Friday, 5 June 2015

Want to make a full time writer and get your first client today!

. Go to Google (or wherever) and type in "seo company," or "seo companies," or "seo businesses," or whatever else you can think of along those lines. This will return many thousands of results. It's actually better to do this through targeting cities, as in "new york seo company," etc. When you exhaust one city, move on to the next, and so on.

2. Start a spreadsheet with the name of each SEO company, their web address, and their email address. You can also get the contact person's name if possible, but this is not essential. Some SEO companies will not list an email address, but will have a contact form page. This serves the same purpose, though an email address is better.

3. Collect a spreadsheet list of at least 100 contacts in this way. Yes, it WILL take quite a long time, and it will be boring and heavy going, but it WILL also be worth doing.

4. Compose an email template to send to each and every one of the SEO companies you have gathered. This is NOT spam! This is a business to business contact. Trust me. I have never been been accused of sending spam yet, and I have contacted tens of thousands of companies in this way.

Your email template should drip with sheer professionalism. You are not begging for work - you are presenting your service for consideration, one professional to another. Keep the email brief. State that you are an SEO content writer. State your specialization, if any. State that you are available for work immediately. Do NOT state any rates at this stage. Be polite and ultra professional in a confident, but nice kind of way. And once again, keep it brief and strictly to the point.

5. Proofread the email template.

6. Proofread the email template.

7. Proofread the email template.

Yes, do it three times. One tiny mistake can ruin the entire operation. It has to be perfect in spelling and grammar.


8. Send out an email to every SEO company on your spreadsheet list, one at a time. Do not do this by BCC. You need to personalize each email. You need to start off with something like, "F.A.O. the SEO Department of Zippity SEO:" (or whatever) Be inventive and unique here.

This will be boring and time consuming to do, but it has to be done, and it will be worth doing.

You should expect around five or six replies on average for each 100 sent out. Some of those will ask for your rates, and you will never hear from them again. Others will be more encouraging. Send everyone a reply email. Enter this in your spreadsheet to keep an accurate record of what happens.

If they ask for your rates, tell them you charge AT LEAST $25 per 500 words for an article. YOU WILL NOT BE DOING YOURSELF A FAVOR BY DROPPING BELOW THIS PRICE!

You will probably get work from one or two of those that reply to you. You may get no work at all. There are no guarantees. You may also be asked to provide work samples. Have those ready.

9. After three days, send out an email to only all those who did not reply at all. Tell them you sent an email three days earlier, but they may not have received it, and reiterate your service offer. Expect around four or five percent of them to reply back. Some may even offer you work.

10. If after doing all this you still have no work, go back to Google and collect another 100, 200, 300 or as many SEO company details as you can manage, and start all over again.

Sooner or later you WILL get high paying article writing work!

11. Now, start all over with web design companies... Go through all the major cities of every English-speaking country there is. You will never get to the end, but you WILL, sooner or later, get good paying work.

I promise you, you will.

When I did this the first time, I received a reply literally 10 minutes after sending out the last email of a batch of 100. It was from the owner of an SEO company in London who had been sitting at his computer, wondering where he could find an SEO content writer at 10pm at night.

He gave me 10 articles to write at $25 a time, less than 30 minutes later. Other well-paid work came in as a result of my efforts after that, and I have never looked back.

It may not work out quite as easy for you, but if you stick to the plan, it WILL work out eventually.

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