Monday, 1 August 2016

A List Building Strategy that's working extremely well for me.

ere are some of my list building dos and don'ts -

** For the giveaway, I rarely use a report that can be downloaded right after they opt in as a high percentage of subscribers will opt out the minute they get their hands on your report.

I usually buy a high quality plr and turn it into a 7 to 10 day e-course. I do not use the PDF format to deliver the course. Instead, I do so via a wordpress private blog. I create a page for each day of the e-course. As I create these pages, I do some rewriting - such as changing the titles and headlines; and writing a small, one paragraph intro or summary of the page. I do not use a membership site.

If you need to know how to keep your blog private - from being indexed by search engines - the video below will show how.

WordPress Tutorial - How to Block Your Site From Search Engines in WordPress - YouTube

** I never redirect people to an offer the minute they opt in. To me, list building is about developing a relationship with your subscribers; sending them to an offer immediately after subscribing is not the best way to start building that long-lasting relationship. I find that waiting at least until the third day before I make them an offer work best in the long term.

Since I only use high quality giveaways, I give them the option to get immediate access to the rest of the course (on the third day) for at least $7.00 ($17-27 if it includes professional, HD videos). I make this offer on the email that goes out to let them know that day 3 has been added to the blog; and at the bottom of that particular e-course page.

__________________________________________________ ________

Here is a trick I learned from the writer of "The 4 Letter Killer", David Bullock; according to David, this eBook was downloaded over 260,000 times. He was great at keeping his subscribers active, happy and anxiously waiting for his next email. I know this for a fact, I was one of those subscribers for over 5 years.

His offer would be something like this: "Hello Frank, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I found something that can really help you with your online business. This system is so good that I decided to buy the rights to it so I can share it with you. Click the link below for complete details. P.S. Don't forget to click on the elephant at the bottom of the page for a nice surprise."

When you clicked on the elephant (pink, purple, blue; don't remember the color), you would be taken to a Paypal payment page where the price would be $10-$20 less than the advertized price. I found myself clicking on that darn elephant and buying his products every Friday morning; our relationship lasted until he stopped sending emails 6 years later. I suspect that there were thousands of elephant clickers on his list.

Later, I found out that the "exclusive product" he bought just for me were resell rights items from the Unselfish Marketer membership site; but this didn't upset me for they were of high quality and I always learned something from them.

** On the squeeze page, I always use two fields - First name and email address. Personally, I think that if you want to develop a relationship with your subscriber, you need to make them feel that they are more than just an email address to you.

** For my squeeze page - I use the one that comes with the product or I develop my own using OptimizePress. Most of the private label rights products I purchase provide excellent marketing material. I also use Presell Crusher to create presell surveys landing pages.

** On day 1, I tell my subscribers how important it is for them to stick with the e-course 'til the very end; they get an introduction to the course; my promise to them; what to expect over the next few days, etc. Day 1 is basically a sales or presell letter to the course. It works great! Sometimes, I get emails asking if they can buy the entire course right after they have read Day 1.

** I keep my promises. On my squeeze page, I promise that I'm not going to share their info with other marketers, and I keep it. I keep this promise by not doing ad swaps or selling solo ads.

** I only email my list two times per week - Freebie Tuesday and Bargain Friday. On Tuesday, I sent them something that is related to the course for free. I make sure the info is good before I send it to them. On Friday, I sent them an offer. It could be my own product or a high quality resell rights products.

** I do promote clickbank products within the e-courses. Especially the ones with rebilling. I tell my subscribers that they will be added to a mailing list once they make a purchase; I also remind them that they can get a refund within 60 day and can opt out from the seller's list any time they wish to do so.

** My favorite niche is online marketing / mmo as it offers so many products you can offer; but there is one that I really enjoy, it's the dog training niche. I recently developed a course from an e-book and mp3 I purchased 6 years ago. It's a 15 day course, but by the third day I give the subscriber the option to pay a small price to have immediate access to the rest of the course; I get a lot of takers to this offer - and of course, I practice that "David Bullock thing". I have a picture of a dog at the bottom of the sales page and tell them.... Click on my doggie for a nice surprise"; two things happen when they click on my doggie, 1 - they get a $10 discount and .... 2 - I hear my cash register going crazy ... ching!-ching!-ching!

** I usually buy a new domain name for each course and install wordpress on the root domain and subdomain. The root domain is for the landing and presell pages; the subdomain is for the private blog I use to deliver the course.

** How I promote my e-courses - For each e-course I develop, I create a fan page, a youtube channel and a slideshare account. My goal per day is to upload at least 5 videos to youtube and facebook and 5 presentations to slideshare for the first 7 days. I upload the same videos to youtube and facebook; the power point presentations is basically the same info as in the videos. After 7 days, I have 35 videos on youtube, 35 on facebook, and 35 presentation on slideshare sending free traffic to my e-course squeeze page. Recently, I started buying bookmarking and blog posting gigs from the Warriors For Hire forum and this has greatly increased my traffic and opt ins.

How long does it take to upload each e-course? In less than a day I can have the e-course, fan page, youtube and slideshare account done. I could do much better - but my love for netflix's sci-fi movies will not let me.

About my video marketing - My videos and presentations are not spammy; I do provide useful information. I never had any of my videos banned or deleted by youtube. I use youtube's creative commons on a daily basis. Youtube cc has some great videos that you can use as your own without worrying about copyright infringements. They even provide you with an online editor so that are able to add an intro and ending with your info to these videos. Below is the link to the youtube creative commons video editor.

As of today, I have 15 e-courses uploaded and getting me subscribers on a daily basis. My initial goal was to get at least 10 subscribers per e-course - per day. I have achieved that - and more. I have found this to be the best and fastest way to $100 per day online.

To get started, you'll need a hosting account, an autoresponder and a high quality plr product. I stay away from free autoresponders - as they are not really free.

If you have any questions - other than asking me for one of my links - don't hesitate to ask.

I leave you with this.....

** As a marketer, you will always be building a list - whether you want to or not. If you are not building a list of your very own .... then .... you are building the lists of the owners of the products you are promoting. Which list do you want to build?

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