Friday, 19 June 2015

How to Find More Clients

Do you want to find more clients?

Here's just one very simple little idea for you...

Go pick a niche. There's hundreds of business sectors you can choose from. Laywers, hairdressers, landscape designers, dentists, cleaning operatives, domestic services, garages, office suppliers, interior designers, fitness consultants, therapists; ad infinitum...

Just pick up any old copy of the Yellow Pages if you get stuck for ideas.

Now go to Google and type in either a generic term such as...

"Lawyers", "Hairdressers", Landscape Designers" etc...

...or make your search more specific to your locality, for example...

"Lawyers Chicago", "Hairdressers London", "Landscape Designers Seattle"

Now look at the results which come up on page 1 of Google.

These are businesses who are serious about promoting themselves otherwise, why else would they be on page 1 of Google in these major cities when faced with such stiff competition?

In other words, these are people, business owners who already recognize the value of excellent marketing and positioning.

So look at their homepages, their personal pitches, how they're positioning their businesses and companies to their target market.

Do you think you could beat their current control?

Do you believe you could write a better homepage for them? If so, tell them why they should use you. Tell them why by tapping into your expertise this makes financial sense for their business.

Every business wants to make more profit. They all want more business. They all enjoy making a profit. They all want to do things better so they can enjoy life to the max.

Offer to rewrite their homepage if necessary free of charge at first if you have to. You can always add this experience to your portfolio.

Or, if in the copywriting / marketing game for a while, tell them your fee's and why they need to use you now.

As Steve previously pointed out in another thread here, there's more than enough work for everybody on this forum IF ONLY you'll get off your ass and go out there and find it.

It's not going to automatically come to you unless you put some effort in to find it in the first place.

You're job is to build a bridge of mutual trust between you the service provider, and the needs of your target market.

Do this effectively for your chosen niche and you'll have more copywriting work than you can possibly handle.

The same advice applies to many other service industries too.

Warmest regards,

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