would really like to hear what are the healthy alternatives, you're willing to offer and share. It isn't a funny thing being a content writer. Whichever option you're to choose, you're very likely to lose, more or less, this way or another. 

So, what are your suggestions and ideas how to solve this double-edged sword problem for content writers? With or without price per word, they have to do their work. The clients, on the other hand, have to have some kind of an orientation, how much your work is going to cost eventually. This is supposed to be a fair deal for both parties. Right?

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