Tuesday, 16 June 2015

25 Easy and Effective Ideas to Make Tons of Money Online Using PLR Content

Anyone who has a website or blog knows how crucial it is to provide their visitors, returning customers and potential customers with top notch, informational and compelling articles, guides and reports. Quality content will keep your customers and potential clients coming back again and again . It will also generate more traffic for your website since your existing customers will ultimately spread the word about the your exceptional content all over the internet. And PLR can be used for many more traffic and money generating marketing strategies.
I have listed 20 of the most effective and simple strategies for using PLR - but keep in mind the list is huge. There are over 100 strategies in which PLR can be used as an amazing traffic and profit boosting tool.

1. Create viral quizzes with the content to assess your audience’s knowledge.

2. Create new “feeder”websites and blogs specifically for distinct niches and
affiliate products that link back to your “money” pages.

3. Use the PLR Content to create Adsense sites.

4. Use PLR articles to market your eBay store.

5. Repurpose amd rewite PLR content in order to create Squidoo Lenses.

6. Create a HubPages using PLR content

7. Rewrite your content and post on a Blogger.com or Wordpress.com blog (both provide free blogs).

8. Combine several articles as a report or ebook with your affiliate links included
in the PDF then submit to Scribd.

9. Convert generic niche articles into a different niche by switching the critical keywords and modifying the article.

10. Create a an internet base e-course. Learn more about creating e-courses with the
List Profit System.

11. Use snippets of PLR content and post the short announcements on Twitter.

12. Rewrite your PLR content as a press release.

13. Write a a publicdeclaration and share your ideas and name all over the ‘net – use social media, blogs and forums to do this.

14. Create a Wiki to encourage your visitors to collaborate and contribute to your projects. Use a free service like WetPaint.

15. Send out a printed newsletter to your customers using PLR Content

16. Build a social networking site discussing subjects related to your niche.
You can use software like BuddyPress or Ning

17. Use PLR content to create a Facebook page, independent from your profile. You will be able to associate with your customers on a totally different level.

18. Give away a “free report” to boost the size of your mailing list. Learn more about starting a Small Reports Business with Small Reports Fortune.

19. Create a “what to look for...” buyer’s guide to help people make smart buying decisions.

20. Re-write the articles and submit it to newspapers or magazines and strategically place affiliate links or your website's url throughout the article.

21. Produce short screencasts or PowerPoint videos and publish the video throughout the web using TubeMogul or TrafficGeyser

22. Use the content for an internet radio show.

23. Create step by step video tutorials using Jing or Camtasia.

24. Pre-load an iPod with audio, video, and eBook content, then sell it

25. Develop an iPhone app.

PLR content offers website owners endless opportunities to create products such as ebooks, audio books, special reports and guides that can boost your website’s sales and traffic dramatically. But remember to USE ONLY QUALITY PLR articles that provide informational and compelling articles for your readers. Also, rewrite your PLR content prior to using.

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