Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Multipurposing Content Online For More Traffic

One of the things that I am big on is content creation and getting it out - and noticed - on the web.

I have discovered that it doesn't seem to take that many inbound links when you are creating a sufficient amount of content, linking between the content, varying the content places where you are putting the content, and creating original content.

For example, you can write an article and put it on ezinearticles, write another and put it on your site.

Call the ezinearticles article cut A and call the one on your site cut B.

Then create the following from the 2 articles:

2 slideshares

2 youtubes

2 flowcharts and put one in the article on your site and the other on pinterest

2 excerpts, put one in facebook, one in another social site you are active in

make a notification in g+

Then for each of the above instances, link back to either your site article (cut B) or the ezinearticles article (cut A)

So it might look like this:

slideshare 1: link to cut A and youtube

slideshare 2: link to cut B and 1 flowchart

flowchart 1: link to facebook excerpt

flowchart 2 (pinterest) : link to youtube

make a notification in g+ for at least one of the above instances, where your groups can handle it, make multiple notifications, or make multiple groups so that you can post once each day in each group, and still post multiple instances per day.

facebook excerpt: cut A and pinterest

facebook excerpt 2: cut B and youtube

Can you see how this can go on and on?

And the key here is that none of this is spurious linking, it's all good solid, old fashioned linking that gets you points in the search engines, and most importantly, is creating a powerful content network that will drive you traffic over time.

-- Hope this helps,

Sean Mize

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