Monday, 1 August 2016

"I Told Her Bigger Isn't Always Better"

I was speaking with a client last year about her business. She told me that one of her friends was in the exact same business field.

She had over 2,500 people on her list and the other business owner had only a few hundred on his list.

She wanted to know how it was possible that he makes so much more money from his tiny customer list.

I asked her how and where she generated her list. Then asked her where he generated his list and how?

She was getting leads from one of those "guaranteed leads" type of companies. The other man was generating his own leads from his site simply by offering some kind of "bait" for those leads.

His "lead generation bait" was specific to his niche and was specific to the type of customer he wanted.

She was going after leads no matter where they were. She was generating (paying for) massive leads, but the leads were generic and may not even be interested in her product or service.

Plus, she’s a complete stranger to them.

She bought a list and she’s cold mailing them. You see, we've spoke about this before..

Bigger Isn’t Always Better.

It's not the size of the list that matters...It's the quality of the list.

Are you going after massive leads just to generate leads for your business? Are you following into the "bigger is always better" trap?

Once you begin focusing on quality versus quantity, you'll quickly see how much easier your business and marketing becomes.

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