Monday, 22 June 2015

Need traffic? Laziness is your friend

A lot of people have a very negative view of laziness...

They think it is some sort of moral flaw

For the most part, they are correct...

If you are lazy and you are always looking for shortcuts, it's very easy to cross the line from legit ways of doing things to THE DARK SIDE of doing things.

It's very easy to focus on building tons of low quality pages and play the CHURN AND BURN game.

I get all that.

However, there is a BRIGHT side to laziness too many people miss...

They don't want to see it or they are BLIND to it

What's the bright side?

Being lazy can force you to be a better manager of your RETURN ON EFFORT

You look to maximize $$$ while putting in as little TIME and EFFORT as possible.

In short, your laziness forces to be more EFFICIENT.

You can INVEST funds in EFFICIENCY

You can INVEST in more innovative ways to boost RETURN on EFFORT.

Laziness isn't always bad.

Remember, just as LABOR is INTERCHANGEABLE with CAPITAL, money is interchangeable with ANALYSIS and BRAIN POWER.

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