Thursday, 4 June 2015

Secret Strategies for Online Success

This is for all Newbie, intermediate and Advanced marketers Alike.

Read this article with an open mind. Devote just 10 minutes and do not skim through it.

One Problem that has faced and will continue to face newbie and intermediate marketers is INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Too many information flying here and there, yet there is only few success stories.

I have made an observation and i don't know if anyone has observed this too. Whenever i log into the forum, there is always more views on WSO section than any other sections of this forum. Maybe it is because of the sub forums under it. But i don't think so. Many people are simply consuming information and jumping from on trick to the other.

The secret strategy to help you succeed online is "Action".

What is action, action is applying those information in your head and starting up something now. STOP BUYING, START SELLING.


When Thomas Edison decided to attempt inventing a practical electric bulb, far more intelligent scientists had spent 50 years trying to do the same. and when Henry ford started his auto mobile company, there were already 250 in the USA.

You see, There can be countless of websites on the internet doing what you planned to do and countless of excuses why you shouldn't blog, build a list or do affiliate marketing,but the truth is you just must start somewhere and starting somewhere means doing one of these things.

The Secret Strategy the Smart marketers are Using

The smart marketers do the following:

They understand what they are doing, and they always take action. They don’t just take action, they take action with a plan, and not just taking actions with a plan, they try out different methods and split test, from these, they know what Is working and what is not.

Then they get results. The results might not be what they are expecting, but at least they get result, they then track their results and rinse repeat working techniques.

Finally, they see a future in what you are doing.

So if you are ready to become a professional marketer then do the following:

• Learn what it takes
• Take action and apply what you are learning
• Have a plan and Set goals
• Try out different methods and Try new techniques
• Know what works and what is not working
• Get result and track these results
• Rinse and Repeat the working methods
• See a future in what you are doing

That’s it and I believe you can begin something. Now is a good time to start something new as March is coming to an end and April is coming soon, make April your month of Success.

If you don’t see future yet in IM, Here is my advice, better quit and find a job.
Don’t forget you’ve got what it takes and only you can make your success come true. If you are ready for real success this month then START NOW.
Wishing you the best.

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